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November 28th, 2012 – Last day for Kickstarter!

November 28th, 2012 – Last day for Kickstarter! published on 27 Comments on November 28th, 2012 – Last day for Kickstarter!

Harry hates not knowing a thing.

Last day for the Kickstarter! Backing it is the only chance you’ll get to get free goodies with Widdershins books, like keyrings, bookmarks, and an extra book of concept art! Hop on it while you can!

  • Sir_Krackalot

    ‘Es a robot, Harry!

    • Me-me

      Trying to capitolise on my comment from that one early comic, are we?!

      We’ll show you what we do to plagiarists in these parts!

      …Hey Bob, what do we do to plagiarists in these parts?

      • Me-me

        Now that a new page has been uploaded I’d just like to express how partially disappointed I am that nobody logged in with the name “Bob” to say what we do.

      • Bob

        Well, let’s see…
        *Looks down a massive list the length of the Nile River*

        Huh. Well, it looks like we don’t have anything on what to do to plagiarists, sir…

        No wait, here it is:
        “Henceforth and forever, if any man should attempt to claim another’s work as his own, he will be tied to a giant stick made of licorice, have his face covered in sprinkles and cupcake frosting and a cherry placed upon his head, and be stoned with week-old donuts.”

        Apparently the Lawmaker was on a sugar high when he wrote this.

  • Aatar

    Simple. She missed.

    • Nope. Where did the bullet go, if she did?

      I doubt that your average theatre would approve of shooting up its wings for a one-off illusion.

      • FWTrump

        Typically if such would be the case, there would be a proper “catch” set up for the bullet, at least I would assume.

        • svartalf

          In this trick, they tend to have altered real guns- in fact, the namesake of the illusionist in this arc died because the gun actually went off as it was *ORIGINALLY* designed accidentally instead of his customizations for the trick, killing him. In fact, he was in-character until the accident that killed him, wherein he spoke in English on stage, “Oh my God. Something’s happened. Lower the curtain.”

  • The one time i saw David Copperfield live, i gained a certain amount of opprobrium from my friends who were also there for pointing out how two of his illusions (which i had never seen before) worked (but not telling) … and that all of the sets had forced perspective built in, causing them to look about twice as deep as they actually were.

    • svartalf

      Copperfield’s worth going and seeing. Even if you’ve ever done stage or up-close “magic”.

  • I love… LOVE how puzzled Harry is. ;D

  • Judanas

    Clearly the correct answer is he knows the true mysteries of the orient. It’s all genuine!

  • KWill

    Clearly he is two midgets and she placed the shot between the legs of the top midget.

  • Aw, Harry just wants to know for personal use; she gets shot at enough that being able to spit out the bullets might unnerve her attackers. ;)

  • Cooper

    The assistant is magic!

    • svartalf

      Perhaps with this arc, that’s the case, but if it’s straight-up like the namesake’s act, it’s a really good and really dangerous (because to make it believable, you’re using a real gun for the trick…) piece of legerdemain.

      • Neither of them is a wizard.

        • svartalf

          Figured that he was an Illusionist (with quite good showmanship…) and the other his stage assistant.

        • Cooper

          Why do I suspect that you don’t know how this trick was done either Kate?

          • Haha :) I know a few methods and I picked one that fits best. There *is* a solution, but there’s not too much point in being like Harry and trying too hard to come up with it!

  • bullet was not real but a fragile thing that shattered in the gun. The bullet he produced was a different one.

    • svartalf

      Nope. If it’s like the trick the namesake of the illusionist on stage did, not even remotely close… :-D

      • That is one method, though.

        Of course, it makes the marked bullet bit harder.

        But he wasn’t doing that, either.

  • svartalf

    So, Kate, how does it feel to have all of us fans back you bigger than you planned for? >:-D

    • Ah, really quite amazing! Blown away, honestly. But I can use the spare money to do a few things like replace my old netbook and a few desktop parts, which’ll be super-useful to me while I’m working :)

      • svartalf

        There’s a reason I picked the slot that I did even though I could’ve gotten it with the stretch-goals already met. :-D

  • Scrimshaw

    As Pen Jillette once said on his radio show (paraphrasing): “If you sit there long enough, you can usually figure out how the trick was done. What stops you is you can’t believe how much effort someone has to put into doing it that way.”

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