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  • J

    Sleeping on the job was a favorite of mine, however never when something important was going on

    • … for instance, when it was time for you to actually land the airliner.

      • “I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle, not screaming in terror like his passengers”?

  • reynard61

    Falling asleep on guard duty? Wasn’t that punishable by death in those days? (Not familiar with Prussian military law, but I get the impression that it was pretty harsh.)

    • Soleana

      Based on the “Thwak” and the debris, I’d say he’s not exactly sleeping…

      • Soleana

        Um, nevermind, I’m an idiot. He was sleeping, and THEN he got knocked unconscious by the stern, but fair, lady. Serves him right either way.

    • Probably just a flogging.

    • KWill

      A couple weeks of prison most likely. Death was reserved for if the fugitive was expecting capital punishment (because of treason, a conspiracy to desert, etc.) AND the person that let them slip did so intentionally. Voss is guilty of negligence, though he might even be able to talk his way out of that seeing as he’s been beaned over the head and no one other than Loewe seems to have noticed he was napping.

      • okapi

        Except he’s the one who *had* a gun lol. Would be hard to say why he didn’t shoot her before she was in range to clobber him, although of course he could still make the weak argument that she was just that sneaky

        • ShadeTail

          Voss is probably smart enough to claim he was ambushed from behind. And considering he backed up the Sergent’s lie about not breaking the Lieutenant’s order, the Sergent would probably let it slide.

      • Lleyn

        What, not even a good “running the gauntlet”? Damn :(

        • KWill

          They still prescribed the “Breaking Wheel” in particularly heinous cases of murder, if that makes you feel better. (Last recorded case was 1841.)

    • David Argall

      Voss is not going to enjoy the results, but only Loewe knows he was actually sleeping, and she is going to do her best not to be involved in any court martial. So even if sleeping is a death penalty offense, he is pretty safe, from the death penalty. From enough lesser punishments to make him long for the death penalty? Well, that likely depends on how mad the officer was.

  • spas

    NOW maybe he’ll believe the visions! GORGEOUS work on the sky in the first panel!

    • DaintyMorsel

      Agreed, the lighting really adds a lot to the scene.

  • Bill Soo

    Minor nitpick……the angle of the roof in panel 2 does not match panels 1,5 and 6. Also, the bracket for the bar holding the door is missing in 6.

    Nit picks aside, I was surprised to see Lowe again….. I expected Mal to rescue Wolfe, even though he can be a bit of a coward.

    • Lleyn

      Oh, I think Mal has rescued Wolfe – in his own, cowardly way ;)

  • So wait… if Voss was asleep already, was knocking him out really necessary?

    • The Wing


    • =Tamar

      He might have waked up. This way she’s sure.

  • Foehn

    Mal seems to be very good at getting other people (creatures? malforms too) to do the rescuing for him.
    Also, it seems like it would be easier to make a list of stuff Voss is good at. It would be a shorter list, at the very least. I imagine it would include entries such as:
    -being a jerk
    -being bad at everything
    -knowing that he has faults
    At least that last one is kind of a good thing.

    • Gardan Blue

      He’s probably good at eating. He is drawn a little on the pudgy side.

      Oh, he’s really good at sleeping too. Maybe in his previous life he was a house cat?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Yes, she certainly did Loewe him one :D

    • str

      I approve of the pun, though I feel obligated (being a pedantic person by both nature and intent) to mention that, in German, “Loewe” is pronounced something like “ler-vuh”.

      • Anonymous Mastermind

        That’s a pretty Loewe pun.(Ignoring the german lesson for a moment).

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        If it’s any consolation, i have barely any idea how english is pronounced.

      • Volkai

        Yes, she certainly did ler-vuh him one. ?_?

        • AJ

          They’re in lurrrrrrve! (That’s a sickeningly sweet corruption of the pronunciation of love, in case anybody’s wondering. Seems prudent to mention what with all the discussion of it.)

  • wanderingdreamer

    For a second looking at the page it seemed like she had knocked Voss off his own stool and then hit him with that, before I realized that she was carrying a gun with a heavy handle-thingee. XD

    • okapi

      Lol so she hit him with his own gun, then gained a weapon xP

  • Could this be a cunning plan on the part of the Sergeant? Put Private Voss on guard so the prisoner will escape, thus avoiding any potentially embarrassing conversations at the Courts Martial, plus Sarge now has an excuse for not giving useless Voss a promotion without being seen to go back on his promise.

  • David Argall

    For those looking at the future, we do have the suggestion that part of
    each plot has to happen in Widdershins. If so, we may see a week or so
    of our dynamic duo getting together & escaping German justice, and
    then fast forward to the “present” day in Widdenshins, where Voss has
    tracked Wolfe down and tries to get revenge for the “wrongs” that Wolfe
    has “done” to him.
    A hint? that way is that Loewe is not named
    among those featured despite having an important speaking part here.
    That makes more sense if she is soon to vanish from the story.

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