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November 21st, 2012 – 8 days left on Kickstarter!

November 21st, 2012 – 8 days left on Kickstarter! published on 15 Comments on November 21st, 2012 – 8 days left on Kickstarter!

Real magic is duller than stage magic, though a lot of people think they’re the same thing.

8 days to go, £97 off next stretch goal of a double-sided full colour bookmark for all backers receiving books!

  • Hakka

    Snif, snif, smells like something mechanical rather than magic, I say…

  • Sir_Krackalot

    It’s coming straight out his sleeve.

    Also, I think Harry’s seeing a family resemblance.

    • That theory would also surprise me, given their profiles, even allowing for makeup ^_^;;

    • Who, me?


  • SteelRaven

    Sid said he likes the ‘fake’ magic better than actual mage stuff so it would surprise me if this show wasn’t smoke and mirrors.

    As for whats ‘wrong,’ ether this guy is as Asian as California Rolls (mysteries of the orient has always been a draw) or there is something wrong with the way he’s moving.

  • Calling it now

    Old guy’s a doll. The chick is the real magician, and really a dude in drag.

    • Cooper

      I approve of this theory.

  • svartalf

    Depends on the stage magic, Kate… As an amateur illusionist, amongst other things, I’d find BOTH types of magic very fascinating. >;-D

  • Wyvern

    A reference to the orange tree trick in “The Illusionist”?

    • SoItBegins

      Oh man, I saw ‘The Illusionist’. Only film ever to make me pick a different person as the protagonist in the last 15 minutes.

      • Wyvern

        Do you mean Inspector Uhl (Paul Giamatti’s character)?

        • SoItBegins

          Yeah, HE was the protagonist. I have no idea what Eisenstein was.

    • Moreso to the original Houdin trick!

      I liked The Illusionist a lot apart from the actually magic part. That kinda ruined it for me, I was having fun trying to work out an actual method for the trick :(

  • Laurel

    Is that a mechanical flower?

  • This guy

    No need to be racist, Harry

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