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  • Sanjay Merchant

    Awwww, Voss really does have a heart. Somewhere hidden under all the envy-driven seething resentment.

  • Tikatu

    A genuine smile and a change of heart from Voss? Got a feeling Envy’s not going to like that “work something out”.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      “And by ‘work something out’, I mean exorcise a literal demon that’s been following me across the globe.”

      • Frances Ahlborn

        “And by ‘exorcise’ I mean tell it the deal’s off and have to be rescued from its ensuing rage/gleeful malice/contempt.”

        • AJ

          And, so, by “Don’t come,” I mean, “Please come, but sneak in the back, find me where Envy will be torturing my poor, noncompliant self, and rescue me.”

  • Winger

    It’s almost like letting go of an insecurity further compounded by a sense of entitlement and engaging with others like life is anything other than a competition makes social interactions more fun!

    …be nice if you could come to this realisation without supernaturally screwing over everyone around you over a span of several years but, y’know, Deadly Sin therapy has its place I’m sure.

  • svartalf

    Something tells me that Voss changed his mind on things.

    1) He figured out he couldn’t win.
    2) He figured out that it didn’t matter that he couldn’t.
    3) He’s got a reckoning for the things he’s done that he doesn’t want his friend exposed to.

    • Deepbluediver

      I’ve been wondering if Voss was here on his own of if Envy was lurking about in the background. Now I’m wondering if he just has really good timing or if my first thought was right and he got a warning that interference was on the way.

  • Ah, Voss is now feeling conflicted: he actually enjoyed playing with Wolfe and no longer wants to destroy him yet he’s stuck with Envy unless he can find a way out of their deal, but he’d lose his stolen abilities unless he can somehow cheat the sin . . . which would be damnably difficult, I should think . . .

    • Tsapki

      “Aww, how cute, you made a friend. Sadly, that means you are of no more use to me. I can complete the plans from here, Voss. It’s been fun. Good bye. oh and Ill be taking these with me.” -complete skill dump-

      • AJ

        I doubt it’ll go that well for him.

        • Rolan7

          Yeah, without the skills he would still be rich. I bet he gets arrested in the end.

          • AJ

            I just meant I don’t see Envy being good-natured enough to only take the stolen skills. He’s much more likely to cause brain damage…

          • Deepbluediver

            But without all his stolen skills Vosse is pretty much incompetent at EVERYTHING. I imagine that he’d pretty quickly lose his fortune and/or be unable to evade any enemies he’s left in his wake.

  • Foehn

    And so once again Wolfe saves the day (without realizing it?)

  • DaggerPen

    Looks like Wolfe’s uncorruptable pure pureness has finally worn off on our erstwhile skill thief. This should be interesting…

  • Frances Ahlborn

    I would make a parody of panel 3 as Voss saying something like “I’ve always loved you. Quite desperately, in fact.”, but I have no access to image editing software so you all are stuck with me describing what I would do if I could.

    • Deepbludiver

      It’s absolutely rubbish for real drawing but if you really want to make a quick-and-dirty modification solely for the sake of parody then you can try MS Paint. I’ve gone that route before.

      • Frances Ahlborn

        No I mean my only access to the net is a kindle. I literally don’t even have ms paint. I don’t even want to contemplate the app gymnastics that would be involved in doing what I had in mind. Thanks, though. :)

  • What? Captain Barber has bought a new dress for the party and now Herr Wolfe is going to stand her up?

    • Frances Ahlborn

      Oh I’m pretty sure they’ll be crashing that party.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Hopefully as literally as possible!

        • Deepbluediver

          I can’t really picture Wolfe breaking windows just to make a dramatic entrance. If he did, he’d probably pause to sweep up the broken glass so that no one got hurt.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            At least he’d have help from Ben, who would just want to see the mess cleaned up.

  • Would someone please throw that drunken wizard out? Disgraceful! This is a respectable public house.

  • Euodiachloris

    Cue the green mushroom cloud… <_<

  • Change of Heart is officially activated! Also I’m kind of glad Voss got out of there before he saw the guys; that would have created a ton of awkwardness that might have just undone some of the wonderful progress we’re seeing.


  • Nin

    Wolfe’s expression in panel 5 is that of a ma n who’s finally grown a spine. Here’s hoping Envy doesn’t rip it out and beat him with it.

    • David Argall

      Actually, it’s more like Voss lost one. Of course it was hardly a strong one, as we see when he has qualms about eliminating his prisoners, but now he doesn’t know just what he wants, except that he doesn’t want to go thru with whatever Envy has in mind. Our old Voss did what Envy wanted because he had no objections, when he wasn’t eagerly with the program. He was able to stand up to Envy and tell him to engage in vulgar activities with a rope or himself. He just didn’t have reason to. Our new Voss has reason, but will likely approach Envy with something like… “Listen, I’ve been thinking, and, you know, this plan of yours … There might be weak points… Maybe if we…”

    • Tikatu

      Wolfe? Or do you mean Voss?

  • Voss may have a chance…

  • davidbreslin101

    I’m calling it now: Envy ends up envying Wolfe.

  • Nick Godby

    I think that the eyepatch bloke is tryin to save ya man help mallory it`ll all work out in the Inn

  • Sonja

    I really like Voss’ impression in Panel 3. He looks as if he’s really concerned for Wolfe.

  • The lady in the corner of the last panel looks as though she is made of chocolate.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Great, now I have that Land of Chocolate sequence from The Simpsons stuck in my head.

  • Graham Garrett

    It seems redemption is coming to the lad after all.

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