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  • Kaunisenkeli

    Yup. Music soothes the savage beast, but Wolfe’s musics calms the effects of Wrath. :D

    • Music nothing. Wolfe soothes the savage beast.

  • Quite brilliant, yes :-)

  • 703 Noemi

    What are the circles imbued with?

    • Maria Gerasimova

      Loudness, perhaps? :)

      • They’ve summoned the spirit of Brian Blessed

    • SomeGuy411

      Given the colour and the effect, I think it’s no stretch to think it’s imbued with envy. After all, if you’re loud enough, EVERYONE pays attention

      • Marvelous TK

        But using the Deadlies isn’t something done lightly – hex, Benji was appalled at the casual use of Hunger, for how close it was to Gluttony, and his summoning of Sloth for Ms. Fairbairn was for a politician he trusted who had the proper forms. Using a Deadly for a loudspeaker seems… unlikely.

        … do – do people not usually remember small lines of dialogues from four years ago

        • SomeGuy411

          Just because it’s not something usually done lightly doesn’t mean that power won’t be used in….less than rational situations. You’re right though, it’s probably a lesser, related aspect, although a likely candidate eludes me.

    • Also, notice the portable circle, as pioneered by Voss Malform Removals. Mr Thackerey should start using those.

      • Maria Gerasimova

        Such a circle was first used by Sid in the chp1.

    • EveryZig

      Attention seeking?

  • Ghostdanser

    So…we fight Violence with Violins…works for me. (Yep…I will be PUNished for that.)

    • Maria Gerasimova

      Good one is not to be punished :)

    • evilvillain

      Indeed, Violence begets Violins, as anger begets an augury and prophets beget profits.

      • JWLM

        “We’re keeping a very small prophet //
        A prophet who brings us unbounded returns.”

        — “My name is John Wellington Wells”, from Gilbert and Sullivan’s _The Sorcerer_

        • Sanjay Merchant

          “For he can prophesy
          With a wink of his eye!
          Peep with security
          Into futurity!”

    • Alex Hollins

      At least we don’t have any brass to go with it. Gratuitous Sax would just ruin the comic.

      • Sapphire363

        Sax is not brass. But true nonetheless

        • Jeff

          Alex apparently didn’t realize that one requires ample wood for Gratuitous Sax.

    • svartalf

      At least they’re not trying to use Whirled Peas…

    • Doctor_Seuth

      Apparently. And since they ARE British, if they were to whip up a nice hot cuppa then they could mix the Police Violins with some Police Brewtality and that mob won’t stand a chance…

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Note that in panel 3, Wolfe only speaks for himself. Verity is quite happy to barge in. Makes her look like a badass.

    • Margot

      That’s how she normally opens a door.

      • dana

        I’ll bet she didn’t even check to see if it was unlocked. That’s just how she rolls.

        • MoeLane

          Opens either way that way, am I right?

      • Thank god there weren’t any stairs

  • AJ


  • kuku

    Yay! Wolfe for everyone! This is when it’s good to have a Wolfe at the door.

  • Ah yes, they use this strategy in Newport bus station. Apparently the undesirable types hate classical music so they don’t hang around and cause trouble if it’s played over the loudspeakers.

    • reynard61

      Newport, where?! I *LOVE* Classical Music! (Maybe I can get their playlist.)

  • I work in administration. We should adopt Mr Thackerey’s comment as our new mission statement.

    • “Despite appearances, we’re here to help.” Oh, god, it works for EVERYTHING!!! :D

      • How did you know I meant that, and not ‘Actually, quite brilliant’? :-)

        • JWLM

          Obviously, because you work for a bureaucracy. Bureaucracies are optimized to remove key-man risks, and so brilliance is necessarily punished.

          • Ouch. Now that’s irony.

            • Euodiachloris

              Also truth. ;P

      • MoeLane

        That is possibly the epitome of Player-Character Entrance Lines (Snarky).

  • ThisCat

    Ah, yes. Ben knows the power of Wolfe very well.

    • svartalf

      There was some questions of whether the Violin might be imbued…and Wolfe brings out it’s full power.

  • Tyfariel


  • John

    Wait, how does Sid know that Wolfe’s violin playing is that effective at generating tranquility? I agree with Ben that it is a great idea and I understand why Vee doesn’t know that it is a good idea, but when would Sid have gotten the idea that this could work? He broke into the jail and has basically bet the well being of the city on the calming qualities of Wolfe’s violin playing, but I don’t remember Sid ever hearing Wolfe play. Is this solely based on seeing Wolfe talk Ben and Vee down, or have I missed or forgotten something?

    • non_canon

      I think seeing him break Wrath’s hold caused Sidney to figure Wolfe was their best bet, and from there he remembered the violin and decided hey, music makes you feel powerful emotions in general so combining the two might just work. I’ll admit to being surprised it was Sidney and not Ben who came up with the idea, though, all things considered.

  • Graham Garrett


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