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  • Euodiachloris

    Isn’t “Guilt” Envy’s nickname, though? ;P

    • AJ

      I think more like his half-brother.

      ETA: Lady Kate A herself liked this comment, so of course suddenly I’m reading in. Is Guilt actually Envy’s sibling? Do the deadly sins have a family structure in their dimension/homeworld? A hierarchy? A matriarch?! Do the way humans relate to the Sins have any bearing on the way the Sins relate to each other? After all, Voss has used Envy to let himself in on gluttony big time. Do the Sins reflect this relationship in their dimension/homeworld/potatoland?

    • David Argall

      Nope. Envy feels no guilt in taking those things that “belong” to it. A feeling of guilt only exists after one has rejected envy or other sin and realized one had no right to whatever was desired.

      • Euodiachloris

        So, how is he that good at applying the guilt-trip, then? :P

        • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

          Envy will use everything it can to get what it wants.

          But really, a spirit of Envy which only emotion and action is literally envy would make for a boring and implausible antagonist, and would also be really difficult to write, because he wouldn’t be reletable or even understandable for us, the readers. Envy works through envy and utilizes envy to his ends and is probably very envious, but he is very much capable of other emotions. He must be, to be an interesting character and main antagonist of the storyline. Don’t take him too literally.

  • JWLM

    Um, Envy? You’re only a deadly sin if the sinner doesn’t repent.

    Voss could choose to give it all back, you know — his core jealousy was of Wolfe, and if he chooses to let that go, then you’ll have no hold over him.

    • Swagner

      Assuming, of course, he’s actually capable of giving them back. How stealing them worked was a little fuzzy…

      • Qwefg Lockheart

        The other question is if they were removed from Wolfe where would they go and what’s to stop Envy from grabbing someone off the street to replace him. Unlimited money, power, and a large skill set to go with it? I can already see seven out of ten people raised there hands right now. (or three of them holding up both their hands.)

        • AJ

          Whichever one actually punches the guy next to him so that there are fewer hands up, that’s the guy he chooses.

      • JWLM

        Well, I don’t know what Ms. Ashwin’s going to do with this, but, actually, no. At a certain level, a genuine sense of guilt and an acknowledgment of fault (“mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”) is quite sufficient. Attempting to make any original victim whole and willingness to face whatever punishment is appropriate given the injury is evidence of repentance, and may be required as a part of penance for the original sin, but is not actually a requirement. (Consider a deathbed repentance. Ain’t nothing the sinner can do about it — he’s dead — but the repentance is still repentance.)

        • Swagner

          Um, what? I was referring to when you said that “Voss could choose to give it all back, you know”, and I was saying that, depending on how the magic involved worked, he may not be able to give what he stole back, even if he wants to. He could weaken Envy’s hold on him, sure, but he may not be able to undo the damage he’s done, which was Envy’s point. (Also, many people don’t consider a deathbed repentance to be a true repentance, as waiting to reform until it’s too late is less evidence of a change of heart and more evidence of trying to dodge the consequences)

    • AJ

      Oh, he knows that.

  • Guilt tripped by an EVIL fox: lower than low.

  • Cyrilion

    Voss, don’t be a fool, you could be rich, beloved, powerful, it’s all at your fingertips. Who cares if you’re servant to a green fox, it’s worth any price and i’m ashamed you even tried to back out, you had such promise.

  • rhapsha

    Oh dear. While it is nice that Voss seems to be getting a conscious, I can’t help but worry about what Envy plans to do to, “all those people.”

    • Tsapki

      Assumably steal important aspects of them. Could explain why he is so intent on one of the sister’s being there.

    • Don’t worry. They’re only rich and privileged people. It’s always OK to do bad things to them in stories without guilt. Before people start throwing rocks, either at me or rich people, I’m flagging this as a common trope, not suggesting that it’s a good thing to do. Honest.

      • AJ

        Robbin’ Hood!

  • AJ

    That played out… just about how I expected, really. “I’ve started to grow a conscience!” “Oh, good, another thing I can use against you. Really, Voss, you’ll need at least a half-grown conscience with some good, foundational soul-searching and more than two vertebrae in your backbone before you can hope to take me on.”

  • slim kittens

    Never trust a sin-based spirit fox.

    • Somebody

      Words to live by.

  • Not Me

    No, it’s not too late for you to grow a conscience, Voss.

  • Distant

    The Fox is actually RIGHT. It’s different to hurt someone you don’t know at all than hurting someone you know well. And especially when it’s a a genuinely good person.

    I think at least few people died somewhere, so I could have my phone and all the technology. But that happened far away, probably in some mine… And I don’t even know their names. I’m aware of this all, and yet rarely feel bad about it. Magic of distance.
    Sorry for sounding too depressing, it’s just that this page provoked some serious thoughts. I like this comic very much!

    • Distant

      Oops, I meant Voss is right.

    • Sarah Hardister

      It may feel different, but Voss is still responsible for ruining lives, directly. It shouldn’t matter, objectively, if he knew them well or not. Envy successfully derailed the argument, proved that Voss can’t make one like that. Voss has to admit that yes, there is no difference, he is a bastard, but he’s decided not to finish it and is going to change. The question is does he have enough backbone to admit that.

  • Nalyd

    I’m still just really curious as to Envy’s. . . well, envy.

    Remember that Pride wasn’t just the bird’s name, s/he was OBSESSED with his/her beauty. Gluttony wanted to consume. Greed loved his statue. (Though seemed disappointed at Wiz boy’s “greedy” choice to take the statue. [A choice which was actually for Ms. Barber’s sake.] This may simply be due to a greater desire for freedom than to witness another individual’s greed, though. Oooooor. . . maybe it’s the nature of greed? To desire all without any interest in the desires of others. Thinking about it, Pride didn’t have interest in other people’s pride, and Sloth took the “rest/sleep” of others as compensation. Perhaps this is simply Envy’s spiteful nature to see others in a similar state? Or maybe he just wants his servant to be a kindred spirit [ergo: easily understood and manipulated.])

    That is a VERY long parenthesis. . .

    • Nonesuch

      I thought it was just that what Greed was Sidney’s greed deprived him, Greed, of the statue.
      “I want you to be greedy as hell, but not if that means taking something I want from me.”

      • Nalyd

        But remember, Greed expresses disappointment at Sidney’s choice stating that he thought Sidney would be (I’m paraphrasing here) different from all the others he’d met.

        I understand Greed not caring about other people’s greediness (so long it doesn’t conflict with his desires), but I find disappointment in other people’s greediness to be a tad ironic.

        [Is my bait to draw out Word of Author working do y’all think?]

        • Sorry, I enjoy the speculation too much to end it ;)

          • Nalyd

            Summons success!? (sort-of?)

            Quaeso veritatem revelare .
            Si dicis de grano frumenti , et ego dabo vobis omnia numerusque veritas .
            Si non placet, dabo tibi multa librorum negotiationem suam.
            Latinam linguam non loqui .
            Google sugit lingua latina interpretatione .

            • Nalyd


              What I gave Google to translate (with much experimentation for it to come out halfways decent):

              I ask you to reveal the truth.
              If you tell the truth I will give you corn and grain and many cows.
              If you do not like this trade I will give you many books instead.
              I cannot speak the Latin language.
              Google sucks at translating the Latin language.

    • AJ

      I feel like Envy is the slow, patient, cunning Sin. He wants what everyone else has, but he’s going to take it all, from everyone, all at once.

      • Nalyd

        Oooh! There’s a thought!

  • davidbreslin101

    Envy used Moral Event Horizon. It’s super effective!
    …or is it?

  • Nonesuch

    Lies! As long as you’re drawing breath, it is never too late to grow a conscience and to start doing what’s right! Even if the only ‘right’ you can still do is turning yourself in for trial.

    Note the sin only talks semi-politely to Voss when it doesn’t have a full hold on him.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I know “those without voices” refers to the people he stole languages from (like that poor Nepalese chap who was his first victim), but it suddenly got me wondering if Voss “learned” to sing during his adventures.

  • John

    “No, it’s too late by FAR for you to grow a conscience, Mr. Voss. Might as well finish what you started.” says the fox who has NO actual interest in Voss’s well being (he’s just interested in how he can use Voss) and who has a definite vested interest in Voss finishing what the fox (not Voss) started. Voss’s best interest probably lies in ignoring this advice, although it would probably help if he could trick the fox into thinking he’s taking its advice instead. (Of course that could be tricky since the fox now has reason to not trust Voss.)

  • Graham Garrett

    And that is what is called a personal demon.

  • Sarah W

    “That was . . . different . . .” It wasn’t *really*, but maybe if he learns to value Wolfe it’ll help him learn to value people in general.

  • Maybe he just had enough?
    I mean sure, when you’ve got no skills, no talents, no prospects, you’d be willing to steal from just about anyone to make something of yourself. But when you’ve already done so much, gained so many things… surely it has to reach a point where you have enough to be content with existence… right?

  • Ciara

    It one thing to steal from strangers, but Wolfe is just too damned lovable to hurt

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