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  • Hi Kate! I just caught up after falling behind on just about every webcomic I followed for about a year. I really, really enjoyed Piece of Cake and am happy to see the backstory of Mal and Wolfe! Keep up the great work, as always!

    • Oh hello! It’s way too easy to lose track, I’ve been there, but the nice thing about webcomics is how they build up when you’re not looking :3 Glad you enjoyed the last story, hope you like this one too!

  • …and Wolfe can believe just about as much of that as he wants to.

  • Sal

    “Someone who needs to reload”
    Wolfe thinks he’s just so cool
    N-not that I think he is… Baka

  • Dragon

    Utter crap.Wolfe, he’s just going to shoot you and Mal at the first opportunity.

  • pingo1387

    So I’m guessing that Mal will show off his mind-reading — er, spirit-seeing powers here? Y’know, warn Wolfe that Dominik is actually a jerk and will shoot them both given the opportunity . . .

  • Wrong army for Sharpe, but I’d be looking out for Sweet William.

    • somebloke

      Heh, my first thought is the song “Sweet William” by Tunng. And I realized the song kinda works from a Dominik/Wolfe perspective.

    • slim kittens

      Sharpe’s Desertion?

  • David Argall

    Wolfe is being brave here, and also an idiot. Right now, there is nobody at all near who is his friends. There are maybe some who may not be deemed enemies, but that is it, and his best strategy is to run like a bunny. Attacking may be heroic, but it is suicidal to be moving towards a hostile army.

    • Sessine

      It’s true that he couldn’t be sure the shooter was alone. He got lucky. Still, he heard a ‘click’ before the shot, but no voices or brush-trampling. A single person was really quite a bit more likely than a hostile army. I’m guessing he thought it was a stray rebel shooting at a couple of intruders, if he had time to think at all.

  • Crane

    [Panel 1] “Uh Wolfe? Dear? I think you broke your gun…”

  • Sonja

    Wolfe kann be so cool! :-D Also I would be curious to know which kind of mess Mal sees at Voss.

  • Bob McBob

    Sadly, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Wolfe and the foxy redhead ain’t gonna be making out any time soon. Still, it’s interesting how Mal’s and Wolfe’s dynamic is shaping up. From what little we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem as one-sided as I first expected it to be.

  • Foehn

    At first, I thought, “Wait, Mal, you understand what Dominik was saying? I thought your German wasn’t very good. ”
    Which shifted into, “Maybe he’s just bad at speaking it.”
    Which changed as soon as I noticed that Mal was looking up in the direction of the speech bubbles. Where Dominik’s…spirit…thing probably is. And that’s exciting! It means we know something for sure about Mal’s spirit thing: it’s a mess, but it isn’t as bad as Dominik’s. So I hope we see Dominik’s (because I doubt we’re seeing Mal’s anytime soon)

  • Lleyn

    Huh, so it was Voss after all. I guess that explains why Wolfe was able to ‘duck’ that shot: It was just way too high over their heads to be able to hit them. And goodness, now I want to know what O’Malley is seeing! Voss’ spirit must truly be a mess, judging from the character he’s shown us so far.

    But oooooh dear, Wolfe. You have a brave and noble spirit, and I recommend that you tend to see the good in everyone, but in this case, involving a threat to your life, I suggest you get rid of your naivety asap.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Voss: I tell Wolfe I thought he was one of the rebels.
    DM: Voss, roll to Bluff Wolfe.
    Voss: … 1. >:-(
    DM: Wolfe looks like he’s about to cry. The hobo says you’re a mess.

  • Kikiki

    I started reading this comic yesterday and it’s so awesome I kinda forgot to sleep xD Anyways, I really like it. Short stories and awesome charries (not to mention amazing drawing style, by the way) – you did, and you are still doing a brilliant work. *thumbs up* :3

  • QueenBol

    Dat swept back hair in panel 1 though.
    And dem legs in panel 3.
    Wolfe, my man, you are looking fine when you’re on the attack.

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