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  • The Fansheep

    oh my, firring a gun in public, assault with a talking blunt weapon (bird, giant), unallowed invasion of private space with the possible intent of grant theft Carriage. Not Harrys best day i assume ;P

  • Right, that coachman is going to have to go. Letting the horse panic and break its traces and then running when he should have been getting the Princess out of there at maximum speed. And while we are talking about sackings, I want Captain Barber in my office at 9:00am tomorrow to explain how a member of the public could get through security so easily. Dammit she might have been a Fenian. Or (gasp) a suffragette.

    • Raptor2213

      I concur. You would think that there would been at least a half-dozen guards around her. Assassination seems way too easy in this setting…

      • You know, I think the World of Widdershins is a much better, safer place than our version of 1833 – or our version of 2013 for that matter. There are petty thieves like McCavity, but it just isn’t necessary to guard stocks of gunpowder, major artefacts like the Anchors or Important People because why would anyone want to steal a load of gunpowder and use it to blow up the anchor during the Princess’ visit?
        Talking of which, is anyone keeping an eye on that Ms Lei? Sid?

        • David Argall

          Well, it’s not the strongest part of the story, but we did lose, or nearly lose, several presidents due to defective protection during this period. It’s not that weak a point either, I would expect a few guards just to keep the crowds away, but if royalty got on a democratic kick, dismissing all the guards might sound like a good idea.

  • spas

    just a brilliantly crafted story. so entertaining! of course it is both Lei and Vee who should go to jail for this – Harry is the hero! well, and Sid of course!

  • AsimvSideburns

    I love how the crown above the carriage doorway looks like it’s sitting on her head.

    Little details :)

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Her Highness Pinketta McLongassname

  • evilvillain

    One of her proudest moments. She always told the story at parties.

  • Cooper

    Harry, if you wanted to ride in the fancy coach you should have just asked.

  • Wyvern

    Look! It’s Emily Blunt!

  • Oarboar

    I so totally did not call this!

  • Me-me

    Everyone should rugby tackle themselves some monarchy, at least once.

  • Marduk

    Oh man. Harry is in for it.

  • Web_MST3K

    Um, your highness? We hope you have, um . . . enjoyed our celebratory fireworks display. Sorry we made them a bit too big. Oh, the tackle? Just a bit of high spirits on Harry’s part . . . and a not all together irrational desire not to, uh, see you blown to Kingdom Come.

  • reynard61

    Oh no! Harry’s gonna get sent TO THE MOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait, wrong princess…

  • I am so tempted to photoshop a grin on Harry

  • Eol

    o_o PLEASE tell me the princess isn’t going to be Pride’s new host(ess)…

  • Alex

    Dear Diary,
    I met the most remarkable young lady today. There was also a giant pink peacock with metal skin that exploded.
    I was very amused.

  • Volk0v

    The Queen is pretty!
    And… Considerably younger than I expected.

    • She’s not the queen yet! Hence the young :)

  • Ilmari

    Hey, it’s Princess Vic. Presumably this is still during the reign of her uncle William? Assuming this England has followed exactly the same history of course – all things considered, the series of successions in that era was quite unusual.

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