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  • Nightsbridge

    Mal’s smile tells me this turns out okay in the end.

    • Eagle0600

      Oh thank you. I missed that and had a horrible feeling.

    • Tsapki

      Poor Harry. Don’t you just hate it when you are watching a scary movie and your friend jsut ruins the tension because you can tell they aren’t worried about what happens next?

      • Euodiachloris

        Mal, the Spoiler King. xD

    • Amanda Reneager

      I also like how in Panel 1, Harry is doing the whole sneaky sneaky thing, and Mal’s straight back and walking proud. ‘This is the GOOD bit!’ :D

    • What i was thinking, too.

  • Jenni Viita

    o/ And the trolley/cart wins!
    Shhh.. let me have moment of appoulding myself for remembering sneaking tiny people out works like this.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    …it may be all on purpose. Acedia letting them meet, and letting him flee. Since him staying in there didn’t do anything, she may wonder if a change of scenery would.
    Hopefully not by murdering Enid mid escape.

    • MoeLane

      Nah, Jack wouldn’t be smiling if that was the case. But this is the nerve-wracking part of the plan. :)

      • JWLM

        Jack will be smiling if he gets out. Acedia may still want him to get out, either way.

        • Ocean Burning.

          Why would she want him to get out, though? That just means she’d have the bother of having to go and find him again at some point.

          • Roy Mumaw

            Think of it this way: you have a child with the power to change the world in a way you desire, but the child needs time to grow, develop, and possibly season. You could handle all of that yourself, but it would take time and effort. So, instead, you create a situation where the Eyes of Destiny can bond with someone who, based on your assiduous research, will do all of that exhausting raising, training, and positioning for you, so that you only need to step in at the end for a few minor course-corrections.

            If I were Acedia playing a long-game, this is what I would do. It requires effort up front, but after that it’s a simple matter of keeping an ear out for everything to align properly again.

            • Ocean Burning.

              To be honest, I don’t think Acedia is that good at figuring things out. Plus, why would she care about how he develops long-term? She just needs him present to summon and release the Deadlies. As soon as she figures out what all she needs to do that (which could be next week for all she knows) she’ll finish the whole thing and be done with him.

  • Maria Gerasimova

    She already has a gun.

  • Wow, Acedia’s soul just sorta oozes downwards.

    • Bieeanda

      Like fog in a horror movie, I was going to say!

    • Ocean Burning.

      Just the opposite of Enid’s…

  • John

    That’s probably the first time Enid has been described as a natterer (by herself or by anyone else). Hopefully Acedia hasn’t been paying enough attention to be able to call her on that lie.

    • Euodiachloris

      Oh, she probably can do the whole natterer thing. For a just cause, only. With a lot of moaning at the mirror, later. xD

  • Anne-US

    Enid has to get that cart up the stairs, with Jack still on it. Luckily, it isn’t a particularly big set of stairs. Mal’s smile is very reassuring here.

    • Nonesuch

      And Mal wasn’t a very big child.
      Still, Enid’s back will likely be sore later.

  • Nonesuch

    Go, Enid, go! GO, ENID, GO! :D

  • Emily

    I like how in the first panel, Harry is being stealthy out of sheer habit, even though no one in the flashback can see or hear them. (And look at Mal! Usually Wolfe is the one walking like that, and Mal has his head down and shoulders hunched. He must really be feeling good.)

    • Anne-US

      I don’t think she is being stealthy. She is still looking at Enid’s spirit in amazement.

  • Doldrum

    I love how expressive Enid’s spirit is- Ms. O’Malley clearly is worried about this whole situation, and yet she looks as composed as ever.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Meanwhile, Ms. Acedia’s spirit is a “Blah, I can’t be bothered to manifest emotion.”

  • Grey_Moment

    Just noticing a few things on Acedia’s Table. The circle I recognize. As well as the… gun. But I’m not quite placing the hammer symbol or whatever it is. It looks familiar, somehow…? Anybody else?

    • Ocean Burning.

      Sorry, which thing do you mean?

      • Grey_Moment

        Fourth panel, the paper that’s slightly covering the one with the circle on it.

        • TheGorram Batguy

          One of the summoning circles, I’d wager.

          • Grey_Moment

            The one partially covering the one with the circle. The square symbol with what looks to me like a hammer. That one.

            • TheGorram Batguy

              Ah, I see. I read that exactly opposite from you. You’re seeing the white as the focus with the black as the background. I’d reverse that.
              This way the picture is some kind of chasm or shaft.
              My guess is it’s the anchor.

    • Doldrum

      It looks similar to me too- I think it is a cross section drawing of the anchor?

  • Amy

    My money says that Acedia is about to fire her… which, of course, won’t be too much of a problem, since she already has the Mal a’carte here.

    • Hsss

    • JWLM

      +1 for play on words. -5 for punning

      • Sanjay Merchant

        +10 for punning, 5 for its own merit and another 5 to cancel out your demerit. :-P

    • Ganurath

      Perfectly reasonable for Acedia to fire a Mal content worker.

      • Dinglehopper

        These are truly lovely puns. n_n

  • AJ

    Look at Acedia’s NASTY FACE!
    All that cunning and malice twisting up her features, trying to bully Mrs. O’Malley being just so petty and trivial and horrible and arrrrgh!

    • Ocean Burning.

      Yeah, she’s a piece of work. I found myself wondering if she was already like that when Mr. Lux found her. I mean, I’m sure spending time with him wasn’t a positive influence either, but still.

  • auronblidook

    I love how while Harriet is worried Jack is just smiling.

  • Scottygroundhog


  • camisu

    How did I manage to miss this one?

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