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  • That awkward moment where you grab the quest objective out of order.

    • ShadeTail

      “Awkward”? Beware the Metroid fans, they’ll laugh at you for that one. :D

      • Sanjay Merchant

        So Sid is actually a player attempting a speed run?

        • ShadeTail

          Well, he’s already sequence breaking. Now he just has to practice his wall jumping.

    • Del

      Hrm…. The Barbers like to see the dangerous artifacts hidden away or neutralized. But old Harry carries this around as a memento. It is hard to believe that old Harry is possessed by it, or unaware of its power (Gren will let us know soon enough, when she gets hungry and tired of the puppies).

      So I predict that the artifact was neutralized in the adventure that Grandpa is about to share… the adventure that started him on his famous career as a hunter of magical bounties.

      • Sessine

        Maybe it normally is quite safely hidden away, but he brought it to this particular family meeting for Show and Tell.

        • svartalf

          Something as dangerous as a Deadlies artifact like the gem Invidia gave Voss? Riiiight. Has to be nullified or bound so that it’s not a risk without some other effort on the Deadlies’ part (hence the story arc and the meeting in it…).

  • Pangaea

    Someone needs to carry on the tradition you started Grampa.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Haha, he managed to surprise gramp’

    edit : waaaait… that amulet…

    • Euodiachloris

      Yup. Sid went straight to the heart of the matter.

      I think Granpa ‘Enry quite likes the queer lad. ^_^

  • Columbine

    Love how Harry just casually helps him out when he needs it most. :)

    I wonder if Sidney’s little stealing-disorder gravitates towards more powerful/valuable objects? We’ve never seen him accidentally steal a mostly-empty tabacco tin, but he’s taken two powerful objects and people’s wallets (likely to be the most valuable thing on them)

    • Frances Ahlborn

      Yeah, that was a smooth as heck icebreaker. Kudos, madam.

    • Tsapki

      Well he did steal a bunch of grenade pins once. Perhaps the condition is actually semi-sentient and can sense an item that may be important to his current situation, then takes it entirely regardless of possible repercussions. Like when we stole a woman’s coin purse while performing tricks on the street. He was afterall trying to gather some money, the ability just figured it was helping.

      • TachyonCode

        Talking about it like it’s sentient makes me think it’s a relative of Envy. Imagine how crazy overpowered it’d become if it had been Sidney who struck a deal with that sin!

        • Tsapki

          Maybe, though Envy specifically deals with gaining things to the detriment of others. I certainly don’t think it would be opposed though. I’m actually right now trying to think of some of the various things Sidney has unwillingly stolen. Obvious a ton of stuff at the academy, the coin purse while performing tricks for pence, a key when he and Harry were handcuffed and left to die, a couple things from an opponent while flailing in a sword fight, the earlier mentioned grenade pins and…that is all i have off the top of my head.

          Edit: Bah and of course, the Mark of Thieves as what seemed to be a sort of counter pickpocketing.

        • dragon

          greed perhaps

      • Columbine

        That’s a scarey thought.

      • Bobismeisbob

        Considering how magic works in this world it would be more than likely that there’s some form of intelligence behind it.

    • svartalf

      Perhaps the most valuable/important thing to all at that moment.

  • TheMeddler

    So not the tobacco pouch then.
    Also, Henry’s expression is great,he just get’s steadily more incredulous. :D

    • Yeah, I particularly love the progression of his expressions!
      It’s like “hey, nice to meet you” —> “wow, seriously?!” —> “hold up! angry and suspicious!” —> “too stunned and confused for words” —> “dang, Harry, impressive find.”

      Speaking of, Harry’s got some great ones going on here too. I’m a particular fan of panel 3’s “not-so-subtly trying to impress grandad” and panel 6’s “heck yeah, what do you think of THAT.”

      • kuku

        well put!

  • GristleMcNerd

    …y’know, there’s this theory that people are generally more attracted to people who look like their parent of that gender. Just sayin’ because, y’know… just look at ’em!

  • axioanarchist

    Sid fangirl mode: 100% loaded.

  • Clyde Adams III

    I see Henry holds his walking stick with his right hand and shakes hands with his left.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      I’ve seen a lot of people shaking left hand in various comics and I never had any idea why.
      Is only ever shaking the right hand something specific to us french ? <_<;

      • rlb

        Nope, Dutch, too. Except when there’s a physical reason why you can’t. I’ll happily shake the left hand of someone who’s in the middle of kneeding dough with his right, but J. Random on the street? Always with the right.

      • As an American, I’m used to the right hand just because it’s most people’s dominant hand. Like, you hold out your dominant hand (or your other one if it’s otherwise occupied) and the other person matches that hand. If someone had both hands free and offered me their left, I’d give them my left and assume they were left-handed.

        • Jeff

          I don’t think so. I’m an American and all the lefties in my life (there are a goodly number) shake right hands. Offering one’s left hand when the right is available is considered awkward bordering on rude to many Americans.

          • maeverin

            maybe awkward, but I’ve never heard of it being considered rude. I’m fairly certain I’ve used my left a few times (I’m right handed) because I am an awkward turtle when meeting people for the first time, and generally people don’t think twice about it.

            • Jeff

              Perhaps, but how exactly do you know what other people are thinking?

              I’m surprised you’ve never heard it called rude. However, I accept that I may have overstated a bit and in deference have changed ‘most’ to ‘many’ in my post above.

              • Sanjay Merchant

                I’ve never heard rude, but I have heard that it’s bad luck. Because reasons.

      • I got taught at Guides to shake with my left hand so I could salute with my right, but I don’t know if an English thing in general or just a pseudo-military thing

        • Darkoneko Hellsing

          That one’s a (global) scout thing, I’ve done it too.

        • Willow

          That’s from Baden-Powell’s experiences with the Zulus. Zulus shook left hands because you had to put your shield down to do so, and that indicated trust.

      • JediaKyrol

        I always thought it was to show you didn’t have a weapon…so you offered your dominant hand. … … …now I’m going to research the history of the handshake…(and it’ll count as work…benefits of being a Libraritor)

        • D. Schwartz


          • MoeLane

            …There is only one Librarian.

          • JediaKyrol

            nope…no Library Sciences degree…just work there.

        • Darkoneko Hellsing

          Golgo 13 NEVER shakes hands. Never.

      • It’s largely because you need to be concerned more with where characters are standing in terms of speech bubbles, timing, the 180 degree rule, etc, rather than whether people are left or right handed. The page has to flow panel to panel, that’s more of a concern than a detail like that, basically :)

    • rlb

      Presumably he need the stick near his weak right leg, in his right hand, and _therefore_ shakes with his left.

      • Valerie Kaplan

        In my experience, you actually want to have the stick on the _opposite_ side from the bad leg, so you’re leaning your weight away from it. (That being said, I am right-handed and I find it awkward to hold my stick in my left hand regardless of which foot happens to be acting up today. So maybe that’s all it is for Henry as well. Or he could be a lefty and find it inconvenient to have that hand occupied. In conclusion, goodness knows.)

  • I love all and each story till now, but this one is going to be really great, I can tell… Thanks so much for your work, Kate!

  • Apvogt

    Everyone else sees that tiny grin Harry has in panel six right?


  • Is that a shooting pad on his left shoulder?

  • Valerie Kaplan

    *giggles madly at all aspects of the last panel*

  • Samuel


  • Nice move there Harry, dropping a side-remark about Sid’s exploits you know will get Granddad interested, and then letting Sid be Sid and get on his good side by actually perplexing him :-)
    Her last expression totally says either “I love it when a plan comes together” or “You don’t know the half of it..”… probably both :D

  • Natalie

    I love this :’) Aw, Sidney

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I just now noticed the amulet. And Grandpa’s expression upon receiving it. Did Sid “steal” it from Henry or Isabelle? If so, why do they have an amulet that Queen Elizabeth I herself ordered disposed of?

    • The perplexed expression on Mr. Barber tells me yes. I look forward to the story explaining your other question.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Well, what I meant was, obviously Sid stole it, but was it from Henry or Isabelle or did he pick it up somewhere else and assume it was theirs?

        • Matthew Krawczun

          seeing as Sid isn’t walking around with the crown jewels in his pocket his “power” must have a range limit. going off the rest of the story everything he “stole” was on a person within arms reach of him. so he likely stole it from henry and sid knew it was his because he didn’t have it until he was near henry

  • carboncat203

    An interesting choice and the best possible one

  • Demothsenes

    HEY! What if harry barber isn’t harry barber. what if he’s that baron from the begginning in disguise?!?!!!!!

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    The best first impression.

  • JWLM

    I love the “You *stole* the mark of thieves?”line. Evidently, Grandpa remembers the only way the Mark could pass from one person to the next…

  • Who, me?

    Ok, I’m willing to bet that the Deadly imprisoned in that necklace is Wrath; the color scheme is very similar, and it would make sense, since he was trying to break free.

  • silkalivedoll

    Sweet goddess, Sid’s as bad as a Kender! XD

  • tali

    Wait, what’s with the amulet, I don’t remember it at all!?

  • rainycity1

    I’m finally putting together the amulet and who Izzie is… So, I’m slow. >.<

  • Ocean Burning.

    I kind of hate to comment from the future, but upon continual re-reading I keep coming back to this point. (Maybe I got this idea from the people who thought at first that the story about Gran and Grandad was going to be Sid & Harry genderbend.) My question is, what will Grandad think of Sidney as a partner for Harry after he gets to know Sid better? Given his knowledge of Harry with her differences and similarities to him (the original H. Barber), I wonder how he’ll view the likelihood of his granddaughter’s choice leading to as successful a long-term relationship as his and Gran’s?

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