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November 29th, 2013

November 29th, 2013 published on 32 Comments on November 29th, 2013

Keepin’ it real.

Hey, an anthology I’m part of is being Kickstarted right now! It’s another fairy tales book, this time African instead of Europeon tales, and it’s got some amazing names attached, go have a look!

Support the comic, buy some neat swag!

 Widdershins Vol. One | Widdershins Vol. Two 

 Downloadable Versions | Widdershins on comiXology

  • alurker

    So… Ethans the one in the relationship that twists Ryans’ words to make it an insult.

    I’ve worked fifty-hour weeks. They no fun, dude.

    • When i worked for AMI, i hit more than one eighty-hour week.

      He said that, in retrospect, Ryan was probably right.


      I guess that, even though it’s in the future, this is a flashback.

      • TrueWolves

        Time Travel’s fun, though this occurred in his linear past, so flashback would be right.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    The perpetual issues between “time for ambitions” and “time for relationships” :|

  • Pizkie

    Looks like he got what he wanted.

  • howdymoody

    “Now magic shielded!” hmm….

    • Nuuni Nuunani

      Wireless *something* *something* Electricity

      • TrueWolves

        Wireless Internet and Electricity.

        • Nuuni Nuunani

          Thank you~!

  • Marnath

    So I was right. He’s unpleasant all of the time, not just with our green-haired protagonist. :)

  • I’m curious about what life in the 2030s are like here, where they are advertising that you’re in a magic-free zone while offering Tesla-esque power for your devices along with connectivity.

    Any chance we’ll see more stories set in this time?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Admittedly, I hadn’t considered that the adjective wireless might apply to electricity as well as internet. I just thought it was the fact that any electrical gear normally doesn’t work, which, in the 21st century, would be an egregious handicap for a hotel. And if Gula beat other local hotels to the punch in magic-proofing, it’d be a huge selling point.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    First of all, did Gula redecorate AGAIN? It doesn’t look as good as the original or the 1920’s renovation.

    Also, is that a coloring error or does that woman in panel 2 have green skin?

    • Andy Nguyen

      The sign above the door (and the name on the mug Ethan’s drinking from) says “Ruby Tuesdays” (which incidentally is very similar in name to an American restaurant chain:, so this is probably a cafe in Widdershins, otherwise unrelated to Gula.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Huh. I hadn’t noticed that. Working a chain restaurant in a tourist town IS pretty brutal. (And I get the distinct impression that, by the 21st Century, Widdershins primarily lives off of tourism.)

        • The way things are going the entire UK will be living off tourism by 2032. “Come and see the great British Heritage Centre and Nature Reserve. Open 9:30 to 6.00 every day except Christmas Day.”

          • davidbreslin101

            You have just described my hometown (York) with eerie precision.

            • York is super pretty though :) Nearly went to uni there!

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Also, comparing it to the exterior shot when Alexa first arrived in 2013, that’s either a REALLY extensive remodel, or (as seems more likely to me) an entirely new building. Which would lend credence to the theory that Sam is from medieval times and the spell can abduct/steal from any building on that particular plot of land, not just Hotel Gula, specifically.

      • Ruby Tuesday’s has locations in the UK

        • Will be perfectly honest, I had no idea it was a chain restaurant, I was just listening to Forty Licks while colouring that part, and it’s a better name for a cafe than “Street Fightin’ Man”.

          • Cauchemarie

            And ‘Brown Sugar’ would be a bit too obvious.

            • Haha, that was the name of a place near my house at Uni. Then you look up the song’s lyrics and go ‘uh..’

          • Sanjay Merchant

            I guess we should count ourselves luck you’re not a big musical theatre buff. ;-)

          • Heh.

  • TheSpyJimmy

    I want a coat like that.

  • Andy Nguyen

    I wonder if the magic shielding is technology or magic? Perhaps imbued with a spirit of paranoia…

    Or maybe a spirit of dedication/focus, assuming positive spirits even exist…

    • Its like a faraday cage, only its made from cold iron or octiron or something

      Also: wise person once say, any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from scien—*ahem*, sorry… indistinguishable from SCIENCE!!!! (there’s a difference, you know)

      • Sanjay Merchant

        For magic. You monster.

        • lara

          So here we are again… it’s always such a pleasure.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Well, Ms Ashwin once answered in another comment section that, yes, it would be possible to summon one or more of the Seven Heavenly Virtues (ie the opposites of the Seven Deadly Sins). Plus, I assume things like happiness, relaxation, contentment, tranquility, and such would be very useful to the hospitality industry. Assuming the people working in said industry are sane, at least.

  • I love it when the future doesn’t look very futurish. Where all the styles are just copies of some other decade that hasn’t quite rolled around yet in the eternal cycle of retro-chique… and the technology advancements are all hidden beneath a bland and ordinary surface.

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