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  • Bye Wrath! Send a Postcard! :-)
    Looks like O’Malley pulled through :D

  • phew

    Yay Wolff!

    So that’s what’s happening – each Deadly must be de-summoned in propria persona by the team at the site and sent (symbolically) to The O’Malley at the anchor to be banished in potentia as well.

  • Disloyal Subject

    Deny, deny, deny the psychopathic egomaniac!
    I love that Wolfe keeps playing even after Wrath is gone.

    • cphoenix

      I love that he kept playing even while Wrath was attacking! Panel 3 – wow!

      • Disloyal Subject

        That too, though I kind of expected it from WOLFE, MAN OF DARING. OR PERHAPS SOME MORE FITTING ADJECTIVE THAT ELUDES ME AT PRESENT. The last panel was a pleasant surprise, but it makes sense to keep at it for a bit just to be on the safe side (and perpetuate beautiful music.)

      • Bobismeisbob

        Even if his playing got a bit worse after the wall came down.

    • Nonesuch

      I thought of that quote from Giant in the Playground, too. :D

    • Well yeah. He didn’t finish the piece.

  • Amy

    Mal will be happy to know that he saved Wolfe just in the nick of time…

    Also wow, I love how he just keeps playing the whole time, bracing himself. Wolfe is really the best.

    • Dud

      Weeeeel… as he/they have presumably just pulled a freshly pissed off Wrath into their circle he may be a tad too preoccupied to be happy about anything for a while.

  • Ghostdanser

    Wrath is in “denial”…that’s enough PUNishment for one night.

  • You’ve got to feel sorry for Wrath. Everyone else got their own book, but she only got walk on parts.

    • Haven

      Still, Wrath really brought down the house.

  • Pangaea

    Wrath can be content in the knowledge that it was right. This will be the last time Wolf opposes it.

    • AJ

      Unreliable but always accurate precognition is a pain.

      • Nonesuch

        Try reliable and accurate predictions, which are ALWAYS ignored.

        • Tsapki

          That’s called a Cassandra Truth, right?

          • Nonesuch

            Exactly. ^_^ Named after princess Cassandra of Troy.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’m reasonably sure that, by definition, it can’t be content.

      • JWLM

        Yeah, and it’s freeking pissed off about it!

  • Nonesuch

    Guess what, sin-boy?


  • Odo

    Love the “hooks” that are pulling Wrath away. Imbduement works both ways.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Looks like he’s been…

    Anchored down.


    • AJ

      *throws shoes* Who keeps letting puns in here? They’re like alley cats!

      • Sanjay Merchant

        How do you trap-neuter-release a pun?

        • Alex Hollins

          its an action that takes balls.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    the… the angle of the left playing hand is making me cringe so much ;_;

    • Jacksorootly

      I really wish you hadn’t pointed that out

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        I’m sorry !

    • Sanjay Merchant

      There’s a reason most of the notes are coming out jagged and wobbly-looking, I guess.

      • CountSessine

        I like the way the notes are more jagged at certain more stressful points in the melody. It shows Wolfe fighting to keep his music flowing against the fierce assault of Wrath. And then in the last frame, all is calm!

    • Dud

      A lot of open g with occasional thumb stopping – decidedly self taught. Wolfe will never front an orchestra but I don’t suppose he plans to.

      • Nightsbridge

        Probably! But, even if these are very old, bad habits, considering what’s happening in those pages, I understand if his form has slipped a little.

    • JWLM

      Also, the non-use of the chin-rest. Play everything in first position, anyone?

    • Alétheia


      Okay. SO. The way Wolfe is holding the violin is in the Baroque style (you can see pictures here: ). It started to switch over to the more modern style in the early/mid-1700s (so a bit over a century before this comic’s events) due to changes in bow styles, etc… BUT the practice continued in more rural and/or remote areas, both in Germany, Europe as a whole, and even in the Americas, for decades and decades longer. It’s not necessarily an aspect of being self-taught (though in a lot of cases, it is that due to how easy it is to see where your fingers are), but more of tradition and style choice. So, don’t cringe? It looks weird and alien to players today, but it is a viable and melodic option~ :D

      (Though in Wolfe’s case it’s interesting, because the shift to holding the violin to the side corresponded to the change in bows, from the curved Baroque bows to the type of bow he’s using. I’m pretty willing to bet that he learnt this from his teacher, who probably learnt it from someone who learnt the Baroque style?)

  • danceyrselfmad

    Wolfe is the purest of us all

    • Maria Gerasimova

      I like him very much, but, with all his virtues he’s an unmistakable womanizer :)

      He has not a chance against Lust, for example.

      • JWLM

        Yeah, but Mal isn’t going to have any trouble with Lust, even if he’s working alone.

        • Maria Gerasimova

          You are right ;)

        • Alétheia

          Eh… depends. If we’re talking sexual Lust, nope, of course not. But it’s been shown that the Deadlies’ powers go beyond their (modern?) interpretations, and back to their more classical roles. Thus, Lust goes for sexual lust, as well as any strong desires (such as a lust for power, a lust for knowledge, etc.).

          Now, Mal is a grump, and he’s not been shown to really desire much (beyond maybe being left alone and to *leave bloody Widdershins already*), but… there’s still time to see what effects, if any, Lust has on him. ;)

      • Jeff

        Womanizer? I don’t think so. There’s a difference between being a respectful flirt, who treats the person with whom he is engaging in repartee as an individual, and makes neither promises of fidelity nor suggestions of impropriety (explicit or implicit); and a womanizer, who deceives a long series of women by making them believe he has focussed and specific romantic intentions towards them.

        I’ve not seen evidence that Wolfe (despite his name) has any lust in his heart. He does not seem to covet anything nor anybody. (Also keep in mind that in classic parlance – lust does not pertain exclusively – or even primarily – to sexual desire, but unearned desire in general – ie wanting something one is not entitled to. Using the word to mostly be about sex is a 19th century-onwards thing).

        • Maria Gerasimova

          I didn’t say he’s a libertine, a rake or a roue.
          But he is rather helpless facing an attractive woman. Especially a redhead. But a beautiful blonde too :) We all saw it.

          • Jeff

            Attraction ≠ Lust (in its classical meaning)

            I think it’s important to remember that words used to represent the cardinal sins (et al) in classical writings do not neccesarily have the same meanings in the present colloquial. Eg, you can be proud of how well your child’s little league team did without being guilty of the capital sin of Pride – aka hubris. Likewise, one can feel attraction for another person without being guilty of the capital sin of Lust.

            (Also, I think ‘helpless’ is pretty much the opposite of what a womanizer is.)

            • Maria Gerasimova

              Did I say Wolfe’s viciously sinful?

              Do you know why deadly sins are deadly? :)
              ‘Cause in our everyday’s life we almost can’t exist without a tiny bit of each of them in our behaviour. If we give in to any of them, it grows step by step huge and finally destroys us, leading us to death.
              I think Wolfe has a tiniest bit of lust in him. As well as Harry, perhaps, – of Pride (not so tiny), Verity – of Envy (not so tiny too)…

              A propos, if I am not mistaken, the theologians believe Lust to be the lesser evil off all the Seven :)

          • LA Julian

            Not just women. He flirted with Henry, too!

            • Alétheia

              In all fairness, everyone[*] flirts with Henry. :P

              [*]That isn’t family, obviously. Or grumps. :P

          • JWLM


            I’m going to gently challenge you here for two reasons.

            In real life, there are two aspects of a mortal sin: the desire to sin and the actual realization of the desire. (Yes, two for the price of one!) As far as we know, Wolfe is not guilty of the second one, but, hooo boy, given his illicit sexual desire for Florrie, he’s way guilty of the first.

            • Jeff

              What ‘illicit sexual desire’? He danced with her. Even back then, not really the basis for accusations of adulterous intent.

              • Amy

                I wouldn’t call Wolfe a womanizer, because he definitely respects the women (and others) he flirts with, doesn’t use deceit, takes “no” for an answer, etc. Nor does he commit adultery or otherwise engage in the worst excesses of lust. But it’s possible to be derailed from a task by lust without committing active harm or illicit lust, and as to how likely that is, well, I would point out that he stopped to dance with Florrie *while in the middle of a frantic rush to track down Voss in an attempt to save lives and stop Envy’s plot*.

                I think Lust is going to be a problem for him.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Wolfe just kept playing despite the ultimate heckler. Bravo!

  • Liz

    Ok, this has been bothering me.

    It’s very lucky that outside-crew and inside-crew both decided to do wrath first. How the heck are they going to coordinate which one they de-summon next?

  • MoeLane

    SOMEBODY GET THAT POLICEMAN A NAME. I suggest “Jimmie,” because he looks like a Jimmie and it’s a good, solid moniker for a Named NPC.

    • Haha, oddly enough I had him marked out as Jimmy Olsen in my head so yes that works

      • Sanjay Merchant

        So that makes Nicola Barber Superman and Verity Cunningham Batman….

      • MoeLane

        …I feel that this has been a successful day.

    • billydaking

      “Jimmie” deserves it solely for saving Sid (panel 2) after yelling out for everyone to duck Wrath’s, uh…wrath.

  • In yo’ FACE, Evil!!

  • Brother Nightmare

    “I will not be denied!” Famous last words friend… famous last words…

    • MoeLane

      At least it wasn’t “NO! I am invincible!”.

      • Disloyal Subject

        That one seems to be largely discredited these days, but the villain community really need to let go of “nothing can stop us now!”

  • Del

    Phew! He’s somebody else’s problem now!

  • kuku

    Wrath is snared and carried away by blue ropes of magic! Blue, it’s a good color for Mal.

  • Del

    Mal captures Deadlies with blue-light energy.

  • Johannes Hjortshøj

    Always best to end a melody on a high note :)

  • Tsapki

    Honestly, when looking at the third panel, it brought to mind the song ‘The Devil went down to Georgia’.

  • Chris Kotthoff

    Panel 3 proves that Wolfe’s spirit animal is the bravest toaster.

  • Dshim

    I will not be denied!
    -nope. chuck testa.

  • Phlebas

    So it turns out that fiddling while Widdershins burns is exactly the thing to do.

  • Holy crap, Wolfe looks somewhat concerned. This is serious.

  • Graham Garrett

    Now that was tense.

  • Ilmari

    Wolfe is so totally unflappable… and he’s not even English!

  • non_canon

    Small detail that I forgot to comment on the first time around, but I love that Ben switches places with the officer running the magic circle once Wolfe steps inside.

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