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  • Cooper

    Gren is unimpressed Sid.

  • Sessine

    Oh yes, he is so going to follow instructions. Uh-huh.

    • Felix Kütt

      why, but instruction are there only to distract you..! D:>

  • Like it worked so good the last time she told him not to do something.

  • Bob

    “Step on it Lou”
    This really is like Fast and Furious.

  • If she didn’t want him to follow, she shouldn’t have said she was on the cart!
    Seriously, he couldn’t follow if he didn’t know where she went but she told him in the note and left him Gren!
    Clearly he is supposed to follow her but she just won’t ask him to put himself in danger because she doesn’t want to be responsible if he gets hurt.

  • spas

    How are they to keep up anyway? It’s not like Sid can ride Gren!

    • Felix Kütt

      but Sid’s a magician AND a wizard – nothings impossible!

      • spas

        thanks you two for your positive energy and hope! i bet you’re right!

    • They don’t have to keep up, Gren can track the cart even if it gets out of sight. They’ll show up just in time to save Harry!

    • Shelby

      Giddy up, little horsey – doggy – er…

  • Nonesuch

    That’s cold, Harry.

    And if I know anything about narrative, it’s not going to work. Or at least I hope it won’t.

    • That’s where the sneaky twist comes in! The next few pages are Sid going home and morosely having dinner, perhaps reading a book. Later, Harry shows up and tells him it’s all sorted. THE END! Never saw that coming, didja

  • Shelby

    Seriously Sid stop being so cute and chipper I thing I might be getting type II diabetes. Talking to Gren like that is not helping nO SIDNEY STOP YOU ARE INTERACTING WITH GREN IN SUCH A CUTE WAY I WILL NOT SURVIVE.

  • l33tninja

    I prefer the word “asplodey”

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