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  • I really, REALLY would like to know the latin-esque spell translation to common man’s english for the incantations. ^_^

    • Smiley

      Google Translate didn’t quite help as much as I’d hoped (didn’t parse ‘avatula’ or ‘remissionisa’), but this one looks to be a mantra of phrases like “spirit be free”, “do not stay”, and “escape your bonds”

      …so like Sid said, pretty much just giving it a push to break free

      • DGR

        I’ve been working on learning Latin for three years and let me tell ya, google translate is terrible at Latin.

        • Machine translation always kinda sucks! That’s why I barely try with it, since all I can remember from Latin in school is ‘Caecilius est in horto’

          • DGR

            I know, right? Romans! Y U NO HAVE WORD ORDER!?

    • Kwaj

      I make it (with Google’s considerable help) as:

      “Be free, Spirit of Pride, you are a bird, you are released, do not stay, proud Spirit, escape your chains, Spirit, you are a bird, you are released, do not stay, proud Spirit, escape your chains, do not stay, Spirit, be…”

      • I add in a lot of random letters and copy-paste bits around, so I’m rather impressed you untangled it!

        • Felix Kütt

          yeah, but translate with Google word by word and Google offers potential corrections for the words, no?

          I suppose the only truly impressive feat here is the dedication considering the amount of work involved… not saying that somehow diminishes the awesome though. :)

  • Vee may be a little too full of herself … but she’s not stupid.

  • apLundell

    It must be tough to do the initial in spoken language.

    • Me-me

      What do you think they go to school for? It’s all about the {[([b][u]E[/u][/b])]}nunciation!

  • Now they just have to hope it works before they reach the parade . . .

  • Nomen

    …so does that make Pride Daffy Duck?

  • Incomprehensible

    Anyone else catch the ‘superbia’ (pride) in the, uh, magic-ese (Latin perhaps)?

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