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  • szbnahl

    Wait, they can talk? They didn’t used to be able to do that, did they? Just mumble vaguely. Hmm…

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Legging it time is…now.

    • Del

      No…. it’s Friday.

      • Lleyn


  • DaggerPen

    I see a circus poster and another about “do you believe?”. I imagine they’re relevant to the next arc… but I have no idea how.

    • Stretch Longfellow

      I also see a Wizard for Hire poster–looks like Sidney isn’t relying solely on being a bounty hunter to pay the bills yet!

      • You can’t really see it too well, but it’s a Dresden Files reference! There’s an Angel ref there too because why not

        • non_canon

          They’re really clear in the e-book copies. I also spot an add for Team Buggerup next to the one for Angel Investigations, which is a nice touch.

    • I believe in karma. I believe in soul.
      I believe in heaven. I believe in rock n’ roll.
      I believe in wrestling. I believe in sleep.
      I know I ought to quit now, but I believe I’m in too deep.
      I believe in gangster rap, gays and geeks and ghosts.
      I believe that we die of all the things that we hate the most.
      I believe that we all learn to love before we get through.
      I believe in letting people do what people do.

      I believe in everything
      Yes, I do. I believe in everything.
      I believe in everything, everyone, everybody, hey hey hey
      Tell me what you want
      I believe you

  • Right on cue. Some henchpersons for Captain Barber to punch. Exactly what she needs just now. Wonder if she still has her night stick up here sleeve.

    • Apvogt

      Forget the nightstick, she seems like the kind of person who keeps a pistol on her person at all times.

      • Disloyal Subject

        Are they worth the bullets, though? There is a lot to be said for the therapeutic results of beating the enemy senseless, too.

      • Ms Harriet usually uses a pistol but Ms Nicola has only ever used a blunt instrument so far as I recall. In the sketches there’s a picture of Ms Florence holding a smoking gun and trying to look innocent. The notes say she can shoot, just not especially well.

        • Apvogt

          Florrie with a gun? That explains why the British dislike guns.

  • Euodiachloris

    The Masked Mooks of Mayhem can more than merely mutter? o_O (Well, they’d better be able to put up more than mutters: she’s a Barber with a reason and Mal’s not that clean of a fighter. ;P)

    • Me-me

      Magnificent make of many multitudinous mutterings yourself, man of many Ms!

  • DocHarleen

    I may have had a dream about Wolfe, Mal, and Captain Barber last night. It was full of adventure.

    • Haha, cool! Remember any of it?

      • DocHarleen

        Just a little bit! There was something to do with needing to teleport themselves and others back to their own world (because they had ended up in another world), but Captain Barber found out only a limited number of people could travel through. She didn’t want Wolfe and Mal to find out, because she wanted to ensure their safety, so she performed some sort of act that would seem like betrayal to get them to leave her sooner, and she would stay behind, sacrificing her own safe travel to make sure more people could get through the wormhole/teleport thing.

        • Me-me

          Do you have a turbulent social life?

          • DocHarleen

            No, it’s fairly consistent. What an interesting question!

        • Weirdly prophetic.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            Kate, you’re scaring me!

          • Sanjay Merchant

            Kate, you’re scaring me!

  • Sonja

    Trouble ahead!

    If I may throw in another question… Were there any updates about the Kickstarter that I perhaps missed? My last was Project Update #7.

    • That’s the last one, con season kinda wiped me out. Gonna finish the recipe cards this weekend then send out the address surveys, it’ll hopefully be all posted by the end of the month!

      • Sonja

        Thanks for the info, I just feared that I missed something important! ^^ Please take your time!

  • They’ve got the wizard and the cleric at the front and the fighter at the back. We’ve got a fighter like that in our party too.

    • Disloyal Subject

      So long as they never let the damned thief out of sight.
      We have a wizard like that, though. Freaking Dwarven college dropout.

  • Silly Zealot

    Voss has his own army. (Like a voss!)

  • Cooper

    It’s okay, Mal can just ask some nearby spirits to help… him…

    OH NO.

  • svartalf

    Now, the question is… Does the boss want to see them because he’s doing it for Envy or trying to get an escape plan going here behind Envy’s back? Only time will tell…

  • Kaelin


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