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  • Mmm, just discovered this comic and I can’t wait to keep reading! I loved the “Do you do murders?”
    “Not until recently”
    Ha ha ha. Awesome!

  • This is a great comic, I just was bothered by a little nitpicky thing on this page: if Harry KNOWS the bracelet can only be removed when someone is dead, why does she bother saying, “You give me it, we’re done here”?

    Just that one little thing, otherwise this whole arc is stinkin’ brilliant.

    • She was rather hoping he hadn’t put it on yet! Glad you liked the comic so far :D

      • Ah, I understand! Thanks for clearing that up for me. ^^ I’m terribly nitpicky sometimes and it makes a story that much more satisfying when I know everything’s been thought out. WHich you are doing quite the admirable job on! =D

  • Basil Sage

    I came here from five years into the future, just to appreciate the foreshadowing going on in panel [number redacted]. This comic is gorgeous, and knit together tightly and elegantly.

    • 703 Noemi

      I am from 22 days farther in the future, time primitive!

      And also this is my favorite comic. :)

      • Grey_Moment

        Hey, can I jump on this temporal-paradox bandwagon too? 13 days after you.

        • 703 Noemi


  • Claire

    oooh “bird-like” ~~foreshadowing~~

  • Ilmari

    Ooooh I just *have* to quote it…

    “A professional thief?”
    “More a vocation than a profession… other people’s property comes naturally to me!”