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  • Pizkie

    Yesss, Harry! Talk about your FEELINGS! :D

  • Axxen

    Oh the feeeeeeeeeeeels

  • Alex

    Anguished declaration of love in 3…. 2….
    Just kidding. It’s going to be a buddy cop intro.

    • GristleMcNerd

      …I’m still gonna ship the crap out of them.

  • JediaKyrol

    Harry asks Sid to be her partner…Sid hears “Partner *wink-wink, nudge-nudge, know-what-I-mean”…

    • RazorD9

      They’ll be “investigating cases” and “finding clues” *wink-wink, nudge-nudge* If you know what I mean.

      • JediaKyrol

        Say no more, good sir…Say no more!

        …and now I have to watch that Monty Python sketch again.

  • Hornet

    and like those old eighties sitcoms the series will eventually end with these two married

    • donovan james

      I really hope not. That type of ending would be fine for the other pair, but they’re more like friends.

      • Marvelous TK

        What, Mal and Wolfe? … I don’t see it.

        Now, Mal and BEN on the other hand….

        • donovan james

          NO, bad fangirl. Baaaad.

        • Hornet

          In the first chapter or so this may have been a possibility.

      • Hornet

        They always start as reluctant friends / coworkers.

  • No, Ms Barber has just come to give Sid half the fee from the last page she owes him, just like last time:

    It’s never easy to part with money.

    • David Argall

      Harry was easy enough about parting with money last time, but this time she has been quite negative about the idea of partnering with Sid. So the idea of offering any sort of partnership should upset her a good deal more that the payout. Odds are she is going to offer him some relationship on a more or less long term basis.

  • apLundell

    “uhm…. it’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this, …I can hardly remember what to say…. but here goes … *ahem* … SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!”

    • Somebody

      It can be so hard to say sometimes, but the joy that comes afterwards is always worth it…

    • Kali


  • RazorD9

    Just say those three words that fans have been waiting for you to say Harry. The three words. “I hate Mondays.”

  • My kind of woman!”

  • Poor Sidney just canNOT keep that hat on! But! At least he still has it. ; )

  • Sortelli


  • SteelRaven

    You usually start by saying ‘Hello’ vs throwing a ice ball at them

  • SleepingDragon

    “Reflexes need work.”

    Will there be a training montage? I’d like a training montage ;)

    • Mah.

      Be a mannnnnn- oh wait.
      Wrong one. Not training time yet it seems.

  • Deja Moo

    Throwing a snowball is a pretty playful way to say hello. It’s not exactly a business letter with a proposed contract enclosed. Of course, Harry may just want the freedom to leave Sidney at the curb when she wants.

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