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  • MarvelousTK

    And she does it while dancing away.
    As I said.
    Trolling’s ~!’-M-‘!~atron goddess.
    (psst i got the word right this time, not that i want to make a big deal about it or anything, you probably didn’t even notice right)

    • Felix Kütt

      sure, sure! ^_^

  • Dawg

    Pride is only chasing her because it wants to know how to pull off such a beautiful pose.

    • Sortelli

      You wouldn’t know this but posing can save lives!

      • Dawg

        Oh you.

  • Doofus

    I imagined her singing her taunt while running

  • Oarboar

    It looks like pride is cracking, either from the cold or something else.

    And now that pride is going, it’s time for the fall.

  • One hopes that Pride has no ranged attacks.

    OTOH, it is Vee…

    • MarvelousTK

      On the other hand it’s Vee, so… ranged attacks wouldn’t do any good anyways, because she’d avoid them, even if she really shouldn’t, for no other reason than it would annoy the shooter? Probably even dodge with a pirouette, judging by that last panel? Is that where you were going with that? Seems the most logical conclusion to me.

  • spas

    she’s rather a poor sport but you want her on your team, if only to throw off your opponents’ game!

  • Connemara

    Awww, poor Pride. She looks so stunned in panel four. Rather breaks my heart.

    • SoItBegins

      Speak for yourself— for me panel four’s hi-larious.

  • 703 Noemi

    it takes talent to convey emotion in a giant metal peacock.

  • Ilmari

    She has cojones, I’ll give her that…

    … well, in a purely figurative sense, of course. Why must these good phrases be so bloody sexist?

  • This guy

    Ironically, she has Pride in this insulting ability

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