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  • rainycity1

    *NOT* what I expected at all…

  • Missy_Z

    Huh, it looks like at least 1 if not 2 of the ladies at the table are wearing maid outfits. Wonder if those are the maids that left…

    • rainycity1

      ooh, good catch!

    • Rocjawcypher

      I saw that too! While the perpetrators are still evil and greedy people, not having had the maids eaten would make them the “Jail time” kind of evil, not the “Feed them alive to their pet monsters” kind.
      In my eyes at least.

      • Unless they -are- letting people eat themselves to death somehow…or Maybe gluttony makes them thinner as they eat or something and they can’t keep up and they eat and eat till they starve then get replaced? @_@ Maybe Nora hasn’t been taken yet since Gladys called her a ‘wee skelf’ and so she wouldn’t have lasted long?

      • Cromell

        That is, of course, assuming the guests are behind this. For all we know, they might be trapped just like the hotel’s personnel, and forced to eat everything. Question is, why “released” maids are there. Do they indeed replace deceased or otherwise unavailable guests? Why would there be a need for that? Since all the guests are rather thin, I would suppose Gluttony is taking away all the nutritions they consume for itselfm keeping them exhausted and barely alive. That would be a really morbid setup there.

    • =Tamar

      Two ladies and one man are wearing the brown and tan servants’ outfits. The question is, why? Did they replace three of the original guests? Did the original guests die, or what? And why is the place such a mess? Are they so taken over by the spirit of Gluttony that they eat that grossly? The visible original guests all look rather slender for having been eating banquets for however long it’s been. So many questions!

    • David Argall

      It is unclear, but it does seem we have something more complex that “throw her on a platter and serve her as dessert”.

      • Chug

        Perhaps Gluttony, being gluttonous, demands ever greater levels of gluttony to feed itself on? So you’d have to keep adding people.

  • EJ

    NOOOOOO those poor uneaten cakes!

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Why, they’re just lying there…..

  • Fellshard

    Wait, wait. I expected gluttony, but… sloth??

    • Well this is after hours, so maybe they ate and ate and ate till they passed out?

  • Dee

    When was the previous baker from? If there are former servants here, maybe he is as well?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Presumably, but it was never said what era he was from, and not knowing much about historical fashions, I can’t spot the one who isn’t dressed correctly for 1834. Though that blond guy with the necktie is a strong contender….

      • Dee

        Oddly enough, that’s who I was thinking!

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Of course, there’s a brown haired fellow in a green shirt and a jacket. The shirt looks like it could be a polo shirt, which, according to wikipedia, wasn’t invented until the 1920’s.

  • Ikiryo

    Those cheeks look very sunken for people who’ve been eating so much. Or possibly just really noticeable cheekbones.

    • Reminds me of the spell in Witches of Eastwick (which also turns up in other places) where what you eat ends up in someone else’s stomach. Perhaps everything the guests eat goes straight to Gluttony so they are always ravenous and starving and of course Gluttony can never get enough food.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        But then why would the latency periods be getting SHORTER? Surely if they’re starving to death, they’re also too weak to get up and eat for the same length of time.

        Also, the empty seats seem to indicate that they are losing guests faster than they can be replaced.

        • Nightsbridge

          It would be senseless to leave your proxy foodies too weak to eat, no? If this spirit is intelligent, then perhaps it allows them to retain at least that much sustenance.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            On the other hand, it IS gluttony incarnate, and gluttony specifically involves consuming beyond what is reasonable. It might not be able to help itself, even if its fully aware that what its doing isn’t sustainable.

  • Ah nostalgia! The joys of student life.

  • reynard61

    “I don’t go to a lot of parties, but I presume they’re all a bit like this.”

    Only if they’re being thrown by a Rock band, a frat house, or the Hellfire Club.

  • CyberSkull

    I presume that the staff are replacing the guests that can no longer attend to their party duties?

  • mendel

    Food fight!

    (What is that green stuff off the left edge?)

  • Bo Lindbergh

    La Grande Bouffe? (Look it up on Wikipedia….)

  • Vrominelli


  • eew

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Huh. The “sent home” staff actually become party guests. I’m guessing that this involves trading ones ability to feel satiety to the gluttony monster. That is, the revelers keep eating because they’re literally no longer capable of feeling satisfied. They’re always ravenously hungry, until they literally eat themselves into a food coma. (Kinda surprised they haven’t gained weight, if their metabolisms still work that way.)

    • Mela

      Maybe the Gluttony demon eats all the food they’ve consumed?

  • Adrian

    Wooooooooah. What?

  • Me-me

    I’m confused and terrified.

  • exmsft

    Who cleans the dining room every night? Or does it never get cleaned at all?

  • C F

    This looks a bit like a college LAN party after the caffeine has worn off.

  • Quin

    I can’t help but wonder though I’m properly wrong… Are the people eating the food there also prisoners? Forced to eat the meals as the crazy owner tries to make them the perfect meal for the perfect review to have a perfect hotel… well isn’t that just perfect?

  • svartalf

    Looks like “going home” is, as we all thought, not a “good” thing- just not as up-front grisly as some thought it might be (Looks like it’s amply horrific as you’d expect out of a Deadly running amok, though… Looks like she gets to join the guests AS a guest…which isn’t a good thing at all from the looks of it.)

  • Nick Godby

    My Mistake It was Mrs. Doubtfire afterall…

  • Sarah W

    My gash, they’re pretty hollow-faced for guests at an all-day every-day feast. . . .

  • Sarah W

    Oh by the way, I discovered this webcomic less than a week ago and I’ve wanted to comment lots of times but thought I had to get an account at Disqus but then it turned out not so I’m fine now and I’ll probably comment on EVERYTHING on my rereads.

    No, it’s not what it looks like – I don’t REALLY hate commas.

    • I do love it when people do that! Go right ahead :)

  • This guy

    I was afraid this might happen.

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