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  • I get the feeling she may consider punishing the kitchen staff for this. D:

    • Me-me

      She doesn’t know who to punish though. Which staff? It may seem like she can replace them at will, but eh… it’s probably still a hassle and inadvisable. I doubt they got off scot-free though.

      Who knows.

      • Stretch Longfellow

        Well, I’m sure Gluttony wouldn’t complain if they put in more hours.

        • worldsmithroy

          I would guess Gluttony is already running the engines (by which I mean the feasters) at the red line – Considering the nature of the Sin, I’m not sure the feasters can be made to put in more hours – it seems like the eat themselves to exhaustion already, and the house has a finite number of resources to power everything.

          • Stretch Longfellow

            I was meaning “they” to be the cooks as a punishment.

      • exms

        Why does she have to punish any one of them, particularly if she comes racing downstairs and finds all of them with their heads together, “plotting”?

    • JWLM

      Another opportunity for Nora to be a heroine!

  • Oh, this could be bad O_O;;

  • G.

    “If it’s all the same to you… I’ll take that drink now.”

    • str

      Loki reference FTW,

  • R

    Okay, the banner ads at the top are getting ridiculous. The latest I’m seeing is a square Audi ad that actually covers part of the comic.

    • Augh, that sucks! If there’s a problem ad, let me know the URL it points to and I can block it. I turned off a “feature” of one ad network that might have led to this one, too.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    You know what’s a great idea in the current circumstances? Hang out in the one place you would’ve had to have gone through, given where Sykes observed you last. No way you’ll get caught that way.

  • McFrugal

    Who is Edie?

  • G. Luttire

    I… reached the end. I feel so sad. I indulged myself in this scrumptious webcomic, from beginning to end. I splurged on this masterpiece. Wh-what’s this? I, I feel gluttony coming over me. I want more. I want more. I want MORE! Why don’t you… step into my hotel, hmm? MORE.

    (P.S. The artwork, story, and characters are fantastic! Thanks for writing!)
    (P.P. S. MORE!)

    • Haha, appreciate the thematic speech :) Thanks, and more you shall have!

  • Nick Godby

    Make it A Double!!

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