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  • kuku

    Hello! Just want to say I love your comic. Florrie has her own version of the Barber spirit, doesn’t she – not much fazed by a gun.

  • Jryk

    Dinner, a dance, and threatre… Lol twistword~ Always Thanks for the stories, Rock On, Kate!

  • Sir_Krackalot


    Stop. Grinning.

    • Disloyal Subject

      Hey, one of the Barbers has to be cheerful.

      • Euodiachloris

        I trusteth not that smile. She might come across as one of the less action-orientated sisters, but… I think our Florrie quite likes those who can handle. And, I think she can, too (if not to the same degree as some). That smile says a little too much about the subject. ;)

    • Ganurath

      Calling it now: They wind up summoning Lust instead of Wrath.

  • I hope that Mrs de Montfort is taking note of Herr Voss’ fancy new-fangled multi-shot American revolver. It will make a perfect Christmas present for her sister to replace that flintlock pistol she usually uses, and it will go well with her fancy new-fangled wooden French pipe.

    • Disloyal Subject

      Worth a shot… But would she be satisfied with the smaller caliber?

      • AJ

        “A shot.” Ha. Ha ha.

    • David Argall

      Strictly speaking, this seems to be a year or too early for an American revolver. We are 1834 as I recall & Colt’s patent was 1836, which would make it 37 or so before Voss could get one.
      Of course, there had been European and American guns for a fair amount of time before this. Colt simply mass-produced his and made it possible for the riff-raff to afford one. And we are only being somewhat historical in this story. So a claim that magic sped up the introduction of the revolver by a few years is hard to refute. [We often prefer the idea that magic would hold back technology, but the stories are based on magic merely changing details rather the rate of development. And whatever effect magic might have on the general rate of progress, it would be quite possible to have a very different effect on a particular field, meaning an 1840s weapon is not grounds for screaming.

      • Ganurath

        Of course, one must consider the possibility that magic has butterflied the technological advances a bit.

      • R. A. Meenan

        My husband probably would have had the exact same argument. o_0 Crazy gun enthusiasts.

      • From my extensive 3 minutes of research on the Internet, Colt’s was the first real modern revolver. The earlier ones were still repeating flintlocks or pepperboxes. He was able to keep a monopoly on the design until the 1850s when his patent ran out. And yes, we’ll definitely give Ms Ashwin a couple of year’s grace. Otherwise she’s liable to come round and start hitting us with her nightstick again.

      • Mecha_bill

        For someone as rich as Voss is, it is not inconceivable that he persuaded Mr. Colt to “loan” him a prototype. Maybe he’s an investor.

      • Euodiachloris

        Prototypes, custom work and speculative “what the hells, why not?” tweaks happen before mass pushes often enough, yes. :)

      • D. Schwartz

        FYI the British Patent was 1835.

  • Not gonna do him much good if Wolfe takes one or two steps forward before he remembers to cock it…

    • cphoenix

      I think some of those pistols are self-cocking. A hard pull on the trigger cocks it if it’s not already cocked, and then fires it.

  • Florrie is a Barber allright…

  • Hey man you know I’m really okay

    The gun in my hand will tell you the same

  • Del

    “Ms Florrie”? A bit of an anachronism there in her marital title, Kate.

    • Euodiachloris

      No, actually. “Ms” is a lot older than the divide between the “Miss” and “Mrs” forms of “Mistress”. How widely and how accepted it is at any given time has varied almost from the start of attempted abbreviations. Don’t forget, “Master” is arguably older than “Mister” and is the root of all this: but, that’s the same deal (“Mistress” may well have been the impetus of that vowel change, as “Masteress” sounds weird: i >> consonant >> e is a more accepted phonetic pattern in English). ;)

      In short: you have to go back to Middle English to find first instances of “Ms” and she never went away, even though “Mrs” was also knocking about. Even in polite Victorian society. :) “Miss” is the young ‘un, meant to make the divide between unmarried and married more visible.

      • AJ

        Also, there’s “proper reference” and then there’s “M-oh crap I don’t know how to end this appropriately-sssss?”

  • Vanessa

    Argh. Hate coming to the end of a webcomic binge! Wonderful comic. What days do you update, this is suddenly very important!

    P.S. Any way to buy the books without Paypal?

    • Vanessa

      Anyone know what days and times? I have finished reading all of Darken as well… ;(

      • Hiya, glad you enjoyed it! I update Tuesdays and Fridays, can’t guarantee a particular time, though!

        • Vanessa


    • Sara

      You can use credit and debit cards through paypal without having an account. It will work just like a regular checkout :)

  • Hermitage

    Why do I feel like Florrie’s going to end up being an Indiana Jones-type character that just happened to settle down and start wearing frilly dresses?

  • Apvogt

    Plot twist: Florrie has actually been throughly trained in at least 4 different forms of martial arts… Her response if asked about it,”Grandad insisted.”

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