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  • Stretch Longfellow

    Sounds legit, right? Right?

    • Timni16

      Technically,yes. He said he’s going to get everything that’s coming to him. And Voss is kind of a dick, So

  • Jennifer Smeltzer

    ‘You’ll get everything that’s coming to you’ Yeah, but probably not how he wants it.

    • ShadeTail

      Yeah, well, that’s the difference between “what’s coming to you” and “what you want”. ^_^

    • Malevolent supernatural entities and computer programmers always give you exactly what you ask for and exactly what you don’t want.

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Oh yes, that’s a line that you should totally trust.

    Also, foxes and such, but that last line, geez.

  • fwknight

    I swear if the following is not already in the evil overlord’s handbook, it should be added posthaste: if a powerful entity, capable of granting me my greatest desires, promises such with a vague statement, I will either ask for a crystal clear clarification, or I will flat out refuse. It does me no good to “get everything that’s coming to me” when that can easily include a bullet to the chest.

    • Bill Soo

      Part of being an evil overlord is tunnel vision. Hence their tendency to monologue, create overly complex plans and ignore any point of view that does not conform with their own. Voss cannot conceive of himself as deserving, as you say, a bullet to the chest so he simply ignores that possibility.

      • You’re missing the point of the Evil Overlord List.

        • Bill Soo

          Had no idea that was a thing….

          • Sam

            Huzzah, another who won’t make the mistakes of the past when his turn comes! :P

            • Nonesuch

              Voss is no overlord. ^^; He’s a mook…

              • svartalf

                Yeah, he’s more the Minion type. An Overlord would’ve twigged onto the dangers involved with giving a Deadly their name without at least stating the payment for such.

        • Anarchy 101

          Imagine if Hitler had this list, or a high school history book

          • rlb

            He did – well, the history book, not the Overlord List, natch – but he didn’t heed the warnings. That’s the thing with mania: you always think you can do better than they did.

    • MoeLane

      Evil Overlords need a code phrase that will let the various devils, demons, inter-dimensional transients, malevolent spirits, anthropomorphic personifications, shadowy conspiracies, and miscellaneous supernatural entities know not to try the standard scams on that particular Evil Overlord. Everybody involved would appreciate it, honestly.

      • Odysseus McJazzhammer

        How about “I’m genre-savvy”?

  • Nightsbridge

    ‘How nice of you to give your name freely.’

    I wonder if there’s a magical significance to that.

    • Steve

      Names have power, especially among magical beings. Never trust a talking fox whose font is fancier than your own! :D

      • NeveroddoreveN

        Isn’t he a fox because, Voss GAVE his name freely, which means fox?

        • Nonesuch

          In German, “fox” is pronounced “Fuchs”. “Voss” is the Dutch pronunciation — and no, the two languages are NOT the same. ^^ Related? Yes. The same? No.

          • dralou

            … Is there people that actually mistake one for the other ? They don’t sound anything alike…

          • rlb

            Fuchs is High German. Voss is Low German. Dutch is more closely related to Low German than to High (and, in many ways, Platt is more closely related to some Dutch dialects than to High German – my Groninger grandparents had no problem at all following Platt NDR television programs.)

      • MoeLane

        I started reading “Never trust a talking fox whose font is fancier than your own!” to my wife and she replied that I could have stopped after ‘talking fox.’ :)

    • svartalf

      Much so. Your name gives that entity power over you, if only subtly. It’s a dangerous practice, esp. with dealing with a Deadly like this. But, envious, arrogant Voss doesn’t get or know this…so he’s going to get PRECISELY all of that which he has coming to him. Envy’s giving him the straight skinny there- just not being honest and up-front with what that *REALLY* means.

    • KaReN

      Genies, demons, witches, fairies, etc… all hide their true names. Having a person’s true name gives you power over them. I was reading a modern day version of this where the person hoped no one can trace Where she was born because her birth certificate would have her real name and not the one she uses in everyday life.

  • McFrugal

    Ah, so Envy does not have a form of his own. He must assume one based upon… outside input. I wonder if it’s always a name that defines the shape?

    • Swagner

      So I guess “Voss” means “fox” in German (at least, according to wikipedia)?

      • Bill Soo

        Yes and Wolfe is of course wolf and Lowe is lion. A regular menagerie here.

      • Timni16

        Yeah it does. Did you see the link that Kate gave us? Voss mean Fox.

    • So, in a way, he’s envious of others’ forms? ;D

  • Dragon

    “you’ll get everything that’s coming to you.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound ominous at all.

  • Swagner

    And then Voss died.

    • Nightsbridge

      I expect him to be possessed and used as an elaborate meat puppet.

      • David Argall

        Probably not exactly. Voss will not be possessed because he already is, in the sense of being consumed by envy already. So he will eagerly go along with Envy’s plots. Our hotel people apparently wanted to use Gluttonry, and so when they slipped up some way, Gluttonry needed to control them. But Voss is already a tool, and Envy does not need to control him. That may prove a serious mistake if the plot is going to feature a heel turn by Voss, but so far Voss is written as bad to the bone, and he will likely be thrilled by his new “servant”.

      • Cooper

        Nah Kate already did that.

      • GristleMcNerd

        The guy’s always been a bit of a muppet, anyway.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “You’ll get everything that’s coming to you” sounds more like a threat :D

  • Is there a single powerful spirit for each deadly sin or are there multiples?

    • David Argall

      It is likely not worked out since it really doesn’t affect the story. My idea is that each sin is rather like a pool. The summoner draws out some amount according to his skill, strength, circumstances, etc… and it becomes a spirit, with interests and intent the summoner may not be aware of or approve of. Once the spirit is dismissed, it returns to the pool, which now knows all the spirit did or learned. summoning the exact same spirit is difficult or impossible. What will appear usually is a much similar spirit, which both summoner and pool would regard as the same, but there would still be technical differences.

      • Makes sense. Especially with how the Fortitude spirit was specifically Nora’s courage.

  • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

    Seing the page of surname Voss on surnamedb now I’m really sad you didn’t cal himk Fucks because he really is a little fuck.

  • Hermitage

    Yea, if some weird demonic/spirit-like thing makes a snake-oil salesman pitch and asks your name, you should DEF give it to them. Voss obviously wasn’t very good at reading either.

    Geez, even Villainry 101 says to book it when you meet someone with the drop on you. Dude got taken out by a woman with a bullet wound and gumption, you need to level up yo.

    • billydaking

      ‘Course, Voss probably didn’t know what he was speaking to. Hence, his question. Voss is someone completely focused on his perception of the world and who probably doesn’t know all of the ins and outs of what he’s dealing with. Which is what ignorance does to a person.

  • Bob McBob

    Something tells me Voss will take more convincing than this. He might be a dick at times, but he’s not exactly stupid. Well… not entirely stupid, anyway.

    • Nonesuch

      That might be nice…

  • T T

    That “everything that is coming to you” SOUNDS like a cliche trap.
    But the thing is, there have been multiple such lines in the page prior to it and all were subverted. Like the “so good of you to give your name freely” thing ended up with the repayment being the demon’s name.
    My guess is that the demon will continue to subvert our expectation and will give him what he WANTS.

    • Sir. Orc

      It may be a bit of both. Voss really wants to get back at Wolfe, Envy by it’s sheer nature will happily grant this and cause Wolfe misery. So Voss gets what he wants, but it won’t really make him happy either because Envy by it’s nature does not bring true happiness. So Voss will get what he wants, but not what will actually make him happy. He will bring Wolfe misery, but still be the lowly loser he is, consumed and driven by the envious spirit he summoned as it grows more powerful of his emotions.

      • T T

        Very astute.

    • svartalf

      What he wants and what he needs really are two differing things. Much like a Jinn and wishes, you should rather be careful in your dealings with said Jinn- for he will give you precisely what you think you wanted and ASKED for…but you neither really wanted or needed what was given.

  • hariman

    Mortgage meetings. Credit Card Offers. Pay Day Loans. And I could name a few more devil’s bargains.

    The catch is, with all of those, you have to agree to play ball to get them. So it’s a bit of Caveat Emptor that needs exercised there.

  • Jaidus

    And if Voss goes for that I have the deeds to the statue of liberty

    • Troy Gooding

      You selling, cuz vox is totally going to go for it. Any chance he has to spite people he will take without considering the consequences. That’s how he ended up here.

  • SteinarB

    What? Why shouldn’t he trust Envy? I mean, look at that smile in the last panel! Are you people telling me that’s not the smile of a trustworthy entity? :D

    • Nonesuch

      Yes. Yes, we are. :p But should you continue to place your faith in that winning smile, please let’s take a moment so I can tell you about this bridge I have for sale. It’s getting a bit much for me to handle the millions in annual revenue from the toll booths, so I’m looking for someone reliable to sell it on to. And you have a very reliable face…

  • Nealend86

    “Everything that’s coming to you.”
    That right there would make me turn around and run away. Something tells me that Voss isn’t quite that smart though.

  • Emanate Hieromech

    Ah. Now I know where the name of a certain graphics card manufacturer comes from. Very educational! :-P

  • You know, I think the nice doggy is the person that sold me my endowment policy.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    A rational person may choose to take a pass; but even with the wordings, I would go along. I would ask, “Well that depends on what there is to trade? My hair, this watch, some knowledge, … a drink, warm milk… Ovaltine?”
    But if the soul or life force… shoot, I’ll have to pass then; and change my views about religion and go on a pilgrimage.
    (Enjoying the comic)

  • Volkai

    Voss and Invidia. Very nice. I look forward to seeing where this all leads.

  • Anonymous Mastermind

    I think the way he looks in the last panel looks more greedy then envious or more of a devious smile.

  • hariman

    Okay, so I get that anybody with an animal themed name is going to get an animal themed Envy. But what happens when someone has a really odd name that has no known meaning? What about strange names? Like… Korbowitz, or Orlando, or other such odd names. Does Envy just ask “What’s your favorite animal?”? Does he choose something random?

    Durn it. This has been bugging me all day.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So a fox, a blob, a peacock, a manatee, and a four-armed man walk into a bar….

    • hariman

      And they all say “Ow!”.

      • Nonesuch

        That was horrible. ^^ *chuckles*

  • CyberSkull

    What you deserve ≠ What you want.

  • Nalyd

    . . .oh. OOOOOH. Missed the squiggly lines at first and was like, “Why does his name HAPPEN to mean fox while talking with a fox? -__^?”

    But now I just feel silly. :)

  • Michael Brewer

    Really when anyone offers to give you “everything you have coming to you,” that’s the time to refuse and/or run away. At the very least, you should assume they’re planning on double crossing you.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Voss, I know you’re an idiot and stuff, but seriously, when a supernatural entity, especially one named after a deadly sin, offers you “everything that’s coming to you,” run. Run fast, run far, don’t stop for any reason.

    • Nonesuch

      Yes, but he -is- an idiot. And stuff. ^^;

  • Nonesuch

    It’s a good thing for Envy that Voss is stupid and prone to a sense of entitlement, or that last line would have only achieved his running out of the Anchor Hall in terror — like anyone with any genre savvy would do… ^^;

  • SoItBegins

    Seems totally legit.

  • Hornet

    “everything that’s coming” is like saying everything you deserve. So no Envy won’t be double-crossing our hapless puppet. Voss be bringing it on himself.

  • No, no, no, no, NO you absolute dork, NEVER trust the phrase “you’ll get what’s coming to you,” IT’S ALWAYS THE OPPOSITE OF GOOD THINGS FOR YOU

  • I just figured out that the envy spirit didn’t have the form of a fox until after Voss gave his name, which means fox. Clever Invidia.

  • maggPi

    Tsk. Everyone is missing whose forms Invidia borrowed: Renard’s (a.k.a. Reynard) figure and Coyote’s smile. That sly, sly, smile. Where’s Annie when one needs her?
    (Oh wait… Voss doesn’t deserve any help.)

  • This guy

    I am the master of unspecific anecdotes.
    He’s going to kill you, bro.

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