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May 9th, 2017

May 9th, 2017 published on 51 Comments on May 9th, 2017

Hate to do this, but the next updates will be filler, as I’m at Toronto Comic Arts Festival all weekend! Come stop by and say hello if you’re in the area, I’ll have a whole bunch of books with me! Sorry to cliffhanger again, this should be the last stop before the end of this chapter.

  • Yes, but what a fabulous way to leave us hanging!

    • Ocean Burning.

      Indeed! A wonderful cliffhanger — or, as my younger sister used to call it when she was little, a cliff-off.

    • billydaking

      I think Verity just groaned and gave a stink eye to that pun. Ben might have, but he’s too busy screaming about the muck inside his shoes.

  • Nightsbridge

    Omg, the poison, that’s how they beat this! He betrays Gluttony because of how shitty Gluttony has been to him.

  • Phlebas

    Good thing Vee has her glasses on a chain!

  • Odo

    There is a vial of poison, but Vee also threw something into the mix that looks a lot like a grenade…

    • John

      While that does appear to be one of Verity’s toys the look on her face suggests that it didn’t go where she wanted it to go because of Gluttony unexpectedly turning them all upside down.

      • Ocean Burning.

        But its trajectory does look like it’ll go into one of Gluttony’s mouths. Wonder what happens when it eats a grenade?

        • Bill Soo

          Probably not much. From her expression, I think she dropped it before she could arm it and if the detonator doesn’t go off, the main charge is pretty inert. It might even be edible. The detonator might be sensitive enough to go off when it contacts stomach acid, but since it would be in the middle of the charge, by the time that happens, most or all of the main charge will have been digested.

        • Tsapki

          My money would be on a cartoon explosive burp followed by a stereotypical Italian themed food comment.

          • Ocean Burning.

            Why, do grenades taste like tomato sauce?

  • Ghostdanser

    Hmmm…after careful consideration I believe that the poison and the (possible) hand-grenade are just misdirection’s, the real murder weapon is the banana peel in the background of panel #2. Death by banana peel, a true classic!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ah, the common error of failed dictators. Assuming you can mistreat your close personel and be certain they’ll never rebel.

    • John

      Yup, Gluttony has definitely not read the Evil Overlord list.

      • Ocean Burning.

        No time for reading, too busy eating.

    • Rulebook Lawyer

      And if you do treat them well, then they will want to seize power from you.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        …there’s no winning move, eh.

        • There’s the trick used by 20th century Communist dictators where you have a purge to kill off all the henchmen before they can overthrow you and replace them with a new set. It works remarkably well, if you get the timing right.

          • Ocean Burning.

            And you photoshop them out of your photos.

    • VHough

      Weirdly, I believe it worked for Stalin. But Gluttony just doesn’t have it worked out.

      • a_flemish_dude

        if you call lying on the floor whilst having a stroke with nobody daring to enter the room because you told them before not to, working out then yes, it did

        PS: if it’s not on there yet, this needs to go on the overlord list too: never give the explicit order to not be disturbed

        • VHough

          Well, ya gotta admit that they were too terrified disobey him. He succeeded in that aspect.

  • Mr Thackerey is going to be so traumatised by all that blorp that it will be far kinder to eat him.

    • non_canon

      You know, I was a bit confused by Ben in that first panel because it seemed so out of character for him to be cringing in fear, until I read your comment and realized he’s cringing in ick instead. Which is a great little character detail, especially with Verity standing there protectively.

      • Emily

        For someone as fastidious as Ben, a giant blob of slime would be worse than any of the things they’ve faced yet!

  • #092f0a

    Verity in the last panel: “If I’m going to die, I’ll die fabulously!”

  • Bieeanda

    Aw man, everybody’s going to be at TCAF but me! Oh well, can’t miss my friend’s 40th, she’d manifest something worse than Wrath… Disappointment. ;)

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    The big guy actually has a brain.
    And I thought he was just all brawn and blubber.

    And soooo that cliche…
    The Butler did it…

    with the hummm… errr… poison bottle… in the … let’ see, the hall.

    • Heylir

      About brains, using Wolfe as a shield required quite a quick reaction from the big guy. He needed to realise what Verity was going to do and move Wolfe in the way as the dart goes off.

      I must confess I really look forward to hearing The Butler speak and knowing his real name. :)

      • TheGorram Batguy

        Well, many of those names may have been fake, but in his case, given that the hotel he founded is named “Gula” I had gathered it was his real surname. Or maybe he was just that dedicated to the theme that he openly named his hotel after gluttony. I’m not sure.

    • Ocean Burning.

      My question is, is Gluttony all mouths and no brains?

  • Margot

    Throw it in! Throw it in! Throw it in! Throw it in!

  • Emily

    I love Ben’s expression in the second panel!

  • Mr. Casual

    Instead of a cliffhanger, it’s a blobhanger!

  • Lorenzo Sadun

    Did Ben and Verity switch places in the last panel? (Ben with one foot free, Verity with a wrench hanging from her hair.)

    • Rachel McGonagill

      Ooh, yeah. Hm. Although, I think those are Vee’s glasses, hanging by a chain.

    • auronblidook

      oh indeed they did.

      • Ocean Burning.

        We’re seeing them from a completely different angle, that’s all.

        • Lorenzo Sadun

          Then why aren’t Wolfe and Sidney reversed? In panel 3, all four characters are more-or-less in a line. You can go from A-B-C-D to D-C-B-A by changing your viewing angle, but not to A-B-D-C.

          • Ocean Burning.

            Well, they aren’t two-dimensional, so how far away they are from the “camera” may also affect it… To be fair, I suppose Gluttony is a constantly-moving blob, so it may be shifting them around in its mouth as well…. gross.

  • Nonesuch

    Now, don’t anyone say they didn’t see what Mr. Gula is doing in the last panel coming…. :D

  • Nonesuch

    I like that little smoky skull popping out of the bottle when Mr. Gula opens it…. :D:D:D

  • Euodiachloris

    “Of course, you know: this means war…”

    • Tsapki

      All is fair in lunch and war.

  • LANCELOT SIDNEY ARTHUR OLIVER MALIK I EXPECTED YOU TO CHARM THE GOOP OFF THAT MONSTER, WHAT GIVES. *adorably stern hands-on-hips* (Srsly, though, I would have faltered too, in the face of Gluttony. At least Greed was amiable.)

  • auronblidook

    Soooooooooooo many people called it.

  • rhapsha

    Been expecting this guy to turn on his sin for a long time. Gluttony has been treating The Butler like a whipping boy since it’s introduction, and I wondered how long he’d put up with that.

  • DataProwler Netizen

    If only the poison’s name was “Just Desserts”…

  • Risa

    Literally leaving us hanging here!

    Also, I believe “measly” is spelled with only one “e”.