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  • Sanjay Merchant

    Nicola sees your Powder Three and raises you Billy Club Four!

    • Talewinds

      Fight Club!!!

    • Me-me

      That wasn’t Powder Three, it’s too dark-toned.

      [headcanon]It’s Powder Two, the debilitating knockout gas.[/headcanon]

  • reynard61

    Wolfe and Flossie cut the rug while Nicola thumps some thugs.

  • I believe that is known as ‘helping the police with their enquiries’.

    • Except Nicola is the police, so this is “inquiring politely” (unless you’re talking about the masked guys) . . .

      • Correct. The goons are helping Captain Barber with her enquiries. Now you have me agnonising whether it should be inquiries.

        • Euodiachloris

          When you enquire, you actively dig into things and get all bruised and mucky. When you inquire you get things handed to you and risk maybe paper cuts and too much coffee and sugar. :)

          • No-one expects the Spanish Enquisition!

            • schwal

              That means the Quisition has 3 branches. The Inquisition asks pointed questions with pointed objects, the Enquisition asks bruising questions while giving you a bruising, and the Exquisition asks the important questions quietly after the first two finish with you. (Read Small Gods by Terry Pratchett if you haven’t.)

  • Talewinds


  • Lleyn

    Seems like Nicola’s doing a better job than Wolfe and Florrie, judging from that 7th panel. I wonder now if next page, she’s going to be tripped up (accidentally) by Mal…

    • IWX

      Doubt it. The parallels are vertical, so that’s actually the 6th panel
      to which you’re referring. I think a trip would’ve been in the panel
      directly above it. The dress being stepped on was just a way to get her
      in the same position as Nicola, while both of their “companions” had an
      “oh crap” moment.

      • Sessine

        If we follow the music, that numbers the panels like this:
        2 3 6 7
        1 4 5 8

        I love the fluidity and sense of motion in both threads. Also, not only are the panels vertically paired… there are other visual relationships. For instance, in panels 2 and 3, the darker shapes of Nicola and Wolfe are back to back, almost symmetrical, each with a raised upper arm and curved lower arm. And then, just look from panel 5 to panel 8. Panel 5 is all about “pause, down”, panel 8 is “WHAM, UP”. Beautiful!

  • Hush

    Let’s see if I still know these moves…

    one two PUNCH one two CLUB one two

    • Euodiachloris

      It’s more like: one, two, *bean*; one, two, *evasive twirl*; one, two, *punch*; one, two, *lower-cut ‘courtesy’*. I’m thinking a combat waltz, too. ;)

  • GeneseePaws

    Well, how your get your aerobic exercise depends on your style. Swing dancing and Kung Fu, both have their good points.

    • Disloyal Subject

      There’s room for both in a good day.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Wolfe’s a bit rusty, probably didn’t have an occasion to dance since he left his family home for the military.

    And Mal gets angry when Wolfe ask him to help with that :D

  • Sonja

    Took me a while to figure out the right order to read this page! :-)

    • Del

      Just follow the musical staff lines….

      And excellent work on Nicola’s fighting moves — I appreciate how difficult it is to make fighting action come alive in story frames.

  • Curtis

    I love the layout on this page. Clearly shows parallel time.

  • Ayline

    Hmm, wonder why Heinrich messed up the steps. Accident or would that be connected to why the music notes are written in green?

  • Now that we clearly see it, that’s obviously a classic tonfa and not a modern-style police truncheon.



  • Sir_Krackalot

    Oh hey look, the ironic juxtaposition of dancing and fighting! That’s a motif I’ve never seen used before!

    • Sorry to offend..?

      • Sir_Krackalot

        Yah haven’t, ‘m just being silly.

        • Fair enough, haha. I get a bit sensitive about pages I actually like, sorry.

          • Euodiachloris

            They’re your babies: you’re right to get a bit Mama Bear over them. :)

    • Helia

      Wow, a rude, witless comment on a webcomic! That’s a post I’ve never seen before!

  • AJ

    You know what? I’m amazed at how obviously kin-ly the Barber sisters look. How do you do that? (Trade secret? Voodoo? Real life examples?)

    • Just matching up a couple of facial traits! It’ll be more obvious when you see them all together, probably.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Yes! A whole-Barber-family adventure is coming!

      • Azmi


      • AJ

        …Like back in the Q&A break between books where you drew all of them together?

        • That was missing a brother!

          • AJ

            *kaboom* the head explodes!

  • slim kittens

    I wonder how many times the Florrie panels have degenerated into the Nicola panels. Sigh.

  • Cyn

    Quite possibly my favorite page ever.

  • TheCatCameBack

    This is so cute! ^u^

  • This guy

    Not gonna lie,
    I see a LOT of fight/dance scenes.

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