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May 4th, 2012

May 4th, 2012 published on 12 Comments on May 4th, 2012

No-one gave Ben an official badge, he made one himself out of a tin. Sorry for the line quality here, I need to buy new pens but I am a bit broke :( Speaking of which..

The Widdershins books have arrived! Come buy one right here right now, only £9.99 for 68 pages of full-colour shiny joy!

The Widdershins Book Club is also now open for business, which allows you to subscribe to receive each new book hot off the presses, and gets you some shiny extras too!

I’d super-appreciate it if you’d buy my silly wizard book! It’d let me buy some pens, for certain!

  • Steelraven

    Yeah, the proper term is “You F–ked up’ baker boy! 

  • forcible tulips

    Soooo, the tailor doesn’t mind them just swanning out of there with his pins and cloth on? 

    • svartalf

      Council business, you know…dangerous malforms to deal with.

  • LongLiveHumour

    I cannot get enough of that word. Buggerup, buggerup, buggerup. Who needs malforms anyway? WE have a bugg’rup.

    • svartalf

       I love the fact that Mal’s needling Ben with it and regularly…  >:-D

  • SoItBegins

    Imbuing bread with… hunger…?

    Yeah, I’ve COMPLETELY lost my stomach for anything right now.

  • Bendgo

    Ahem…*you’re* from Britain? Your people invented contractions! Sorry. Pet peeve in Panel 4. 

    • KomiIsDrawing

      Uh, in panel 4? ‘Your’ is correct, sorry..! ‘Your … use of a dangerous spirit’

      • Bendgo

        Ah yes. The sentence structure got me (sheepish). I read it as ‘You’re selfish (Period).’ And might I add illegal use of a dangerous spirit has resulted in…etc. Huzzah for idiomatic speech.

        • KomiIsDrawing

          Haha, no worries! It was a weirdly bisected sentence because he quite likes the sound of his own voice.

  • CaptEndo

    Well, most of the Old West Sherriff’s stars started as the bottom of a tin can. If you use an old fashioned key type can opener to punch holes all the way around, you wind up with a tin star. Probably why so many of them were eight pointed stars, too.

  • So they’re dealing with a hunger spirit. Is it going to try to eat them?

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