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May 2nd, 2014

May 2nd, 2014 published on 22 Comments on May 2nd, 2014

You didn’t really hide that one so well, you guys.

A couple of things! A few people asked that I make the archives easier to pick through, so voila! Try that one on for size! I also updated the cast page a little.

And here is a cool thing- I did an interview over at the awesome Down the Tubes blog! Go have a gander if you’re not already sick of me rambling.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Whomever indeed.

    Is “sarge” an older word for “sergeant” ?

    • David Argall


    • Slang

    • Duke of URL

      Nope. In the “olden days”, he’d have been called “Uncle”

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        oh ! Thanks, all of you :D

        <– english as a 3rd language

    • Chris W.

      “Sarge” is an abbreviation for “sergeant”, because in English “sergeant” is pronounced “sarge-ent”.

  • Bill Soo

    Looks like the lieutenant is pretty sharp, although he *did* pick the sergeant for the mission in the first place.

  • Nice one, lieutenant

  • Duke of URL

    Y’know, stuffing the archaic “whom” in at random does NOT make dialog seem more literate, especially when it’s totally wrongly-used.

    • yo

      can’t tell if troll or regular jerkface

    • billydaking

      Um…since when is early 1800s modern day enough to make a word archaic?

      Also…brain implosion: Dialog is supposed to represent spoken language, and spoken language doesn’t follow written language rules as closely, and Kate has already established the dialogue level in Widdershins to be colloquial. But in this case, the usage is correct–whoever is the subject of “who will pay”, which is the verb of the sentence.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Admittedly, I’m a tad rusty, but I think, on a strict “I took levels in the Uptight English Teacher Prestige Class” level, it should be “whoever”, since the phrase “whoever is responsible” is acting is the subject of “X will be brought to order”.

        Now, all that being said, I think it’s meant to be on the same level as Ethan incorrectly using the word “luddite” to refer to people from previous eras with less advanced technology. Yes, the usage is not strictly correct, but the error tells us something about the speaker, in this case that the lieutenant is a bit pompous and likes to put on airs. Compare the sergeant saying “They can’t have got far,” instead of the more correct “They can’t have gotten far,” which helps establish sarge as being more working class.

        • Pip

          Actually, in modern British English, “got” is the past participle of “get”. It used to be “gotten”, but they only use that form in the colonies nowadays.

        • Gardan Blue

          Now a days “whom” seems to exist only to torment native and non-native speakers in english class.

          i think “whom” should just be stricken from the English language. :)

          • SilverRayn

            Having taken a level in ‘Pretentious English Teacher Prestige Class’, I’d just like to point out that stricken as a past participle of strike is archaic, as the modern terminology is ‘struck’. Stricken is still used for other meanings such as stricken with a disease. And whom is most definitely misused here. Who vs whom is based on he vs him. Same applies to whoever vs whomever. He is responsible. Compare to the phrase where whomever would be appropriate: ‘I will hire whomever you recommend’. You recommend him. Him = whom/whomever.

  • Fantasy Reader

    Off-topic question: I was (finally) looking at buying the Darken books, and it looks like only Vol I is in the store. Is there a Vol II and if so is it still obtainable?

    • jacksorootly

      I think I remember her saying volume II is on the way, but I reckon it’s not a top priority so it might be a while before it’s out.

      • This is indeed the case! I need to finish signing copies of Vol 1 and getting them out of the door, then I’ll knuckle down and do it properly. I’m not redrawing any of this one so it *ought* to take less time.. I wouldn’t want to put a date on it, though.

        • Fantasy Reader

          Alright, thanks!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Wait, did Voss just… succeed at something!? :jaw drop:

    • David Argall

      If so, he may end up regretting that success. Right now, Wolfe is charged with unauthorized shooting and missing. If Wolfe escapes, nobody finds out that Voss did the shooting. or charges him with lying to an officer. But if Wolfe is caught, some inconvenient facts are apt to come out. Of course that will still leave Wolfe debating whether it is better to be hung than shot, and if we assume Voss to be super-envious, he might be willing to take 6 months in the guard house and a dishonorable discharge if Wolfe’s discharge is by firing squad. But there is good reason for Voss to “overlook” that fire.

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