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May 7th, 2012

May 7th, 2012 published on 12 Comments on May 7th, 2012

Yeah, who’d be damn fool enough to release a spirit like that in a place like that?

The Widdershins books have arrived! Come buy one right here right now, only £9.99 for 68 pages of full-colour shiny joy!

The Widdershins Book Club is also now open for business, which allows you to subscribe to receive each new book hot off the presses, and gets you some shiny extras too!

I’d super-appreciate it if you’d buy my silly wizard book!

  • Me-me

    The magical power of… DIRECTIONAL HEARING!

  • May I ask what time the comic updates? I’m in the US, and it seems to be updating late MWF for me, which makes it early TTSa for you. I r confoosed.

    Mal: Captain Obvious’ lesser-known cousin.

    • KomiIsDrawing

      It’s whenever I get it done on MWF, which is usually at 3am the next day or so.. I’m hoping to stablise it out, just have a lot to deal with at home at the moment so the comics are coming in later than I’d like!

  • Sir_Krackalot

    He sees fat people.

  • Is the hunger spirit still hungry?

    • svartalf

       About like the Greed one…it doesn’t stop being what it is…

  • Steelraven1

    Why is he eating bread that he knows will only make him hungry?

    • KomiIsDrawing

      He only picked it up.

  • LongLiveHumour

    Thought: Ben, Wolfe and O’Malley are made of meat. Edible meat.

    • svartalf

       There’s a reason that a malform from this spirit’s dangerous.  >:-D

  • =Tamar

    Maybe Mal doesn’t like the term Mal-form because it sounds like they’re talking about him.

  • Amy

    Imagine if they freed one of them in Widdershins!

    Or potentially two, given the current plotline…

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