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  • Yes! We get important dialog AND puppies!

    • CorvusCornix

      …Are you implying that puppies are not important dialogue?

      • Elprentis

        The problem is, they are so important the rest of the dialogue seems rather pointless! :p

  • Ghostforge

    I’m glad to see someone else doesn’t remember Scrappy Doo as irritating. (It seems most on the internet remember him as, *ahem* “an annoying little pile”.

    • Siberian Hamster

      Yeah, I liked him too! But, I’ve never found any of the characters on the TV Tropes Scrappy page annoying!

  • Jonathan Trouba

    Oh, very nice false scare. That could have turned very nasty very quickly if the children were kidnapped.

    Toying with our emotions as always, Miss Ashwin. Keep up the good manipulation! :)

  • Qwertystop

    Ah, so that’s Gren’s full name?

    • Euodiachloris

      Looks that way, yes. :)

    • Phlebas

      Barber’s Greenwich Whiterunner, as I recall.

  • Jordan Hiller

    OK. those puppies are almost as adorable in this comic as they’d be in real life.

  • Ganurath

    Points to Nicola for being ready with a knife.

    • Apvogt

      Henry and Harry probably drew a pistol simultaneously.
      Edit:Many people would say,”It’s just a butter knife. What’s she gonna do with it?”
      I say,”Maintain a distance of 20 feet from Nicole while she is holding the knife.”

      • Sanjay Merchant

        At 10 feet when she’s unarmed.

      • Columbine

        That don’t look like a butter knife to me! More like a steak knife!

  • Marvelous TK

    Oh my god that fourth panel is there anything in it that’s NOT adorable?

    • Apart from the irritating children?


      • Marvelous TK

        i will fight you put up your dukes let’s rumble

        • Hey, I love children really. Couldn’t eat a whole one though.
          (exits the room rapidly).

  • Columbine

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Excellent puncturing of the typical horror movie ‘oh wait those guys went out in the dark and haven’t been back for Some Time’. And is it just me or do the puppies share a build with the PHoH?

    And someone should probably stop Gren eating the chicken. Just a minor point.

    • CorvusCornix

      That’s a damn big chicken. Perhaps a turkey or a goose? Just a minor point.

      • =Tamar

        Probably a goose, but recently I’ve seen a chicken the size of a medium-sized turkey. For real. Two, in fact, served for dinner at a party.

        • Semi Anon

          You can castrate young male roosters, which is called caponization and produces extra-large birds, called capons. No, I have no idea how rooster castration works, but it was a traditional method for thousands of years, so totally possible in this setting. (Modern capons can apparently be chemically castrated?)

      • Columbine

        Yeah you can get chicken that big. Goose might be more likely but I thought you left the neck on when you dressed them?

        Edit: Turns out you don’t leave the neck on a goose you use it to make gravy. Seems a bit of a waste though, I mean it’s a bird that’s pretty blessed in the neck-department.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Lit’ Fenton looks like she found a stash of drugs XD

    fluffy, furry drugs.

    • Euodiachloris

      The pup-lup she’s holding has no remorse. None! xD

  • Siberian Hamster

    And they knew exactly the right time to turn up and not miss supper, of course!

  • Euodiachloris

    Name: Roast. Status: Doomed.

  • Kids and puppies.

    Dangerous {ly cute} combination.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Is Nicola made of stone? I’m canophobic and even I couldn’t withstand cuteness of that magnitude.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Wait, I see it know, she readies the knife in panel 3, and in panel 5 she’s putting it down and breathing a sigh of relief.

    • Columbine

      I figure she’s just being very English. It would not do to show external responses to the cuteness level in the room! Anything above a wry smile is just going overboard! (Or may be it just takes her a while to go from ‘must stab baddies’ to ‘awwww puppies!’)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    OK, I love Florrie being caught in mid-chew in panel 2. So ladylike.

    • Apvogt

      And the sideways glance Nicole is giving her in the first panel.

  • Valerie Kaplan


  • Can’t help thinking that Ms Ashwin would make a better living by just drawing pictures of puppies.

  • Phlebas

    Mini-Grens! Yes!

    • Apvogt

      Mini-Grens, mini-Grens everywhere.

  • awhorl

    Oh duh. I am SO slow. Gren knows what time it is. And she’s a watch . . . sorry. At least the kids are wound up, if I’m not.

  • Apvogt

    Gear up:

    • Apvogt

      Does Edward have any of this kind of dog?

      • John

        That looks a bit like Mouse, Harry Dresden’s dogosaurus.

  • Twirls


  • Hekkio

    Those are some seriously happy puppies :D <3
    Also : "In in here"?

  • Carouselkie

    Good to see Gren’s recovered from the carriage trauma :P

  • Guest

    So does Harry tell Gren its ‘Mean Time’ instead of ‘Attack’? :D

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