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November 12th, 2012 – 18 days left to preorder books!

November 12th, 2012 – 18 days left to preorder books! published on 10 Comments on November 12th, 2012 – 18 days left to preorder books!

It’s that one guy!

Hey guys, you can still pledge on the Widdershins Kickstarter, even though we reached 100%! There’s still plenty of books available, and a few weeks left to pledge!

We’ve hit the first stretch goal, which means I’ll scan in and annotate my entire Widdershins development sketchbook, which is probably 20-30 pages of all sorts of Widdershins goodness! All backers will receive a PDF copy of this.

If we get to £4000, I’ll add a short 4 page or so story to the end of the book, just something silly with the characters that I’ve been brewing up.

Either way, I am thrilled and relieved beyond measure that we made 100% :) Thank you everyone!

  • Oarboar

    This made me laugh out loud. I’ve been in Sidney’s shoes too often.

  • Cooper

    Hey, I love that one guy.

  • poppyroc

    Aw poor Sidney! haha

  • Dragonmystic

    No need to be rude, Harry! It’s not his fault Florrie is a conniving….gentlelady

  • Hey, look who’s back! I guess it’s winter now? Heh, I like your comment below the comic, reminds me of Eglamore’s usual intro in Gunnerkrigg Court^_^

    • I only wish I were half as good as under-comic comments. That Jones blingee last week, oh my goddd

      • Cooper

        It’s nice that Tom lets us know when a mystery is solved.

        • That one under the comic of Red going ‘pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff’ is my favorite– I wish that could be included in the book… I read the whole page and was sort of like ‘..hmm well, ok’ then I read the comment and I couldn’t stop laughing. ^_^

  • Me-me

    Oh my gosh.

    You spelled it ‘damnit’! Yes! Fight the power! Woo!

  • Marfisa

    Is there some other guy who might have written to her that Florrie would have tried to fix her up with? The way Harry is reacting here, it seems as if she was expecting someone else, and when it turned out to be Sidney instead it just made things even worse.

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