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  • TrueWolves

    Sly like a Fox.

  • drealm2459

    evil like a jackel

  • Guest1

    Ugly like a coyote ?!?

  • Ivresse

    As cunning as a fox that used to be professor of cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning.

    • Chris Hedrick

      Ooh! That’s cunning.

    • slim kittens

      Don’t you mean Foxford University?

      • Ivresse

        No. No I don’t.

    • Wrath and Pride

      Is that Edmund Blackadder?

  • rhapsha

    Oh no, Ben.
    Actually, if those things from the Brewery are important/summoning related, it’s probably a bad idea to lock a wizard in the same room as them. Depends on what Ben can do with that stuff though.

    • AJ

      And whether he has the sense to smash them up, or if he just pounds on the door like a noob.

  • slim kittens

    Deadly Sins. Doing things the old fashioned way since the birth of the human race.

    • Euodiachloris

      Meaning, of course: “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. :)

  • To summarise. The Wizard is locked in a room with something that’s about to do something really bad, the Paladin is flirting with a young woman in the ballroom, the Fighter is Stunned and won’t be doing anything until she makes a Save and the Rogue is about to rush in having been stripped of all his Powers. Another normal day for Thackeray and company.

    • szbnahl

      Paladin? I’d peg Wolfe as more of a bard (high charisma, music provides morale bonus).

      • A bard? Yes, that makes more sense ! Certainly explains why he is flirting with Mrs de Montfort instead of fighting evil.

        • szbnahl

          Besides, as the first few pages of this chapter show, Wolfe most certainly does not have Detect Evil.

          • The paladin always forgets to use Detect Evil when it’s important. They aren’t paranoid enough. Anyway I would not say that Herr Voss is especially evil – just consumed with envy. All the bad things he does are for his own benefit. Real evil is when you do bad things to hurt people without any gain to yourself, just as good is helping people without gain to yourself. If you can forgive me plugging my own fanfic, I wrote a little story about it, based on Ms Ashwin’s Darken.

            Before I get flamed, the moral of the story is that evil is vile, nasty and, well, bad. I’m not pushing it as a philosophical system like the demon telling the story!

            • Since Darken is over, I can legally (and happily) admit to having read and greatly enjoyed this!

              • Thanks. I was half expecting an email telling me to take it down.

                • It’d be very rare that I’d want someone to do that! It’s just really legally tricky with fanfic, is all, like how I can’t comment on Widdershins fanfic, even if I enjoyed it a lot as well!

      • Disloyal Subject

        Both benefit greatly from Charisma; multiclass dip into Paladin for a few extra goodies isn’t out of the question!

        • Me-me

          It is in 3.5 or Pathfinder, at least without the feat which OH MY GOD SHUTTING UP NOW.

          • 2nd edition was good enough for me in 80s and I’m still playing it. Just got the starter set for 5e to look at the rules and … it’s 2nd edition, more or less, with a few tweaks and improvements.

            • It’s very similar to 3.5, really. More of a 4e fan myself.

              • Sanjay Merchant

                I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do Gort in 5e. Fighter/Warlock seems like the best route, but not as many ouchy-hot-burny features for the Warlock as I’d like.

            • AJ

              …which is really what everyone has been asking for since they brought out 3e anyway (and I’m saying this based on my experiences with 4e.)

  • Sarah Hardister

    Looks like Ben has been…*sunglasses*…outfoxed.

    Badoom Ksh!

  • Morgothy

    Charging boldly towards danger, only to be locked in the cupboard by it! In the close company, it seems, of yet more danger. Hopefully Ben can make some sense of what this terrible thing is before it’s too late. He at least has seen some of the plans!

  • pingo1387

    Hang on, did Envy intentionally lead Ben into the room and lock him in there? Or did Envy somehow not notice Ben and was just locking the door because of some other reason?

    • Sarah Hardister

      It’s pretty obvious to me that he purposefully locked Ben in there. I’m curious as to what that looked like. Last I checked, paws weren’t built for inserting and turning keys…

      • David Argall

        They can manage it tho, as can teeth. It’s really one of those tasks to be done by the minion, but a highly intelligent fox could manage it. Doing it before Ben could open the door is distinctly more challenging. Probably it is best to assume Foxy can shape change at least long enough to lock the door. We did see Gluttonry take a very different form and so it is likely Envy has more than one form even if one is preferred.

  • Nancy Drewing all up in here.

    “Nancy Drewing”? Is that another euphemism for a shorter word, beginning with “F” for what Ben just did?

    • Weird Oregonian

      It’s as book series by Carolyn Keene. I read far too many of them and still love them. Allow me to summarize the plot of just about all of them.

      Teen girl detective that every girl wishes she was as cool as hears about suspicious stuff. Sees suspicious person up to no good and decides to investigate without bringing weapons, bringing friends, calling someone to tell where she’s going, etc. Gets knocked out, kidnapped, or locked in death trap. Escapes by ingenuity or friends finding out what is up. Foils evil plan. Everybody marvels at her detecting prowess. Cheesy ending.

      • I know that.

        I was joking about it as a euphemistic verb for “f***ing up”.

        Maybe i should have asked if it was rhyming slang…
        Incidentally, Carolyn Keen’s real name was “The Stratemeyer Syndicate“, and “she” also wrote Tom Swift, the Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins plus a LOT of other series….

      • Corsenna

        To be fair, she left notes a pretty significant amount of the time. Not her fault they either got thrown out, rewritten, or went unseen. Also Nancy, Bess and George had attachment issues–if one of them was out of sight for more than 90 minutes or so, straight to the police ’cause she was probably kidnapped.

  • Wait… how was Envy able to operate a key in a lock without thumbs?

    • Very well, thank you

      • Jonathan Trouba

        “Is it done? Then the answer to that question would appear to be QUITE EASILY.”

        • NoneCallNeTim

          It appears BrokenEye is envious of the Fox’s ability to operate a door with his mouth :D.

    • AJ

      Ever seen a small human open a door? It’s like that, but with more guile.

  • Envy can physically interact with things? D:

  • WitUnderPressure

    That’s what the fox says.

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