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  • Yay, story time! :D * suddenly Puppy Barn *

    • Apvogt


  • and we have Barber critical mass.. now stuff is gonna get done..

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      And/or people are going to die D:

      • GristleMcNerd

        Bit of both, most like. If you count Deadlies as “people”, that is.

        • Darkoneko Hellsing


        • Euodiachloris

          Personalities, certainly. Dysfunctional ones. ;)

  • Amperzand

    I feel like if too much of this family gathers in one place, they’ll reach critical mass and take over the world or something.

  • Columbine

    You know my initial reaction, books ago, seeing Harry and Florrie next to each other was that they didn’t look like they were related. Now seeing the whole extended family on mass I want to compliment you on what a wonderful job you’ve done of making them look like a real family. Harry clearly takes after her Grandfather and when you have them all together like this you can see similarities and guess at where they come from. It’s marvelous.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Aww look who’s there !

  • OK, so the grown-ups knew what’s going on but didn’t feel the need to explain it to the kids, but do they have to look so smug about it?

    And Edmund… do try and keep up there’s a good fellow.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Did you deliberately stage this so Edmund would end up looking shorter and therefore like a little kid compared to the rest? (Impressive Beard notwithstanding.)

  • kuku

    Yay, the grandparents! I like the looks of them.

    And now maybe the exploits of grandfather will turn out to be connected to the necklace which is connected to, I don’t know, but it’s bound to be interesting!

    See Nora, that (telling) wasn’t so bad, was it? Did she think people would blame her that it got out?

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So over the course of the last three pages, Harry’s lost her pipe, her ashtray, and her drink. Anyone know where Sid is?

  • The_One_Guy

    Random theory time: To help fight gluttony, they summoned Nora’s “courage.” Perhaps the sins are seeking out the Barber family because they are in some way connected to their antitheses, the virtues?

    • Liz

      Well, there are 7 cardinal virtues that are meant to be antithetical to the 7 deadly sins, but lust’s corollary is chastity, which sounds kind of non-progressive and judgy in this comic.

      • The_One_Guy

        That’s if we’re going by the “contrary virtues,” but that set doesn’t even include courage, making my evidence moot. But the seven virtues as recognized by the Catholic church, which aren’t exact opposites, but are still the antitheses of the sins in an overall sense, are prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope, and love.

        • Columbine

          Huh, that’s interesting. I only knew the ‘opposites’ version, diligence, humility, chastity, kindness, temperence, patience and charity (and I remember these, like the sins, because of FMA). Thanks for sharing.

  • Apvogt

    Meanwhile, in the kitchen:
    Sid: “Did anyone else feel this odd sense of awe and wonder mixed with great wisdom wash over the building?”
    Catherine: “Yeah that happens when Henry and Isabelle enter a building.”
    Sid: “WAIT, THEY’RE HERE? EEEEEEEEEEEE!” *heavy breathing intensifies, then faints*

    • Silly Zealot

      Rather than faint, he’d teleport inmedeately to their location. Just by running, no magic.

  • Jaidus Flame

    Its been bugging me all bloody week as the where I’ve seen Nora before… only just bloody twigged when she mentioned the hotel. Well done you.

    Though I have to ask – while I can see where everyone else got their nose from… Florrie’s nasal origin has me puzzled (of all the things I get fixated on… )

    • Jota

      Perhaps from her mother’s side of the family?

  • Glotos

    So…this leaves Lust?

    Waiting for the reveal on that one…

    • Liz

      And Wrath. He wasn’t released.

    • Jordan Hiller

      I’m guessing that’s going to be the next one considering that we’ve at least seen Wrath.

    • Jota

      And Eddie is the only sibling not to have dealt with a deadly yet…

  • iamraawr

    Awww Nicola, your overprotective sister side is showing!

  • Shirou Zhiwu

    Ruh ro raggy! The smart and wise people have entered the room!

  • Fashionable late to the gathering of Barbers :-)

  • HUNRonin


  • Matt [in Middletown]

    They’re late.
    What monsters did they beat into submission along the way?

  • Nonesuch

    Grandparents ex machina? ;)

    I kid, I kid! Their timing is impeccable, though. ^_^

  • maeverin


  • l33tninja

    I love that they all have daddy’s nose.

    • =Tamar

      Florrie has grandma’s nose and Nicola’s is different from all of the others.

  • awhorl

    Forgive me if I keep looking for this guy. Forgive me if I think Grandad’s beard looks like his.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      His head looks pretty solidly attached to his shoulders, tho.

  • Oh, this is gonna raise more questions than it’s gonna answer.

  • The grandparents are certainly late . . . unless they realized some time ago that stuff was happening and it took this long to prepare something . . .

  • Kaunisenkeli

    Nora, don’t forget the device you’re supposed to give to Harry.

  • Alex Hahn

    Forgive my ignorance but who are these two people? I assume they are family but not sure of the particulars…

  • Carouselkie

    Is it just me or did they just enter and close the door without any of the siblings noticing? O.o I mean don’t Harry and Nicola make their living by their skills of deduction and observation? Those are some seriously sneaky skills you two have there o.o

  • You know, I think Henry here looks a little like Harrison Ford.

  • They’re a remarkably multiracial family for the late 19th century.
    I guess their version of the world is just more forward than ours was.

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