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  • Is she ever not angry? >.>

    • Darth Fez

      She’s the embodiment of wrath so, uh, no?

      ETA: Except maybe when she’s wearing a smile that would make Invidia proud.

      • Euodiachloris

        Slasher smiles do not denote serenity, generally speaking… ;)

    • Mujaki

      Perhaps. Does she ever sleep?

      • kuku

        Probably has angry dreams.

  • McRocky71

    Now would be a really good time to see if Cunningham thought to include a magic circle repair patch in the emergency kit.

    • DavidArgall

      The answer is no, or at least the repair patch will be hard to find/broken/or otherwise only usable to save their lives.

    • Darth Fez

      He probably did!
      Then he removed it to make room for the picnic basket. ’cause who’s going to need to repair a magic circle while on a picnic, right?

      • Shihchuan

        “Hey, we’re going on a picnic in the sky! What’s the worst that could happen?

        • Flakes

          Ants of the sky

  • Columbine

    I love the lighting and the night sky in this.

  • *Gasp* The magic is leaking out the hole! Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Women and Cowards first!

    • Darth Fez

      You mean chairs and women first.

      • Women on chairs? :-)
        … and fixed a spelling mistake to “magic” :D

  • Darth Fez

    One of Harry’s superpowers: spotting problems!

  • Phil

    they are currently over the sea. If the flying boat lands on water will it just behave like a real boat?

    • Jer

      The second bullet hit the hull. Perhaps it will behave like a real boat with a hole in it ? ;)

      • Dud

        The bullet hole doesn’t matter, they’ve got napkins and a wine cork to stuff in it – and she’ll take in more water through dry caulking so they’d be baling in any case.
        They have been flying at something over 25 knots but on water she becomes a small boat that, even with magically assisted sails, will make no more than 4 knots – ok add to that the 3 – 6 knots of tide that we know will now start running westwards but as well as the 50 miles west they also have to make 25 miles south across the tide – they cannot make it before the tide turns against them so the best passage time in ideal conditions would be about 15 hours. Those lighthouses mean business, even in a flat calm (as we saw a couple of pages back) the races off the island are savage. I was three miles south of Lundy in a 13 ton, 40 foot MFV a few years ago and a wave threw me clean across the wheelhouse – in a calm.
        The only option they have is to try to make the shore somewhere west of their current position; even that is going to be difficult, then hire a local skipper with a vessel capable of making the passage.

    • Euodiachloris

      You mean”sieve”, right? ;P

  • Burke

    Huh, so she’s left-eye dominant, and possibly left-hand dominant as well. That’s interesting.

    • Very sinister.

      • Euodiachloris


    • Saibot

      Yes, probably a southpaw, as well. She’s holding the ramrod with her left hand in panel two.

  • Idunyken

    Is that a wrath-infused rifle? Cooool :D

    • tali

      Probably, considering who’s using it:)

  • ThisCat


  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That can’t be good for that guy’s ear.

  • CyberSkull

    A repair question popped into my head. What happens if you try to draw into a “live” magic circle? Can you get magicuted? Thaumicuted?

    • Well, there was a guy who tried it once. He’s sadly unable to tell us what happened to him, on account of being a monitor lizard.

  • Liz

    TOLD you those were Chekov’s magic circles.

  • Hang on, why is she trying to kill our heroes? I thought the idea was to get them to show her where the Mr Luxuria’s Liar’s Heart is. Of course, being Ms Ira, she’s probably thinking ‘sod this, I’m going to kill something’.

  • Disloyal Subject

    She’s a better shot when angry, and missing makes her angry. Remind me not to cross Ira.

  • D. Schwartz

    So she’s wealthy enough to have a custom made left handed percussion cap rifle/musket.

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