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  • Was putting a bar right under an anchor such a great idea? I hope Envy doesn’t ruin the chill atmosphere.

    • In Nepal, it’s chilly most of the time.

  • pingo1387

    Oh dear. Envy, get out of here, no one likes you.

  • Anderson

    Why am I hearing Envy as the voice of the narrator from the Stanley Parable?

    • DocHarleen

      I don’t know, but I’m hearing John de Lancie.

      • Somebody

        …Thank you. Since he’s off-screen, I’m also now seeing Envy dressed as a Starship Captain.

      • And just like that, this was canon.

        • Me-me

          I wonder if John de Lancie gets annoyed at being typecast as the Trickster, or if he loves it.

          • Fandoom

            I was thinking John Cleese, but I guess Q will do too.

        • Volkai

          Which one? My brain is jumping between Stanley Parable Narrator Guy and Q now. They both work.

    • Well, now I am too. I think it’s the line choice.

      That’s a pretty awesome voice though so I’m cool with this.

  • Bill Soo

    I wonder if the other patrons are wizards tasked with guarding the shrine and ensuring that major sins don’t escape…..

    • SteelRaven

      The Anchor at Widdershines is a tourist attraction, I would imagine this would be the same (why else would there be a gift shop)

    • David Argall

      The sins are not prisoners. Nor are they limited to a particular location. The Anchors are merely points where it is easy to contact them, and other things, indeed so easy that the non-magical can manage it. [Now getting rid of them, once summoned, can be a good deal harder.]
      Once contacted, parts of the spirits can be formed into vaguely humanoid forms that will display their nature if not properly controlled, which, as we have seen, is not easy to do. And we can just about guarantee that Voss is not going to come close to proper control. While O’Malley’s vision pretty much denies that Voss is a wizard of even low level, Voss can easily have some minor magic ability that allows him to trigger Envy when at an Anchor.

      The others present may well be wizards, and possibly of great power, but it is more likely they are there to study and increase their own power & knowledge.

  • ruh roh!

  • Toastgoblin

    He’s in a chill bar with live music, on the clock, hundreds of miles away from his boss and colleagues. Some people are never satisfied.

    • Nonesuch

      He’s still tired because he had to walk the whole way, and sore because he knows he got exiled because he stinks on ice.

  • Elizabetonth

    Yaaay, thank you for the filler picture link!

  • mendel

    The “someone” asking for a wallpaper version was me. 1920×1080, please. Wallpaper’s going to be awesome!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh, so there’s a full warm house and accomodations inside. I expected a cold cave.

  • SoItBegins

    WELL #$#%.

  • Del

    Months after the incident that he forcefully volunteered himself for…. Voss is still blaming Wolfe for this troubles. Definitely enough mania to summon some trouble.

    I tip my hat to Kate again, for developing this amazing mythology. The other spirits were summoned in circles — except for Pride, who was summoned by accident near an Anchor. Sloth and Gluttony were able to force their attributes onto innocent persons. Gluttony was able to impersonate a human. Gluttony revealed that the Deadlies are conspiring to do some mischief together — and it seems that the Barber girls are somehow key to their plan.

    Thus far, we have not seen a spirit who has forcefully taken possession of a person. But it seems possible, especially if the person consents to cooperate. It looks like Envy is about to sweet-talk Voss into some sort of deal.

  • Nonesuch

    It’s here.

    Envy is here!

  • davidbreslin101

    There’s a sarangi player! In C19th Nepal, which is 100% musicologically correct! er, I got so excited by that, it took a second reading to spot the Deadly-font speech bubbles.

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