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  • taijutsu

    He seems awfully chipper for someone whose relative just got arrested in a widely-known-royalty-endangering-scandal.
    Nice to see him looking out for Sid though. :)

  • evilvillain

    Haha. Hahahaha. No, he is not subtle, and that quite possibly means Sid bribed him to say it.

    • SteelRaven

      I think we can all agree at this point that subtlety doesn’t work with Harry.

      • SleepingDragon

        Also in his defence, she doesn’t seem aggressively opposed to the idea.

        • Who would be? He’s clever, adorable, and despite his magical kleptomania quite useful.

    • Aww I don’t think Sid would bribe him! Probably just came and told Tim forlornly how he just got underfoot and Harry probably never wants to see him again or something and Tim decided it was time to ‘Help’. Heh..

  • Sulzala

    Local Hotel to close? Do I spot the next plot thread there?

    • Lord of Nothing

      What is your level of vision? How can you see at such detail?

      • Sulzala

        Years of practice ::3 start with hidden object games ::D

    • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

      There are many possible plot hooks hidden in the plain sight ;). I noticed posters for a big show in the theater coming soon and Heinrich was convincing one of Fairbairn’ds henchmen to audition. You can also see posters for Chaing’s magic show even in the very first story ;).

    • Tye London

      Engineer arrested? Suspicious.

      And also, I think the site is broken. I’ve read up to this point and I keep clicking next but, nothing happens. I know there is more to the story. Where is it? You can’t let this malfunction continue!!


      • I think the “Engineer Arrested” is a sub-article within the main one. Referencing a certain engineer who just nearly (albeit accidentally) blew up the princess.

    • Haven

      Well done, though.

  • spas

    it’s hilarious how sid’s friend and harry’s sister are in cahoots without even knowing each other. sid is totally hapless in advocating his own cause, yet somehow everyone around him seems to be working on it in his stead! i wonder if vee was named an accomplice in the plot – she certainly deserved to be, regardless of her negligible assistance at the end, taunting pride.

    • Not knowing each other? Ho do you think is his new assistant? :-P

      • HUNRonin

        Uhh, the lady that we saw in the beggining of the chapter? :-P

      • Gillsing

        I think Vee might be his new assistant with the “great ideas”, whereas it’s Harry’s sister Florence that Tim wouldn’t know, and who’s also trying to get get Sid and Harry together. Though being in “cahoots” with someone ought to require some agreement between parties. They can’t very well be in cahoots without knowing about it.

  • AsimvSideburns

    I like that Tim is so nonchalant about the arrest.

    Of course, if you think about it, if he hadn’t hired Harry, the Princess might very well have been gracing her subjects with her presence, if you know what I mean.

    She would have exploded everywhere. That’s what I mean.

  • RazorD9

    Always good to have someone that has your back, is of the opposite sex, tall, knows a bit of magic, and name starts with an ‘S’ and ends with ‘idney’. You know, would be handy. I many different ways.

  • ‘Granddaughter of famous bounty hunter’? Ms Barber is not going to like that. She will want to be known as ‘famous bounty hunter’ or even ‘bounty hunter’. The only consolation will be seeing Ms Cunningham referred to as ‘former assistant to granddaughter of famous bounty hunter’, probably on column two of page six.

  • Ragashingo

    Ha! He appeared the payment envelope!

    • I think he just pulled it out of his shirt pocket.

  • Cooper

    You should probably go apologize to that guy who thinks you’re a jerk, Harry.

  • Kali

    Is she blowing the smoke out her nose in that last panel? Badass.

    • She does it when she’s annoyed while smoking, which.. happens with reasonable frequency!

  • SoItBegins

    But who is this assistant?

  • Felix Kütt

    I get the sense Tim’s met a certain sister…

  • Michael Brewer

    I need to pay more attention to the newspapers in this comic. They have nice foreshadowing.

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