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  • ShadeTail

    Nobody better make the inane and predictable Portal joke.

    • I fail to see how “this is the part where he kills you” is relevant to the present situation.~

      • ShadeTail

        Cake, however, *is* relevant. And whenever it is, someone makes the far-overplayed “cake is a lie” joke, which stopped being funny a few years ago.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          The internet: where, no matter how blatant your sarcasm, someone will assume you were sincere.

        • svartalf

          Heh… Had to do it…moral imperative.

          Having said this, the fact that the cake’s out of this world- Chekov’s Gun, it is… As you said, it’s very relevant.

    • Gillsing

      Sometimes you have to sacrifice your Companion Cake. It is all for the best.

      • Moriarty

        Now you are thinking with Portal jokes!

        • svartalf

          The cake’s a LIE, I tell you- A LIE!

          • Sapphire altera

            Fortunately the brownies are on point!

    • fishsicles

      The twist: Mrs. Sykes actually a potato.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        So THAT’S where the Odd Fever Dream Potato Men from Mal’s story went!

  • BaronHaynes

    More like exposition gets in the way of CAKE

    • Me-me

      PLOT CRITICAL REVEAL: Cake tastes good.

      • Flakes

        talk about sweetening the plot

  • Bo Lindbergh


  • JediaKyrol

    The guests have been trapped in the dining hall all this time until they all give the hotel good reviews? Who is the jerk that keeps giving the bad vote?

    • SpeakoftheWolf

      The jerk who keeps getting the good food!

    • svartalf

      I don’t know if that’s the problem. Once you summoned the Deadly, I think it went quite off the rails for them all.

  • =Tamar

    Ate it in one bite?

  • Nomen

    A mouthful for a mouthful; that’s a fair trade, I think!

  • Happyroach

    So…is there a recipe for these brownies?

    • Gonna do a few recipe cards as filler after this chapter ends :)

      • svartalf

        Looking forward to it Kate. They sound like they’re awesome.

  • tinwatchman

    Did they even have chocolate as we know it in the 1830’s? If so, Nora’s taste buds are in for an anachronistic treat…

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