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  • Columbine

    I like that, the key triggering a desummon.

    • MoeLane

      It’s also remarkably, heh, humane.

      • John

        It may be necessarily humane. Since cutting off Luxuria’s head didn’t do more than inconvenience him a proper desummon may be the only way to get rid of him.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That’s clever, hehe.

  • Tsapki

    Definitely a good trap should Luxuria at some point track down the amulet. Unfortunately, now that they’ve sprung it, all that work was for naught. Still, ingenious.

    • Swagner


  • ThisCat

    That’s… actually ingenious. In real life, you’d never hide something behind puzzles like in a video game, because you’d still have no control over who’d find it, you’d only know they were smart, but here, the puzzle is not actually there to hide the amulet, not only anyways, it’s there to distract from a trap so clever that noone would ever think of checking for it anyways! Our dear Mr. Lux would smile at the thought that he had outsmarted his opponent, when he was really walking straight into his trap.

    It wouldn’t have worked, of course, because Luxuria was always going to send someone else after the amulet, but still, ingenious.

    • Michael Brewer

      Yeah, I like it. One can only hope that they have some other tricks to use against the other minions.

    • David Argall

      Don’t be too sure it would not have worked. The sins by definition are not trustworthy, and if Luxuria were to let one of his minions pick up the goodie, the chance of a backstab would be obvious. Luxuria might not have dared not to be close enough to have suffered the trap. After all his hard work, having one of the others run off with it may not be the worst possible risk, but he easily could be risking a century of delay.

  • Marvelous TK

    Okay, fine, maybe Bacon’s not a ridiculously scatterbrained failure of an amulet hider. I can admit when I’m wrong.

    Now can he admit he should have warded it better against Barbers?

    • Bobismeisbob

      And any minions Luxuria would send.

  • Disloyal Subject

    Maybe – just a suggestion here, guys – maybe don’t go disarming all the traps while the villains are en route?

    • They didn’t disarm it – it was a one-shot. And Luxuria’s not coming, anyway.

      Miles Vorkosigan would approve of Luxuria’s usage of minions.

      • John

        True, but Miles Vorkosigan uses minions to get lunch.

        • And for more … energetic … things.

          • svartalf

            Yeah. much, much more energetic things.

        • MoeLane

          Hey! It always works out for him. And them, too.

          Eventually. In the end. And so what if there’s a little raw panic and nosebleed-inducing cognitive dissonance along the way? In the end, lunch was gotten. That’s the important thing, right? Right?

      • r2d2go

        They can always reset the mechanism, with enough time. Or at least fiddle with it enough to set their own trap. Besides, this way they can actually work towards luring Luxuria over.

  • Hah, called it!

  • Qwertystop

    Could probably reset it, there’s plenty of chalk stick left. Just push the mechanism back and rub out that little spot on the line.

  • David Argall

    Well, now we have an excuse for the riddle and such being there. However, this should now prove to be a dead end, with the book actually hidden at a completely different spot.
    Of course, Bacon may have had no choice in the matter. If the book gives off a “scent”, there may be no way to set an effective trap, except near the book.
    Now a theme that is often used is that the heroes find some way to use the “disarmed” trap on the villains. However, the trap here appears to be too “deadly” and we have hints that Luxuria will still be around 30 years later.

    • Shee Soon Theng

      What? What is this book you’re talking about?

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Apparently, not dropping one’s pipe while the stem is between your teeth when surprised is another skill Harry picked up from dear ol’ granddad.

    • Columbine

      Pipes are *heavy* that happens easy.

  • Ms Ashwin must be a really fiendish DM. I can hear the sniggering from behind the screen from here.

    • svartalf

      Heh… Yep. Same here.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So, is there actually a safe behind that plaque? I notice that it doesn’t appear to have opened. “Your amulet is in another lighthouse?” (Which Angry, Hungry, and Sleepy are on their way to right now….)

    • svartalf

      Nope. Our erstwhile heroes are about to have a raftload of moments of pure terror soon enough. One of those rules you don’t break when you’re on one of these sorts of story arcs… >:-D

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the safe contains another clue

  • Wyvern

    Did they just waste a perfectly good desummon?

    • svartalf

      Probably. She’s probably capable of re-cocking the thing, but they’re going to putz with the amulet. After all Barber’s got the thrice damned, insanely powerful thing ON his person such that Sid was able to magipilfer the thing out of his pockets.

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