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  • Haven

    Oh Vee, you’re complaining like knocking out guards isn’t your favorite thing in the world.

    She and Nicola should go mook-bashing together.

    • Jumpy Joey

      But didn’t Vee just knock out half of Nicola’s police force? I’m not sure Nicola will be all that happy about that…

      • Just hope that ‘krakk !’ was only a broken jaw and not a broken neck…

        • Tsapki

          The placement does look like it hit the side of her face, so the officer’s neck does have some room to turn to lessen the impact force on her neck, so she should be fine.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I hope Nicola has more than six officers in her precinct. (These two, plus the guy at the door times two is six.)

        • Jumpy Joey

          Ah, but what about all the guards she’s knocked out in the gap between them entering and walking past the cells? ;)

      • Euodiachloris

        Sure. But, a canny Nicola could then get Vee to train the poor sods up a bit, if she uses her anger right. And, she’s dab hand at that. :)

        Apparently, some of them could do with a refresher course. Possibly a new diet, too.

        • non_canon

          I could very much see Nicola as the type of leader who would first make sure everybody was okay, commend them for holding the fort while everything was going down, and then yell at them for getting their asses handed to them by a single individual and insist on retraining.

          • Yeah, I mean really someone who beat up all Nicola’s guards for the sake of saving the city, and managed it non-lethally could be someone worth getting to know better, hmm? And just saying, Nicola’s recently single and they could bond over being professionally abandoned by Harry and their shared passion for winning when outnumbered. Could also explain the irritation of them gossiping about the prospective love life of Vee’s old partner if she swings that way too. HMM.

  • 703 Noemi

    “Just ask her”?!

    This will not end well.

    • 703 Noemi

      Or will it?

    • TheGorram Batguy

      Seventy-three years of marriage later, 6 children, and dozens of grandchildren, matriarch ‘arry still refuses to give Sidney a straight answer to this question, but the sparkle in her eye and the curl of her smile when she looks and him and says, “hrm” is all the confirmation Sidney ever needed.

      • 703 Noemi

        This made me snort scornfully and laugh hysterically at the same time. Which made me engage in a energetic bout of coughing and choking.

        Thank you.

  • Khlovia

    Hey, when you’ve got a tank, use the tank. Just sayin’.

    • Euodiachloris

      She really should advertise. Girl needs to get herself some decent pauldrons. ;)

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    “Why? Did you need help?”

    • Nightsbridge

      Not Wolfe enough.

      “I am sorry, Vee, for being so distracted. I see you have it well in hand, but I was too self-centered to consider aiding you. Forgive me.”

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Jeff Eppenbach’s version may not be Wolfe, but it does sound like something Ben might say on one of his more quick-witted days.

        • AJ

          Sidney’s would be: “Oh! A thousand pardons! Wow! Did you just knock out both of them by yourself? How did you do it? Did you ’roundhouse kick’ them? I’ve heard such great things about the ’roundhouse kick.'”

  • TheGorram Batguy

    Stop right there, criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on my watch! I’m confisphfpthptpht….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • DatGuy

    heh. cute.

  • Ghostdanser

    Methinks that Vee is not so much annoyed with the fact that the men are not assisting, Vee is obviously more than able to handle a few prison guards. I do believe that Vee is most annoyed by the fact that they are gossiping about women and that she is NOT the center of the conversation.

    • SomeGuy411

      That would certainly appeal to her vanity, no Deadlies required

    • Alétheia

      That, and the fact that they’re talking about the possibility of her ex liking Sid, her… rival??? Even if they parted on bad terms, that’s still going to sting…

    • That and they’re not paying attention to her being a badass.

  • Dane 72

    But it was important!

  • tali

    For a moment there, I thought that was Nicola that Vee just knocked down

    • Tsapki

      Nicola “Alright, I’m here to hel-”

      Vee: “Hiyah!”

      • tali

        :D :D :D

        Vee has had enough of everything and will shoot/hit anyone standing in her way :D

  • Mujaki

    So, does this count as some reverse Bechdel Test update, or something? =)
    We’ve got male characters doing nothing but talking about relationships, while the female character is being an action hero(ine).

    • SomeGuy411

      Nah, that only applies if that’s the only use of the characters

      • MoeLane

        I’d rule that this is a flunking of the ledhceB Test if you consider today’s webcomic as a self-contained, comprehensible work of art in its own right. And, indeed, if you showed this to somebody who did not read Widdershins she would probably be able to glean enough information from the text and images to get the joke. Obviously, in the larger comic all of the characters have all sorts of conversations about all sorts of things, only some of which would involve the way that Sid and Harry are being exasperatingly funny about the whole situation…

    • Tsapki

      Wouldn’t a reverse Bechdel Test be…

      1) Must have two male characters.
      2) Two male characters must have a conversation.
      3) Conversation must not be about a woman.

      • Therefore to fail the reverse Bechdel, a work must

        a) have one or no male characters, or
        b) if there are two male characters, they never engage in conversation unless
        c) the conversation is about a woman.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Wuh ? Why are there people on the floor suddenly, did sloth get them ?”


  • AJ

    This scene does not pass the Reverse-Bechdel test.

  • ThisCat

    “Why? You seem ot have his well in hand.”

  • Mr Malik has mentioned the subject before and got a hard slap on the nose with a rolled up up newspaper for his trouble.

    And Mr Malik, remember that this is 6′ 3″ blonde blue eyed broad shouldered Herr Wolfe, who is used to women faliing at his feet giving you advice. You are not Herr Wolfe. Bringing up the subject again with Ms Barber will only spoil any friendship you have with her. Trust me on this.

    • John

      Actually this comic

      makes me hopeful that Mr. Malik would get a more positive reaction this time than he did the first time. I suspect that the first time he broached the subject was far too early in his relationship with Harry to have any chance of success. She appears to have needed a considerable amount of time to warm up enough to even think about the possibility.

      • Also, it was pouring with rain and Sid was hogging the umbrella.

      • non_canon

        I would say a mixture of this and the fact that it appears she thought he was first trying to ask if her sister was single and then trying to backtrack when he thought he might have insulted her.

  • Pyre

    Nice reversal of traditional gender tropes there. ^_^

  • Dshim

    boys gossiping while the woman does all the work.

  • Foehn

    I really like this page, but what’s going on with Vee’s leg/crotch in panel 5? Something looks wonky, but I’m not sure what exactly is making her look off…

  • Monochrome

    Guys talking relationships while the lady beats down the guards. I like this subversion of expectations.

    • Euodiachloris

      I think it’s long overdue to become a regular thing in most media, to be honest. Guys gossip for stress-coping, too. :)

  • The “RoseRed” Skittle

    Random thought, what if Lust did something to O’mally in the past to keep him away from Widdershins and stop him from messing up his plans or something
    But then again without O’mally they wouldnt have been able to get to the sins… idk just brainstorming

  • D. Schwartz

    My inner Jewish grandmother approves of this conversation.

  • Laura Musich

    I like to imagine that last panel without Vee’s speech bubble, she’s just straight up battle-yellin’ like a banshee.

  • Graham Garrett


  • Ilmari

    Heee! Gender role reversal!
    … now to complete it of course, Malik must *not* confess his feelings for Harriet, but wait for her to “man up”* and do it herself. That would be perfect.

    (* I despise this term, but I’m using it ironically) ;)

  • Kidnapped, in the middle of a riot, Wolfe always makes time for the Important conversations.

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