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November 16th, 2012 – 14 days left on the Kickstarter!

November 16th, 2012 – 14 days left on the Kickstarter! published on 10 Comments on November 16th, 2012 – 14 days left on the Kickstarter!

More cliches = Bigger crowds

Hey guys, you can still pledge on the Widdershins Kickstarter, even though we reached 100%! There’s still plenty of books available, and a few weeks left to pledge!

We’ve hit the first stretch goal, which means I’ll scan in and annotate my entire Widdershins development sketchbook, which is probably 20-30 pages of all sorts of Widdershins goodness! All backers will receive a PDF copy of this.

If we get to £4000, I’ll add a short 4 page or so story to the end of the book, just something silly with the characters that I’ve been brewing up.

Either way, I am thrilled and relieved beyond measure that we made 100% :) Thank you everyone!

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Ten bucks says he’s a she.

    • I’d take that bet. Note that Sidney also referred to Chung as ‘he’.

    • Lewis

      Nah, he’s Chung Ling Soo, a perfect example of the dedication towards their act shown by many professional magicians.

      They referenced him in The Prestige by having a magician with a similar name living the life of an old crippled man every time he was in public in order to conceal the secret of his trick, which would only really be possible for a strong and healthy man. I’m guessing this one will be closer to the Prestige’s version and be hiding his age in order to fool the audience.

  • I dunno if Sidney would refer to a friend as a ‘he’ if he knew she was a she though…

    Also I don’t see the second stretch goal listed on the actual kickstarter page..? Might be good if anyone wanders there from somewhere other than here to list it there just in case maybe? : )

    And hey, is that Zathras on the poster to the right..? ^.^;

    • It’s for “Zathras!” The One Man Show!

      Added the goal to the KS page, thanks for reminding me!

      • Me-me

        Zathras is good show! Go to Zathras!

  • Varg

    Oh, he makes spirits visible for everybody. Probably some really big circle (remember how anyone can see spirits inside of them, yes?).
    The one men shuv with Zathras? I would so liked to see that :)

  • Well, that answers my question from last page…

  • Cooper

    I’d guess that Sidney may have accidentally stolen this man’s wallet at some point. Or I could be completely wrong given Kate’s predilection for plot-curveballs.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, just had to mention Zarthas and I had to re-read all of Darken… That was a wonderful comic too! Thanks for all the good work!

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