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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    And sometimes that’s enough of a reason.

  • Hmm. One wonders if perhaps Luxuria was quite so in control of everything as he thought he was…

    • Michael Brewer

      Yeah. That’s…. Huh. If she was acting like a sleep addled fool in front of Henry and Izzy, it would be consistent with their story. I wonder what that story would have looked like from her perspective.

    • R

      With seven of them trying to catch flies off one another, I don’t think any of them are. It’s the classic Fatal Flaw of all sorts of fundamental sins, really: no real cooperation.

    • rainycity1

      Yes, that thought crossed my mind with this turn of events as well…

    • Many people consider the desire for power as an aspect of Lust (it ain’t called “lust for power” for nothing), but what is power if not the freedom to not have to do anything you don’t want to, even if that means making someone else do it? That would put the desire for power squarely in the domain of Sloth, would it not?

      As one of the great philosophers of the modern era once said, “Progress doesn’t come from early risers—progress is made by lazy people looking for easier ways to do things.”

  • Michael Haneline

    Should “and it all” be “and then all”? Had to read it a couple times to parse it.

    • spas

      i think this is a typo

    • maybe rather “and now, all the pieces…”

    • Fixed, cheers

  • I’m genuinely worried for the characters right now…

    • Tsapki

      Given that there is something of a precedent for Wrath’s offering being to kill someone, it’s a reasonable concern to have.

      • Nonesuch

        Agreed. o_o;

  • “It is time to throw off the Chains of Morality and embrace the new age of freedom, self-indulgence and self-gratification promised by my dear husband!”

  • Sapphire363

    “THE LAST IS COMING” ~ Feather-Duster Turkey (April 29 2016)

  • Dshim

    wait didn’t we already see wraith? what do they mean by “last one?”

    • Lordlyhour

      Wrath’s Summoning got interrupted though, remember? He (It?) Didn’t get through

      • Tsapki

        Technically Wrath did get through, but because there was on offering when Mal stopped the mansion from exploding, Wrath began to malform. However, our intrepid Malform Busters managed to de-summon Wrath.

  • Nonesuch

    Uhhh… Does anyone else get the impression that Acedia is… uhh… kinda crazy? o_o;

    • D. Schwartz


    • I think she’s kinda sane. Which is what scares me.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Basements. Why does it always have to be basements?

    (Seriously, this is reminding me of where Baal made the acquaintance of a small piece of magic glass.)

    • Disloyal Subject

      They’re conveniently overlooked, like an attic but with soundproofing dirt on all sides. Set up a secret ritual in the basement, lock it, and you can reasonably expect it won’t be tampered with.

      • AJ

        For at least a few books, anyway. After maybe seven, the other side starts to catch on and you need to get a reinforced door and fancy wards.

    • JWLM

      I thought that Baal had his fun introduction with that small glass ball in a room at ground level?

  • Phlebas

    “Shouldn’t have bothered.”
    Is that her motto?

    • amusingmurff

      Motto? What’s a motto?
      What a motto with you!

  • May be she just wants Luxuria back and happy with her? I wonder if she really cares about Wrath and the others. Or else, @fairportfan:disqus is right and she is the real instigator of all this from the start.

  • You’ve got to admire the sophistication of modern online marketing. The banner advert over the top of the page at the moment is for Merry Maids Bespoke Domestic Cleaners, presumably because it read the text of today’s comic. Either that or it sneakily activated the web cam and saw the state of my house.

    • The other day I got an ad for Widdershins. Over Widdershins.

  • Have to? No, not at all.
    Want to? Most definitely!
    Always nice when people realize the difference, except when they’re going to use it as an excuse to kill you . . .

  • tigi

    has anyone else noticed that the words they use for summoning/desummoning are actually Latin?

    • CountSessine

      I believe the language of spellwork in this world is Latin-LIKE. It does include a lot of Latin words, but Kate has said that she intentionally made it Not Real Latin so she could have a freer hand in storytelling, and not have to fuss about all those fine points of Latin grammar.