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  • Columbine

    I vote………GREN! Get that dog on the desummon!

    (Gods why am I even awake? Where has coffee gone?)

  • Hmm.

    This just might be somewhat less than optimally good.

    • AJ

      With the power invested in my (by myself, that’s who! Sh!) I hereby crown you Queen of Understatement for the Day!

  • In the last strip we had overt displays of affection with unmarried people touching each other and now we have Mrs Luxuria flashing her ankles. This used to be a respectable comic!

    • D. Schwartz

      It was? When?

      • Sapphire altera

        Probably when Wolfe was in the comic (before he met Florrie, anyways). ;)

    • Tsapki


    • Hey, look on the bright side, at least she’s not trying to vote.

      • Coldesta Lelast – Sorceress

        Ignore the obvious fake beard and comically too large hat on my head, I just wish to put my vote in to stop this evil women’s suffrage nonsense before it becomes a real thing. My name? Harry Nodaladee.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I believe the lady prefers to be addressed as Ms. Acedia. One can’t expect her to go through effort of changing her stationery AGAIN.

      • JWLM

        Why would one go through the effort of getting inscribed stationery at all? One would just use it up.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Well, it IS a chore, but better than having to remember how to spell “Acedia” and writing it out all the time.

          • JWLM

            Eh, who cares? People can figure it out for themselves.

  • wilddeath

    wait… what was the spark? when envy summoned wrath didn’t he need a spark of anger? who here is angry enough to give them a link?

    • MeggieMeee

      Acedia’s probably angry she had to work in her old age.

      • She also seems to be a bit mad (though again, not in quite the same sense)

    • ThisCat

      I know I’d be pretty pissed off if someone kidnapped me and my SO on gunpoint and was about to ruin pretty much everything just because they didn’t want to work.

      • wilddeath

        yes but envy required an outburst supposedly. both have shown remarkable restraint probably because of the circle

  • Swagner

    Well, that’s what the smart lazy people do (or, at least, the ones that think they’re smart… sometimes work just makes more work).

  • tali

    If he gets summoned and the desummoned again, he’s gonna be reaaaally pissed, you know.

    • He’s the spiritual personification of Wrath, Tali. He’s gonna be really pissed no matter what.

      • tali

        :D Ok, then, more pissed than usual

  • Ooorah

    Kind of interesting to see a villain(ess) who does screw around with big monologues and wasting time. No chance for the cavalry, let’s just get this done.

    That said, I’m surprised Henry hasn’t gone for the gun yet. If Wrath get summoned, I doubt they’d survive very long. You think he’d take low chances of his own survival to increase that of his wife’s.

    • Dud

      Agreed I can’t imagine why Henry hasn’t taken her, he’s had loads of chances. the way she waves it around he’d have a very high chance of overcoming her even with a modern automatic but that pistol is a serious liability – ‘though it’s too late now that wrath is on the scene.

      • He could barely manage the stairs :P

  • John

    Henry’s not wrong – the effort she put into avoiding work has exceeded the effort it would have taken her to do the work she was avoiding. On the other hand real people make that exact same choice all the time.

    Given that last time Wrath was summoned he demanded a blood sacrifice, Henry and Izzy’s chances don’t look good here.

    • Tsapki

      Wrath did not so much demand one as Envy offered it to spite all involved parties. Unless my memory is going, which could be the case.

    • RLB

      Then again… speaking as a sysadmin… sometimes it’s worth doing ten times the work you were going to do, just to make sure the computer gets it right and you have to do nothing at all the next several hundreds of times. The same principle may apply to avatars of deadly sins.

      • John

        Well, sure. If you’re going to need to do something over and over lots of times that can make sense. But it took her over 40 years to get to this point. Can she really save enough work now for her to personally benefit from that kind of investment? Especially given the fact that she has stated that her entire motivation is “to never work again”? She’s not trying to make the world a better place for anyone other than herself, and since avoiding work seems to be her sole criteria for judging the outcome as an improvement I’m just not convinced that this was a wise 40 year investment given her stated objective. Believable, but not wise.

      • JWLM

        Yes, but Sloth also won’t put in the effort to think ahead, apparently. Sure, it would be easier to do it right, but that would require effort!

  • MoeLane

    …One gets the feeling that the chosen vessels for the Deadly Sins were not picked for either their mental stability, or sense of self-preservation.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Use your inside voice, Ira.

  • Tikatu

    Wrath was bound by the witch (O’Malley)–even though he didn’t know he was a witch. I have to wonder if that will make it more difficult to free Wrath.

    Also, Henry is armed–with a cane. Whopping Acedia on her gun-toting wrist might help to free him and Izzy–or at least increase their chances of survival.

  • Ilmari

    Not sure that’s a sign of laziness, really… working hard with the ambition of never having to work again is pretty much the principle of the employment, retirement, and superannuation system.

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