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  • Bo Lindbergh

    Ominouser and ominouser.

  • MarriStenberg

    Didn’t Nicola say that the gun wasn’t for Harriet?

    • AJ

      Harry Translator: “Hrm” means “You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you?”

    • Nerrin

      It’s an approach that worked so well when it came to Gren, too.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    …For a moment. And the moment was gone…

  • Ganurath

    I’m going to laugh if that turns out to be Ms. Ira’s rifle.

  • Tyler Shelton

    Ha HA, the author admitted it was love, with no prevarication! I, for one, feel a weight of uncertainty has been lifted from my shoulders.

    • Ganurath

      You had doubt?

      • Tyler Shelton

        Well, it seemed obvious, but I’ve got trust issues nowadays with fiction romance. I’ve been hurt before.

        • Phlebas

          Just be careful not to confuse romance in the text with fan shipping – that can lead to disappointment (and bad fan fiction) :)
          Pretty sure this case isn’t just in the wishful thinking of the fans though!

          • Columbine

            Sometimes good fan fiction…….we hope……

            • There’s actually a pleasing amount of fanfic thusfar I can’t read it for legal reasons but I can only assume it is all extremely wonderful

              • Wait … what legal reasons?

                • My standard statement: and a more detailed thing about why writers shouldn’t read fanfic of their work

                  • Huh… that’s fair

                  • Me-me

                    That’s so sad! What if the author makes a disclaimer giving up all copyrights to the original author in the event of similarity to the original work, past future or present? Could you read it then?

                    • I’m not sure! I’d be a little worried of accidentally ripping them off all the same, haha, or if I read it and it was exactly the plot I was about to do, it’d probably put me off doing it! It’s a sticky wicket, for sure.

                    • Liz

                      Ms. Ashwin, I just want to say that if you ever think you might want to draw my terrible Gren/Ham fanfiction, I will sign whatever papers I have to in order to make it happen legally.

                    • I will thoroughly admit to reading and loving that particular piece <3

              • Columbine

                I think I’ve read a grand total of one but it was very sweet. Is it ever frustrating not being able to read it? (I knew vaguely about the legal thing and I wonder-)

                • Yes! I would love to read it and give feedback, but I will have to instead just be very very grateful and happy that it exists.

          • Liz

            Hey, Gren/Ham is canon, my friend. Canon I say!

        • Me-me

          It is almost refreshing to have the romance actually be advancing with the plot, instead of the eternally interminable willtheywon’tthey that is the norm. Either they’re Not Like That But We’ll Keep Hinting Anyway Because It Makes You More Interested or they Definitely Are But They’ll Never Get Together Because That Would Be The End Of The Story.

          Both are good from a business point of view, and heck, they can be done well, but after a while it just gets stale and makes for a predictable and uninteresting plot.

          I dunno. I’m tired. Love need not be impossible to achieve.

          • I like to keep things moving :)

  • GristleMcNerd

    Depriving us of our shipping fun AND reminding us of Temple of Doom in one fell swoop? Truly, she is cruel.

    • I’m one of those weirdos who actually quite liked Temple of Doom :> I mean, it’s no Last Crusade, but still.

      • MoeLane

        We could have lived with the annoying kid, instead of Sallah; and we could have maybe reluctantly concluded that it was necessary to have whatshername instead of Marion Ravenwood. But inflicting *both* at once was – well, the director chose… poorly.

        • Fair! I’d imagine I’m okay with it since I saw it on a boxset with Last Crusade directly afterwards, but if I’d been watching it at time of release I’d have been pretty annoyed, like I was with Crystal Skull.

          • John

            I liked the interactions of Indy, Marion, and Mutt in the Crystal Skull. The wedding at the end was a satisfying conclusion to Indy and Marion’s relationship. The choice of the Soviets as the bad guy for the film made sense given the time it was set but I found the refrigerator scene ridiculous, the plot nearly incoherent, and the resolution of the plot disappointing.
            For me Temple of Doom is clearly inferior to both Raiders and Last Crusade, but I could watch it again. I wouldn’t go out of my way to do so, but I wouldn’t feel a need to avoid it either. The problem with whatshername isn’t that she wasn’t Marion (who couldn’t be in Temple of Doom without contradicting Raiders), it’s that she was the kind of completely useless, totally helpless, damsel-in-distress type character who is at best uninteresting and at worst annoying. The Temple of Doom character isn’t helped by the fact that both Marion Ravenwood and Dr. Elsa Schneider were much more interesting characters.

            • MoeLane

              I forgave them much for bringing back Marion, to the point where I do not actually dislike Crystal Skull (I also agree with you on the interactions of the three characters and the conclusion of Indy’s/Marion’s relationship). I’d also note that any Marion continuity errors with ToD could have been easily fixed by simply changing the date. :)

              • billydaking

                Well, they did. Temple of Doom took place in 1935, one year before Raiders of the Lost Ark.

            • Part of what killed Skull for me was that they had Ford doing a bunch of stunts that he simply couldn’t pull off any more, and it looked kinda bad. I wanted to offer him a chair and a cup of tea rather than cheer him on. They handled that much better in Force Awakens. I’d forgive them the fridge thing, actually- I found Mutt swinging on vines with comedy monkeys to be a much worse scene! And yes, the plot was incoherent, I could have believed the aliens thing, if they’d span it correctly, but they really, really didn’t.

              And yeah, Willie was a pretty useless character, especially compared to Marion!

              • maeverin

                All of this. Though I would have preferred they stayed away from the aliens idea entirely, if they had done it better I could have been on board. but alas.

              • billydaking

                For me, Skull worked for the opening sequences, including the fridge gag, but after Indy and Mutt left the university, it fell apart, mostly because Indy simply followed Oxley’s journal rather than figuring out things for himself (unlike in Crusade, where he had to take clues from his Dad’s journey and solve the puzzle), and the movie lost a basic grounding in some form of reality (let’s go over two waterfalls and survive without a scratch compared to Indy getting the hell beat out of him in Raiders. Including Marion with the mirror). And CGI. Terrible, mid-aughts level CGI.

                • John

                  My problem with the fridge gag is that I just don’t believe that he has any chance of surviving a nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge, even at the distance he was from the blast. The aliens were a dubious idea that might have been OK if they had been done really well, but instead they were done really badly. I don’t remember the scene with Mutt swinging on the vines with the monkeys, which is probably a good thing. I suspect that by that point in the movie I had given up on the action and was letting it all just fade into a general sense of “this is poorly done” rather than remembering specific details.

                  It hasn’t helped the movie that I have since found out that all of the “pre-Columbian Central American” crystal skulls are actually 19th and 20th century European fakes so that the mythology they attaché the aliens to actually has no foundation in the region where they set it. I would probably be able to forgive that if the movie had been well done, but since it wasn’t that fact lands like the last nail in the coffin.

                  • John

                    I lost a d from attached and it turned into attaché.

                  • Columbine

                    I knew that skull thing going in. Funnily enough the Nigerian bronze heads that Europeans claimed were fakes are genuine. 12th century I think?

          • Hate to say it, but I saw Temple of Doom at the time of release and I didn’t think it was so bad. Yes, annoying child, but otherwise OK. And the scene where he reaches for his gun only to find it isn’t there so he has to fight the bad guys with a whip after all is a classic moment.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              Everyone keeps calling him “annoying child” but Short Round wasn’t THAT bad. Honestly, as Indy’s sidekicks go, I find Marcus more annoying and Sallah’s honestly… kinda bland to me.

            • D. Schwartz

              That may be one of the best Indiana Jones moments overall.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Now I feel even weirder: not only do I like Temple (probably helped that I was like 9 when I first saw it), I also *gasp* don’t hate Crystal Skull!

        Actually, upon further thought, I think two things specifically made Temple resonate especially well with me as a child. One was the obvious appeal of a child viewer seeing a child character on screen. The other was the use of Indian mythology and culture (my father being from India and all). (Of course, that leads me on a further tangent where one of my cousins hates the film precisely because India is presented as all exotic and weird.)

  • Wow. Was mom passing through Porlock thirty or so years ago?

    • Perhaps thirty-five, as she’s the eldest?

      • Captain Barber’s grandparents only met in 1792 and the date now is 1834 so I think she must be younger than that.

        • Uh … yeah.

          1834 minus 1792 is forty-two years.

          Kids grow up and have kids fast in this universe.

          I mean, only known each other forty-two years and they have great-grandchildren?

          • Lorenzo Sadun

            Not only that, but great-grandkids via their son’s 5th child. Maybe they spent a decade raising Frederick in a pocket universe, which he hated so much that he decided to become a “plain boring accountant”.

            • I think Mr Edward and Mrs de Montfort are twins, so fourth child. I’m sure what their mother wants to know is my there are no little de Montforts yet.

              • JWLM

                Given that the infant mortality rate in 1834 among working class families like the Fentons was about 275 per 1000 live births and maternal death rate at childbirth was about 10-15 per thousand pregnancies (it rose sharply later in the nineteenth century, but doctors were murderering pregnant woment yet), Mom’s concern isn’t entirely unwarranted

                • But Mrs de Montfort is rich. Were the mortality rates any better?

                  • JWLM

                    Yes and no. Infant mortality for the wealthy was lower than that of the working class, as only about 10% of all infants died before their first birthday. (Death rates for children who made it past their first year were much the same, and many children died before that were five either way.) Maternal death rates were much the same.

        • Liz

          Yeah, I’m also wondering how Isobel and Henry managed to go on lots of crazy adventures, baby in tow. Unless they got a nanny to do most of the baby-towing. That’d explain why he eschewed the adventurous life in favor of plain old boring accounting.

          • My thoughts entirely. I think there’s a story to be told.

  • Mecha_bill

    Gibbet street station? I wonder if that’s where Lust lost his head?

    • Lux was executed at the Tower of London!

      • Me-me

        That’s in London, for those of you keeping track at home. It’s a different place than Widdershins. :3

        • JWLM

          Quite a ways from Widdershins, which is near the Scottish border, IIRC.

          • Too far north! It’s in West Yorkshire.

            • For people living in London, West Yorkshire is near Scotland. They are both North of the Watford Gap.

              • In a “several counties away from it” sort of way, sure :P

                • Euodiachloris

                  County Durham, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne-and-Wear and Westmoorland don’t exist, of course. (Genuinely ignores Lancashire on general principles.) ;P

                  Not including Lincolnshire because 1) too south and 2) flatter than even the East Riding. Seriously, the place needs more hills. It’s depressing. :/

            • Phlebas

              Somewhere not very far from Halifax (apart from being in a different universe)?

              • Yeah, it’s in/around Calder Valley.

          • Just wanted to note- I have no idea why, but WordPress loves to flag your comments for moderation, and due to the way it and Disqus don’t like to get on sometimes, when I approve them they vanish! I have no notion why, and I just wanted to mention it in case you thought I was deleting your posts for some reason.

            • JWLM

              No, the only time I’ve ever cared if a posting appeared or not was the discussion about transgender versus lesbian. But thanks for telling me.

      • AJ

        You’re so enthusiastic when you’re mentioning plot points that may or may not have come up earlier. I don’t recall you ever casually mentioning things so much as declaring them cheerfully.

    • John

      It’s not, but given that it is point number 12 on the map and we haven’t seen it yet in the comic I think it’s a safe bet that it’s going to be important in this chapter.

  • Unhooked

    Something tells me Gibbet Street Station is much more important than Nicola thought… Perhaps involving two old Barbers and a turn for the worst.

  • Sapphire363

    *Growls in irritation along with the dozens of other fans who have been waiting a total of (checks watch) TOO DAMN LONG for that confession* :P

    • D. Schwartz

      It’ll keep.

      • Sapphire363


  • Phlebas

    Aww, she’s so like Henry in that first panel!

    • AJ

      Short Barbers have a thing for “exotic” tall magicians?

      • Phlebas

        Well, that too, sure. But I meant her manner and dialogue.

  • John

    Harry, you probably shouldn’t wait for Gran and Grandad…

  • Dane 72

    Bet that bag Sid gets contains a lantern, a rope and a penknife. Vital things for all adventures

    • JWLM

      Yeah, the real question is whether it also contains the coins for the vending machine.

  • …and all third persons who on spoiling tête-à-têtes insist, they’d none of ’em be missed, they’d none of ’em be missed!

    • Sanjay Merchant

      So does that make Harry the “lady from the provinces who dresses like a guy”?

  • Columbine

    Smoochus Interuptus! XD

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    She’s smiling in panel 2! EEEE! She would’ve been cool with a confession!

    Unfortunately they have to deal with the Vices before they can have their Virtues.

    • JWLM

      Hmm. Seems like they might be particularly susceptible to the Sin of Lust right now.

  • record scratch

  • JWLM

    Harry’s panel 2: “He’s going to kiss me! He’s really going to kis… squee”

    Harry and Sid in panel 3: “Nicola, you just so seriously ruined the moment..”

    • JWLM

      And wouldn’t you know it: the Disqus CSS supports arbitrary hrefs — good attack surface there! — but not

  • TheCatCameBack

    that second panel though… so close, yet so far. T-T

  • This guy

    Look at that sudden distance between them
    Imagine if they were caught having sex