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November 18th, 2014

November 18th, 2014 published on 45 Comments on November 18th, 2014

Desperate times, an’ all.

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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    I doeth think that if she actually had a whistle, she’d have fired it before the start of the first fight ?

    • Frances Ahlborn

      She didn’t think she needed backup for the first fight, in fact she ordered o’malley to stay out of it. Now, however, she’s winded and gassed with something, so not at her usual fighting strength. She could well have had a police whistle all along. Let’s just hope she doesn’t need to use it, and/or doesn’t pass out before she’s able to do so.

  • TachyonCode

    No, he especially said “powder” not “gas”… the distinction could be important!

  • O’Malley gets to kick someone too! :D

    • Euodiachloris

      The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about… xP

    • ‘Never hit a man when he is down. It’s much easier to kick him.’
      (Jägerkin proverb).

      • Rosslyn12

        Eez a goot proverb.

  • Me-me


    What was that powder in the previous page though?

  • Grantwhy

    Whistle for backup?



    sorry, I’m very bad with names and I read the webcomic^ where “DOGGIE!!!” is a recurring theme *.

    * did i mention I’m bad with names?

    ^ ah-ha. After consulting one of my webcomic bookmark folders, it’s Freefall :)

    ps: thanks to the Cast page, I can say that my guess is Harry is about to whistle for Gren.

    • Frances Ahlborn

      That isn’t Harry, though. I will admit that whistling for Gren was my first thought too, but then I remembered he isn’t Nicola’s dog.

      • Grantwhy

        Oh bother, I got the wrong Barber?

        So, being so far off the trail, wouldn’t it be funny if Gren (and maybe Harry?) respond to the whistle?

        I know, I know – not Harry’s story ….. but it would be nice to see Gren as *Action Dog*, saving the day ….. and then jumping up on a table and stealing a whole roast turkey :p

        • Rosslyn12

          I could totally see Nicola whistling for Gren, knowing Gren will bring Harry as well.

    • Etiquette says you can only shout ‘DOGGIE!!!’ the first time you meet her.

    • AJ

      Do you read Robin McKinley’s blog? She uses footnotes this way too.

      • Grantwhy

        no, but looking at her blog I can see the resemblance :)

  • Hans Rancke

    It’s so hard to get good help. Those minions brought gas guns to a baton fight and then failed to use them. This last one finally did remember the great big weapon he was lugging around in his arms, but too little, too late.

    • billydaking

      Actually, if you go back and look at the fight, only one of them had it, and he did try to use it. She managed to get close and knock it out of the way and take him down before the other two closed in.

  • slim kittens

    Oh, no! Not Powder Two?!?!?!

  • “Firing Powder Two!” Who is he talking to? Is it some sort of surreal battle cry?

    • AJ

      Remember the clockworks in a previous chapter? Maybe he’s actually clockwork and the gun is part of him and he can’t fire it without the vocal command. (Because convoluted minions are always better than straightforward, competent minions.)

      • Yes, its obvious once I think about it.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        If memory serves, they either couldn’t talk at all or could barely talk. I think these are humans, or possibly spirits, and calling their attacks is just well-ingrained training.

        • AJ

          Sorry, I guess I didn’t signpost my ild speculation well enough. I’m just making ridiculous stuff up, here.

      • Rosslyn12

        Ooooh creepy clockwork minions..

    • He’s an anime monster. All anime fighters have to call their attacks.

      Which leads to the wonderful aversion in Despicable Me 2: “Lipstick Taser!”

      After she uses it.

      • Apvogt

        FREEZE RAY!! *pulls out freeze ray*

        • Me-me

          Let’s just acknowledge that it’s fun to shout what you’re doing, especially if what you’re doing is a Special Attack Power.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            “Oh my gods, Yor, I swear, you do NOT need to keep shouting your attacks! This isn’t manga!”

        • …to which the response, as she was doing her lips, was “Really, Mr Gru, you must learn not to announce your attacks in advance.” ZAAPPP! “Lipstick Taser!”

    • I am so gonna use that out of context

    • Fantasy Reader

      Or, he’s informing his allies so that they don’t enter the area/turn away so they don’t get affected. Communication is important yo’.

      • Rosslyn12

        This is most likely. Like shouting “Flash! Cover eyes!” right before you let off a flash weapon so your own party doesn’t get blinded.

  • Not that she isn’t already an amazing character but I really love Nicola’s protective side. I’d hate to get between her and someone/thing she loves. Absolutely terrifying.

  • Michael Brewer

    For the record, if I was going to summon Wrath, I’d want Nicola instead of Florrie.

    • AJ

      You don’t know that. Maybe Florrie is a candy-coated outside with a vodka-and-tomato inside.

      (….Why Vodka and tomato? Well, wouldn’t you be angry if you bit into a candy with that as the filling?)

    • Frances Ahlborn

      No way, I can totally see her going all “mama bear” if a loved one is in danger, which given Envy’s plan (I almost called him Coyote, whoops) might be an issue at some point tonight.

      • Euodiachloris

        Easy mistake to make. Canid trolls can be so hard to tell apart, sometimes. ;P

        • Frances Ahlborn

          For a half moment I wondered which Sin Coyote would be but let’s be real here, he’s basically all of them combined with a jerky sense of humor. And now I kinda want to see a Widdershins/Gunnerkrigg Court crossover of some kind.

          • Euodiachloris

            Yeah — with Coyote, it is a case of tasting the entire rainbow and a few colours you didn’t know existed. :P

            • Frances Ahlborn

              Coyote is the mystery Skittle.

        • AJ

          Especially given how plushy and well-fed Coyote is. Not at all like the rawboned, scraggly things I’ve usually seen called coyotes.

  • Morgothy

    After the juxtaposition of this brutal ‘dance’ with the much more light hearted dance of Florrie and Wolfe, I feel like it adds extra impact that these panels emphasise the physical toll this has taken on Nicola and the minions. Being juxtaposed with all that elegance (in composition and movement), the painful aftermath seems more visceral somehow! And then there’s the amusing panel of Mal kicking that minion. Nicola though- badass (I wish there were a British alternative to that word) and intense!

  • Phoebe Serena

    Hi! Just wanted to say how much I love your series- I was at London Comic Con a few weeks ago, bought your first one and I’ve been hooked ever since! Can’t wait for the rest x

  • KaReN

    When he said firing powder 2, it was … Huh? I backtracked. Two pages back, powder 1 was thrown overhead of Nicola.

  • Ciara

    Put the boot to him Mal!

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