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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That wild hair move in the last panel <3

  • Ummm … why raise the centreboard and rudder?

    • DavidArgall

      Without claim to any knowledge, both are somewhat fragile, and important to the boat being able to work properly. So if we assume they are going to survive, a fact we can assume since they are alive some decades later, having a boat in somewhat working order is worth doing.

      • mendel

        Good point!

        Come down even slightly sideways, and the centreboard taking the weight of the whole ship would probably snap right off.

  • NerdyCat

    Yes hug >:D hold each other

  • “I think ‘m entitled to panic at that!” she says as she apparently Doesn’t Panic; which reminded me: in his last years, when he was in his 70s and 80s, Lord Laurence Olivier always told the cast and crew of films he worked on two things right at the start:

    !) He was “Larry”, not “Your Lordship” (or whatever), and

    2) that he was aware that, at his age, unless he consciously kept it closed, his mouth would often hang open a bit, and he anyone who noticed to warn him if it was happening.

    So, he’s playing Dr van Helsing in John Badham’s Dracula (1979). They were doing a “locked camera” shot, in which the camera is placed so that something in the scene visually divides the shot into two separate parts (in this case, the view was split by a wall, showing the inside of a room on one side and and the outdoors, a snowy scene with forest in the distance). In a locked camera shot, everything to one side of the divider is blacked out and action on one side is shot and then the film is rewound, the block is reversed and action on the other side is shot, or the two halves are shot and then combined hen a print is made..

    The action here was Dracula, confronted by the vampire hunters, would leap out the second-story window, transforming into a wolf as he did, and escape into the forest.

    More than one take was needed (as it often is), and at some point, Badham glanced across, noticed, and began “Uh, Larry …”

    And Lord Larry spun to face him and said “I just watched a man leap out a window, turn to a wolf and run away into the woods! I believe I am entitled to let my mouth hang open a bit…”

    • Darth Fez

      I think we shall have to ask Henry’s ribs whether Isa did or did not panic.

  • Darth Fez

    And right about now Ira’s second shot is going to become the pressing problem.

    • MoeLane

      Actually, this is good for them. Previously, their problems were “How do we fly an aerial vehicle that has lost its motive force?” and “How were we planning to land this thing, anyway?” Neither answer is immediately obvious. Now, their problems are “How do we plug this leak in the boat?” and “How do we steer this boat to take us where we want to go?” These are both long-established, common problems; and both have standard solutions in The Book.

      • Dud

        They do have a few things going for them. There’s no cloud so once they strike the sails they’ll be virtually invisible on water but there is enough moon for them to see the land. The tide will probably carry them a few miles to the west but they’re close to land so they should get ashore in under an hour with a good chance of a hard beach landing before the muds are exposed and by then that westering moon will be well on the way to setting meaning that a land search for them will also be difficult.

    • Dud

      The bullet hole is trivial – they’ve enough spare canvas to deal with losing a couple of planks.
      The pressing problem is the tide. There is no wind so they might as well get rid of the sails and become harder for Ira to see. They have no oars so the spars for the ‘wings’ may have to become jury-paddles. They have to get ashore somewhere quickly or they’ll either be stranded on impassable *deep* mud and become sitting ducks or they’ll be swept
      into the tideway and swamped by the first overfall.

      Hmm. They have one undamaged circle so they might be able to strap it across the transom and use it as a sort of magical outboard motor – Hard to steer though but they might be able to get ashore and turn the sailfin around to chug off and act as a decoy.

      • Shee Soon Theng

        Even better – there’s a circle on the transom already.

        • Dud

          So there is – it’s only visible in one frame and I’d manages to miss it – so:
          If Izzy is up to copying the working circle they can re-purpose the boom and jib and be airborne again.

  • Called it!

  • ThisCat

    Huh, not the worst of landings. Crash landings, anyways.

    • Bieeanda

      “Any landing you can walk away from…”
      “What about swimming?”

  • yachris

    A non-totally-destructive landing! Victor would be so pleased!

    • Shee Soon Theng

      Indeed! Although to be fair to Henry, getting shot at is a bit outside of the “things Henry could do to cause the boat’s destruction” list, so that unexpected twist plus the landing ought to make Henry’s actions to limit the damage even better to Victor. The port wing spar just isn’t something he could do much about.

    • rainycity1

      non-destructive so far, at least…

    • You just had to say it, didn’t you? Anything that happens to the boat after this is officially your fault.

  • Del

    Bravely done! Kate drew the entire, intact boat again!

  • And this is why it’s a flying boat. It’s much better prepared for emergency landings than a flying carpet would be.

    • svartalf

      If and only if you’re over water…

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Also presupposing an extremely angry woman had not just shot a hole in the hull.

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    So…that’s a no to the smoochy times, then.


  • dotlaura

    I notice Henry said “hold on!” when what he actually meant was “hold me!”. Doesn’t sound quite as dashing though.

  • J_JamesM

    I’m guessing one of the limiting factors on the popularity of these flying boats is fragility.

  • Chris the Blue

    As a brilliant lyricist once said:
    ‘Sailfins were meant to sail’*

    *slightly paraphrasing*

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