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  • Kali

    Can I just say how much I LOVE Harriet’s character? Finally a strong, brave female character who kicks ass! THANK YOU Ms. Ashwin for creating such a positive and desperately needed female character.

    • Snapdragon

      I don’t disagree about the virtues of Harriet’s character but you make it sound like shes one of a kind. A good deal of other authors have made brave female, kickass, characters.

      • More is always better. Also, thanks! Means a lot to hear that sort of thing :)

      • Ah, but Harry manages to kick ass with a normally proportioned human body while keeping her ankles and knees decently covered at all times.

        • Cooper

          Syd wants to ogle them ankles something fierce.

        • Kali

          Exactly. There are other kickass females but Harriet is very unique. She is unabashedly herself, no qualms about it. She does not concern herself with romance, or makeup, or femininity – she is just HERSELF. She wears pants, smokes like a chimney, self confident, self sufficient, AND kickass. So, I kind of have to disagree a bit because I DO think she is VERY one of a kind, and a wonderful addition to the genre of brave female characters.

          I just have to say it again! THANK YOU Ms. Ashwin for creating her! She is one of the best characters I have ever had the pleasure to discover, and I appreciate you creating her, as well as your lovely story and beautiful art.

          • Can’t really say how much it means to hear that, since it’s an issue that’s extremely important to me, so pretty much I’ll just say thanks and smile a whole lot about it :)

            • Kali

              You are so welcome! It is much deserved praise.

          • Jazz Anarchist

            And she manages to do this without being a Tank Girl. ;)

    • spas

      agreed. She is the antithesis of the damsel in distress, whereas your traditional female hero (Wonder Woman is one of my favorites!) always looks like she just stepped off the cover of Sports Illustrated, costume-ready. And she’s self-deprecating too – hilarious!

      • ShakeJake

        Not to mention, despite her defeating tying up bank robbers, muggers and villains like they were small children, wasn’t her weakness being tied up herself or something? I don’t remember all that well, as I never liked traditional hero comics much, and as such have never read it myself.

  • Cooper

    Ya did it Harry, ya saved the princess.

    • David Argall

      Which may make up for her being technically guilty of high treason for even touching the royal body in an unauthorized manner. Things look good right now, but if some unfriendly sort [which is most police] takes the wrong slant on her recent actions, she could be looking at painful consequences.

      • Cooper

        Good thing her sister is a police captain. Haha, nepotism.

        • Kristen Thacker

          i think her sister would rather lock harry up then set her free

  • HUNRonin

    Wow! Pride looks just FABULUOS there!

  • Jeff Dahl

    So that’s… two of the Seven Deadlies that are running around free now, isn’t it?

    This can’t be good.

    • SoItBegins

      Three. And I thought only male peacocks could do the plumage thing?

      • AsimvSideburns

        Why do you assume it’s female? The proudest people I know are men.


        • Seros Senric

          I’d assume it was male, but now that I think about it the proudest people I know are actually all women.

          • It’s pretty much genderless.


              • It is everything good all at once, is what it is!

                • Eol

                  Err… Don’t you mean everything ‘bad’ at once? ^^; It’s alright, I don’t think it can hear us right now, so you can be honest.

      • discrider

        Normally a peacock only has two legs as well.

        • And wings!

          • Eol

            Three? o_o I only counted Sloth and Pride on the Loose! Wasn’t Greed sent back home?

            • Me-me

              Check again.

    • David Argall

      Remain calm. We can expect to see the other sins in future adventures, but they are unlikely to unite for any goal. [And they are all free already. The sin is not created by the the magic that binds it. It may create the individual creature, but such a creature would simply return to being part of the sin when the magic ends, rather like a snowman would return to being snow or water. In some cases, we may be dealing with more permanent creatures who are not created by the magic, but such were “threats” before and after the magic.]

      And there are a number of more talented individuals around to handle any situation that got really out of hand. This is obvious with Sid, who is just a student of magic. [We may politely assume he was talented, but little more since a class star would have gotten the defenders needed to explain his curse.] In any case, there are hundreds of graduates, each of which we would assume to be his superiors.

      Harry is a far more respected member of her profession, but she deals with a clerk, who might deal next with someone who caught a 2-copper pickpocket. No private room meeting with the boss. Her other behavior suggests she is not really hurting for coin, but she is not seriously rich either. Again there are probably several people you would call on first.
      Our heroes are people who rise to the threat. They are pretty much nobodies. We can easily assume some fairly famous names who don’t need to do any rising.

  • AsimvSideburns

    Dame Harriet Barber has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Maybe even Baroness Harriet Barber?

    • Eol

      I can just picture the scowl on Harry’s face if someone suggests it.

      That, and the pitch of Florrie’s “SQUEEE!” ^^

      • Me-me

        I dunno, it might be cool if she had a small barony within which she could set up a base of operations and even some local ordinances supporting her practice.

        Maybe it’s just the D&D player in me.

    • spas

      yes, I do hope Harry is richly rewarded, much to her own disgust and protest! It will be fun to watch.

  • …but what happened to the villain and my sidekick?

  • Eol

    That’s TWO Deadly Sins on the loose in the area of Widdershins, and each one has hinted ominously that they’ll be back. o_o

    Also, Harry? I’m afraid you’re about to become a media darling. :p

    • Me-me

      Three. Pride, Sloth, and Greed, in reverse order.

  • Web_MST3K

    Male or female? These are normally non-corporeal beings. Either no gender or any gender (maybe both) during a manifestation as needed.

    I am not a know-it-all. I really know everything :p

  • The first part of my comment was going to echo Kali’s word for word: “Can I just say how much I love…” The rest of it was going to be “those initial caps?” though. That must have been a pain in the ass to do. I especially love the little tail on the A on this page.

    (Although, as someone who considers himself a confirmed Feminist, I definitely agree with Kali. Strong female characters, banzai!)

    • It’s a font! I am a cheaty loser.

      • Cool. Thanks for sharing! :)

        (Although I would say “an intelligent woman who is capable of understanding that spending hours drawing two letters per page would probably not be the best use of her time, nor productive to producing regular comic updates” instead of “cheaty loser” ;) )

  • I can’t WAIT to see Pride again! Of course, she’d LOVE to have a loyal follower, so that’s just perfect. ^_^

  • DelWisconsin

    I was introduced to Harry Barber by a real, live, young, pipe-smoking lady who posts on a pipe-smoking discussion board. I’ve been hooked from the start.

    Is anyone else just a little bit worried about what will happen to Ms. Ashwin’s family-friendly comic when the story line is about Lust?

  • Jourell

    I do love the story, though to me Pride seems to be acting more like vanity in this appearance. But I guess they do have traits in common

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