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May 15th, 2015

May 15th, 2015 published on 35 Comments on May 15th, 2015

That first panel nearly killed me, woo! Here it is in a larger format because why not.

  • Valerie Kaplan

    Do not succumb to the puppies, Sidney!

  • Mah.

    The name tags… Wonderful.
    btw Sid’s face looks so troll.

  • Odo

    Gren is having a “baddog” moment. Really, Gren, no paws.

    • ShadeTail

      You can’t seriously expect Gren to ignore a ham!

      • Last page she was eying the goose (?) on the table with avarice…

        • Euodiachloris

          It’s The Ham, though. Only one other meat trumps The Ham: lamb. Partidge comes close, though. As does a spatchcock roast guineafowl.

          …Just going by the dogs I’ve been brought up around. xD

        • ShadeTail

          True, true, but apparently Gren has a history when it comes to ham.

      • tali

        Maybe it’s a magical ham! You can never be to careful!

  • There’s going to be tears before bedtime when Mrs Fenton tells Cassandra that she can’t take the puppy home.

    Why not make panel 1 available as wallpaper. For a donation of £5 of course. Should pay for Ms Ashwin’s holiday in Barbados this summer.

    • Columbine

      I reckon paying for her summer holiday to Spain more likely pet.

    • awhorl

      Do the parents Fenton look like they frequently succeed at saying no? When the proper time comes for the puppy to squeeze into the already overcrowded Fenton household, five will get you ten that Cassandra gets her pet.

  • Columbine

    Glad you included a larger format of that first panel. There’s so much detail in it. I can see why it would have been super difficult but it’s so wonderful seeing them all together and the way they’re all interacting- Barber family gathering. Excellent pay off.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    *Sidney trips over puppy, ruins seriousness of the moment*

  • The Old Hack

    That first panel is just so gorgeous :) I love it SO MUCH.

  • rlb

    I note that June *still* isn’t having any of it.

    • kuku

      Yeah – what would it take to make that girl happy? A visit from the Purple Hippo, perhaps?

  • bandersnatch

    I understand Sid; the same thing happened to me… exept I let the dogs eat the food.

  • How does he make his voice do that?

  • kuku

    I want to know how Gren is related to the puppies – aunt? Half-sister? Because she’s been with Harry recently, not raising babies, right?

    Note how the puppies have eclipsed the whole locket mystery thing here…. Very nice to see Nora’s daughter so happy.

  • Yay, story time! :D

  • Ah, storytime! :D
    *sits back comfortably at the fireplace with a mug of mead and prepares for a good tale*
    Also, looks like someone will bring a puppy with her home :-)

    • Euodiachloris

      Correction: a puppy has found transport to new digs. ;)

  • MarielBF

    I love how the kids have their own table… you’re obviously familiar with the procedures involved in big family gatherings! :D

    • Siberian Hamster

      Yes! This was Christmas at our house last year. Two tables and dogs underfoot. Lots of reminiscing but, so far nothing with such importance it threatens the Universe…. :)

  • Psychic message from puppies to Sid: Drop it! Drop the ham! People don’t need ham! Puppies need ham!

  • Nomad94

    The effort was worth the Kodak moment.

  • Afrodiseum

    Ooh, ooh! Story time!

  • Carouselkie

    I’d stop that if I were you Gren, the pups have you’re boss’ attention for the moment but there’ll be hell to pay if you’re noticed doing that xD

  • Somebody

    Mmmmmmm, I’m getting flash-backs to the children’s table. Mashed potatoes and stuffy rooms with too many people, unless dinner was at my Aunt’s house and we all had to be in separate rooms; slipping in to get desert or more peas or a slice of ham (because why did the adults get all of the good food???), and only being able to navigate because I was a mouse even by small child standards.
    More blonds, fewer gingers, religious icons scattered about no matter whose house we were in… a few years from now, my cousins’ babies will be growing up and it’ll all be like it was then, but with Grampa in a wheelchair and me drinking wine. My uncles will have a new crop to terrorize. I wonder if the little ones will take to the mashed-potato-and-peas-and-corn-and-chicken-and-whatever-else-is-available medley that I picked up from Grandmother before she died?

    I really, really love this page.

  • Volkai

    Safe to say the effort you put into that first panel was well worth it – confirmed by looking at that larger format of it.

    I feel like you should be able to do something poster-like with that panel.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Really, Henry. You could at least have waited for the sidewalk to dry before walking all over it.

    • McRocky71

      It’s not the sidewalk that’s wet. Look at Henry’s pants and coat more closely and you’ll see a man who clearly throws himself into his work.

  • Michael Brewer

    I kinda have to wonder where Mr. De Montfort is. I’d like to meet Florrie’s husband.

  • amusingmurff

    I feel like I’m looking at the 1834 version of the Weasleys! That panel is gorgeous, and all the different characters are just so detailed and full of character :D

  • This guy


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