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  • Jonathan Trouba

    This reminds me disturbingly of my own job as a cashier, mainly because the poor sod is having to deal with things that were in no way in the job description when he was hired… Damn customers…

    • Can’t be that bad a job because he’s still behind the counter when Ms Barber is bringing in the loot.

      • Apvogt

        Huh, it really is still Frank. How’s that for job security.

        • A damn sight better than mine at the moment.

          ‘Will manage Intellectual Property Portfolios for Food’.

      • SelenticSurface

        Wow – seeing those two pages side-by-side really underscores how much Harry takes after her grandfather… though she seems more… laconic… ;)

      • rainycity1

        Good eye!

    • Apvogt

      What about the people who dive to the bottom of the ponds on golf courses to retrieve lost golf balls. I hear that there are a lot of hazards in the water hazard. Mainly broken beer bottles, but there is the chance for the occasional alligator or snapping turtle.

      • The Cajuns who dive into the (opaque) Mississippi and stick their arms into holes in the bank to try to grab catfish…

        • Some of them stick their whole lower bodies into the holes, though those guys need help getting out once the fish bites . . .

          • Oh, i dunno. If the fish bit SOME of the things down there, i think i could get outta there with little or no assistance…

            • Apvogt

              I’m sorry all you English folks out there but I found this awhile back, I’mgonnagohidenow, feelfreetodelete:

              • Apvogt

                Here’s a cooler one about WWII:

                • Nice of them to skip out the atrocities we committed to get that empire, eh :)

                  • Elprentis

                    No country has a history they can be 100% proud of. Apart from us brits that is ;)

                  • Carouselkie

                    Ehh we certainly weren’t the worst (that goes to Belgium/Portugal) and the US went to carve out its own empire in the Pacific afterwards + watch as atrocities were committed in Indonesia by a US bankrolled government etc. People often like to paint GB as the only rotton apple, there were plenty more around.

              • Sapphire altera

                I’m actually really confused by this comic… is the blue one france? Because IIRC France was the big loser in 1815 (Waterloo and its aftermath…)

            • Not so much when the giant catfish has swallowed both your legs up to the hip . . we’re not talking a candiru here . . .


  • TheMeddler

    I don’t think the other hunters liked Henry that much. Maybe they smelled something fishy about him?

    • ShadeTail

      He reeked their plans to get odor and above him.

    • Euodiachloris

      It was the biting too much off that was off-putting. ;)

    • Kitefish

      They’re just mad he reeled in a big one.

    • Hush

      To be fair, he just got Frank with that bait-and-switch story. Who knows how many others he’s hooked, only to cut them loose when the pay came?

    • They’re just a bunch of bullhead aholeholes acting wrassely and talking carp just for the halibut, but they couldn’t be morwong. He may be a bit of a roughy, but if he plays his cods right he’ll make a krilling and leave all those greeneyed mouthbrooders floundering, then they’ll be herring a different tuna.

      I better stop now before I give myself a haddock

  • Tempus Vernum

    Henry knows when to delegate.

    • Euodiachloris

      Prank, troll, delegate… is there a difference? xD

      • Sanjay Merchant

        You get paid to delegate more often than the others. :-P

  • kuku

    Wonderful family, the Barbers!

  • ThisCat

    Sheesh, every new page reminds me why I love this comic so much… Which might be why I spent my study-time writing fanfiction :/

    (Shameless self promotion over and done with. Have a nice day!)

  • Chryos

    Bwahahaha. I love reading accents.

  • Columbine

    Henry Barber is a cheeky sod. I like him.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Just a mad wizard doing mad wizard stuff.

  • awhorl

    The Royal Society was located in London? The piranha pond must have been there, too, since ‘Enry got the carpet thoroughly wet, and his leggings and boots would have dried just a bit during a coach ride (or a long walk, since I wonder what coachman would have let him on). In 1792 (an interesting year) plenty of marshy bits would have been close enough, I imagine, without needing to be created by magic.

    • Any self-respecting villain will have their own purpose-built piranha pool. No secret lair is complete without one.

      Good spot on the date by the way.

    • It’s in Widdershins, not London.

      • So did Harry drag the villainous zoo keeper all the way up to Yorkshire to have him arrested?

        • It was a pretty annoying coach ride, yes.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Oh dear, someone’s dog did its doings in that Wizard’s garden.

    • Tsapki

      Maybe twice in the same day.

  • Del

    Henry had a lit pipe, walking in. (He should know better than to dump his ash on the floor like that.)

    A fresh pipe would help to cover that fish aroma.

    • =Tamar

      Not to worry. The rug is too wet to catch fire, even were it not 100% wool.

  • Spite

    poor guy. will he have to search through all those fish?!

    • Tsapki

      Maybe just hire a chef to prepare soup?

      • kuku

        Yeah, I was thinking of soup too. You’d have to eat it carefully looking for the ring – like looking for the almond in the Danish Christmas rice pudding, to get your special gift.

    • dana

      Well if it were me, I’d only pay out for the coin in hand. None of this “Coin’s definitely in one of ’em” business. No coin, no pay.

  • Jordan Hiller

    He looks so damn proud of himself.

  • Young Henry Barber is most amusing.

  • Mujaki

    Wish I could make it to MCM London, but it’s a bit of a walk to get there from the western coast.
    Of the United States…

  • I forgot how MUCH I love the add-on phrase, “and that.” I must find excuses to use this. That whole sentence is gold, really.

  • Sarah W

    Henry Barber, EXPERT troll.

  • I know I’m getting a distorted view of the passage of time as an archive crawler… but you do make it seem like there are an awful lot of comic conventions here in London… and I’ve been casually unaware of them most of this time. I did see posters for MCM one once though… just once. And I’ve been here over a decade.

    • I do three a year in London, and that’s me being picky since it’s a long travel! There’s dozens throughout the UK.

      • How long could it be, really? I mean unless you live in Inverness or something…

        Even my old trips back home when I was at University weren’t that bad. About five hours from London Paddington to Swansea, another hour to Carmarthen… and then the tangled car / bus trip back to where I used to live halfway between Aberaeron and Lampeter. In hindsight, it might have been more efficient to take the train via Birmingham to Aberystwyth and then the bus south from there… The complete absence of trains linking north and south Wales is ridiculous, for the record.

        Anyway… I digress… unless you live out in the middle of the country somewhere like I used to, I can’t imagine travelling anywhere on these isles to be too tough.

  • Ilmari

    Okay, this one actually had me laughing out loud.

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