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  • Ummm. Poor Sid is going to think …

    Oh, poor Sid.

  • :(

  • Awwwww. :(

  • Cooper

    As always, no one credits the wizard.

  • Odo

    The Princess knows how to play to a crowd. It’s part of Royalty Training 101. Royalty need Heroes just as much as crowds do.

    As always, good art and good story.

  • Ted

    Bond, James Bond. :D

  • spas

    harriet will credit sid…and in the best way. he’ll go on to solve more mysteries with her, against her better judgment, and ultimately, he’ll become the royal wizard! just like bill gates, telling everyone it’s all bc he got booted from wizardry school…

    • Me-me

      No time travellers! Get back on yer hoverboard!

  • Volcheka

    Well, if Harry calls him up front and center quick maybe he can snag an appointment as a royal wizard. That should fix his money problems.

    • David Argall

      If Harry calls him up front right now, Sid would likely end up with some royal property and a serious problem in staying out of jail.
      Even if he avoids arrest, a record of being expelled for crime is going to stop any royal appointment. Oh, if he gets the royal favor strong enough, he can do well, but he likely should be happy to get a good wad of coin.

  • Rolan7

    Oooh… I didn’t see this coming. I wonder if I see what’s coming, even now.

  • Worked out well that the carriage overturned so she could pull her out heroically and be standing on a ready-made stage! Poor Sid.. I can see why he’d assume Vee is right. (But where is Vee taking Lei I wonder?)

    • A good point. The first thing that Lei will do is finger Vee to the police as an accomplice. And of course a deadly has been summoned and Sid was the only wizard around – a failed wizard, no doubt embittered by being thrown out of the University… I suspect once safely out of sight, Lei and Vee will just quietly go their separate ways, ready to reappear to annoy our heroes in future stories. Mwahahahahah!!

      • I dunno if I’d peg Vee as the sort to actually give up on a bounty if she thinks there’s any way to work it, after all it would be a Success, a Win, and a Feather in Her Cap and such! Also despite her bluster it looks like her heart is mostly in the right place, so there’s the moral considerations of releasing someone who was prepared to set off all those explosives. Though if Lei makes a good convincing threat, who knows? Oh dear, that would be quite the twist if Sid was held accountable! Though I think I recall them saying that close to the anchor all sorts of people might cast things like that without meaning to? I wonder if it takes someone with more than trace skill to summon a deadly though, even there?

        • I can just see what a clever lawyer will make of it at the trial, with a demure but attractive Lei in the dock. “This deluded and naïve young woman, deceived by words of love and false promises by an embittered wizard, tricked into helping with his nefarious schemes. Then his foul betrayal, abandoning her to
          take the blame while he quietly escapes from the scene.” Lei trying to be brave, cries into a tiny handkerchief. “God never gave her a chance, ladies and gentlemen of the jury! Won’t you?” By the time he (or she) has finished, Harry will probably have to pay to have the gunpowder stains removed from Lei’s clothes.

          • Cooper

            By ’embittered wizard’, do you mean Sid? The man who gets academically excited by being mugged? I don’t think trying to pin a crime on him would stick.

            • Ah, but I’m not trying Sid, I’m trying to get Ms Feng off. We don’t want Sid anywhere near the court. We want to build him up in the Jury’s minds as the Evil Seducer…
              But this is all irrelevant. The villain is unmasked, her nefarious schemes thwarted and the narrative is now about Sid and Ms Barber, specifically the malicious spanner thrown in the works of their relationship by Ms Cunningham (the swine).

              • This is a pretty awesome conversation FYI

      • =Tamar

        By turning Lei in, Vee gets first chance to turn Queen’s Evidence, which in that era was enough to get her off scot free no matter what she did.

        • Of course! Good thinking. Exactly what she would do, though it would be King’s Evidence… Sorry for being a pedant. I also go round correcting inappropriate apostrophes.

  • I think that is the first time we’ve seen Ms Barber completely terrified – and that includes the time when she was chained to a wizard about to be drowned by the tide and the time she fell off a rooftop onto a giraffe.

  • Well, once the crowd dies down Harry will likely give the Princess a full explanation of the incident, including Sid’s role.
    Even if he doesn’t get any public acclaim, he’ll have had a good word put in for him at the highest level and Harry will prolly buy him a drink.

  • Doofus

    Sid looks so sad :(

  • Huh. Is Vicky rather taller in this world than in ours?

    • Ilmari

      Secretly, there’s a stepladder under that dress. Appearance is everything, after all.

      In truth, I do not know how tall Victoria was, but keep in mind Harriet is also a rather small woman.

      • A quick google tells me that Vicky was five-foot-nothing.

        • Yeah, I messed up, she shoulda been shorter.

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