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  • Eve

    Well now I’m wondering what shenanigans her kids get into in the future.

    • Did somebody say “sequel hook”?

      • Sounds like the next plot thread, although I’m still waiting for the apprentice druggist conspiracy theorist to turn up.

  • Grey_Moment

    “So that’s what happens when you poke the internet… I’ma poke it again.”
    “Oh no you don’t. No more spoilers.”

    • Brother Nightmare

      … *Poke*…

  • robert袋蟻食skitch

    I hope Nora gets to see that…

    • CK

      SO. MUCH. YES!

  • “Well, I imagine that would be pretty informative and perhaps even satisfying to… say, hypothetically, someone who’s been following the adventures of the Barber clan in some sort of semi-visual narrative format up until this point, perhaps using some sort of magic surveillance, and is therefore privy to events we know nothing about because we weren’t there for them, but how exactly does this help us?”

    • “Because it teaches us the power of working together and believing in one another, of course!”

      • maeverin

        The Power of Love and Friendship! (TM)

      • Nightsbridge


    • Haven

      Maybe in the next mail column, they’ll suddenly be like “ohh, so that’s who that was for”.

  • Aaaawww, she’s great, just great. Later, Lexa, yes, I hope, soon…

  • D. Schwartz

    Subtext for last panel: “Well that was emotionally intense and foreboding and confusing.”

    AKA: “What th heck was that” !?!?!?!?!?!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • Nora’s going to die soon isn’t she D:

  • kuku

    “Sorry to worry you about your sister – but you, you and your amazing family, you all do so so well…” So now should I be worried about her sister (which one?) or is the sister (I hope!!!) included in the family that does so well?

  • Euodiachloris

    Mal and Harry’s collective “Wut.” could be used as foundations, it’s just that densely packed. xD

    • non_canon

      And it’s even better coming after Alexa’s heartfelt, awesomely emotional goodbye.

  • Michael Brewer

    As the time traveler said, “Be excellent to each other.”

  • Kryspix

    It was love the whole time

  • THat’s a hell of a thing to do to O’Malley…

  • Dud

    …sign off for now.
    Better poke a few more Mal,


  • Ilmari

    Aww. That’s gotta be the most unconventional delivery of a motivational speech I’ve seen. But it’s sweet. :-)

    Also, I’ve caught up!
    Now, the last time I did so was probly more than 3 years ago… hopefully this time I won’t lose track of it again…

  • David Argall

    Let’s see…
    In “1830” Alexa knows Harriet will need her cell phone and gives it to Nora to pass on, and she know Nora will know when to pass it on.
    In “1834” Alexa sends a message to Nora, which contains no obviously useful information for Harriet. Nor does there seem to be any motive for Harriet to mention the event in the future.
    So how is this going to help the party? and how does Alexa learn of this need? My guess is that there will be a second call. This one was just to be safe and remind Nora the phone needs to get to Harriet. Even if you are sure something is going to happen, it’s best to make extra sure. The second call will contain information Harriet needs, after which she will make some rather cryptic remark [to the press?] that will be read by Alexa. Our future people may be involved here too.

    • Dud

      I’m pretty sure she can’t control when the mesage(s) arrives. They probably come in in queue order but whatever the magical link to the past is, it’s unlikely to be time-addressable.

      And she definitely can’t control the order in which the recipient opens them.

      Although, come to think of it, it -would- be useful to have adressing that allowed you to send birthday greetings to arrive last thursday when you only now realise you missed it…


      • David Argall

        Alexa doesn’t need to control when the messages arrive, nor the order they are read in. She already “knows” they will arrive/be read in the desired order.
        Imagine you send two letters, a day or so apart. You can’t be sure they will arrive in that order, and are even less sure they will be read in that order. But when you receive a response that indicates your intended message was understood, you assume they arrived in the right order, tho you don’t really care.
        Alexa has already received the “response” and assumes the letters were/will be received in the order she intends, but doesn’t really care. Her 2nd/1st letter is just to improve the odds, and for social reasons. The “next” letter will be the business letter.
        Now an alternate theory would be that this is the only letter. Alexa knew nothing about the message from the future was to say, only that there was one and it was very important. Not knowing what to say, she gives up trying to guess and just writes a social letter to Nora, hoping that by some accident, this will be the right stuff. At least she will write a friend. The rather casual reference about trust however, will inspire Barber or O’Malley to trust one of the others in a situation where such trusting is obviously stupid, and this will enable success. Afterwards, Barber or O’Malley will make some casual [or deliberate actually] remark that will be preserved enough to reach Alexa a century or so later and inspire her to hand over the phone and send the message.
        I tend to grade this less likely. Alexa says she is signing off for now, which presumes an intent for later conversation. Such might not happen of course, but it still argues for a later message. Also, gaining inspiration from a different event to do something that looks irrational is a stretch. That Joe won a fight because he charged a man with a gun, which misfired, is not a good reason for you to attack a man with a gun. A 2nd message saying the gun will misfire seems much more inspiring.

    • Xanthipe

      I thought it was so that they had a Gluttony focus? Otherwise they couldn’t do the banishing? The message was a ‘just in case’ rather than a necessity?

    • billydaking

      I don’t think Alexa really had a plan. I think she’s simply trying to close a loop she’s guessed she’s a part of.

      Here, she’s obviously knows leaving a piece of 21st century tech in the 1800s is a possibly bad thing, and makes sure she picks up her busted phone:

      A little later, she decides to leave it, because it feels like the right thing to do based on finding out that Nora is Harry’s sister, and she tells Nora that Harry “would know what to do with it.” It’s entirely possible that she knows about what Harry did and realized that her phone may have been a key to whatever Harry and O’Malley did, not that she wanted send Harry back a warning or clue. The phone message she left wasn’t for Harry; it was for Nora, and it was sent years later in her own time, and she sent her message because, for her, “closes a door”.

      The message is a personal message, sent to a phone she left in the past for Harry for a different purpose. Which is why she waited so long in making and sending–it was an emotional action, most likely spurred by her decision to go witness Ethan’s reunion with his husband.

  • Michael Brewer

    Nora’s other child is going to be named Alexander, isn’t he?

  • Ocean Burning.

    That’ll preach, Alexa, that’ll preach.