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November 30th, 2012

November 30th, 2012 published on 12 Comments on November 30th, 2012

Not that she’s ever made that mistake before. Oh no no.

The Kickstarter succeeded wildly! Soon there will be Widdershins Volume 2 books for all to buy :) I am blessed to have you guys as readers, for serious. Updates may run a couple of hours late, like this one, while I put together a bunch of materials for the book, but by the New Year I’d hope to be back on time.

  • =Tamar

    So how come Mal doesn’t have wrinkles? Is he prematurely grey?

    • reynard61

      Considering all the apparent crap that life’s put him through, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Genetics + Stress = Grey in your twenties! He’s actually greying in the same pattern as my Dad, the ‘temples outward, start to look like a badger’ approach.

      He’s actually passed that one onto me, I’ve got silvery sidies at the age of 28. Ta, Dad!

      • Me-me

        Some people find it fetching.

        Circumstances suggest your mother did, at least?

        • That’s like the most politely phrased ‘yo mamma’ ever :)

          It doesn’t bother me because hairdye exists! Though I do wonder if the fact that we’re both self-employed has helped the grey along a little..!

          • Cooper

            Both my parents and sister are brunettes, both parents are prematurely going gray, and I’m blonde. My hair is going to do interesting things.

      • TrueWolves

        Grey and balding both in your twenties, I have just turned twenty one and I’m showing some balding and have found a rather unmistakable grey beard hair once so far. Isn’t stress fantastic?

        • Personally, I’m hoping it goes properly white nice and quick, so I can get the Judi Dench look.

  • Scooby Doo

    “It was old man Jenkins all along.”

    And I would have gotten away with it too….

  • Cooper

    Like Harry, I felt like something was off about Soo. It’s always the little details that throw me.

  • Raikana

    …so is he actually prematurely gray or just albino? I thought his eyes looked reddish, but it’s hard to tell.

    • Oarboar

      There’s also hair dye.

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