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  • Rao

    I knew she was related to the others somehow

  • Feanen

    My, the Barber family is certainly quite fertile!

  • Jon

    The no should be not.

    • =Tamar

      It could be no’ with the ‘ representing a glottal stop – for the Scottish accent that she may have.

      • dethdukk

        Thats was I was about to mention… assuming that there is no accent involved, it should be not. if there IS an accent involved, it should be more pronounced so it isnt just seen as a mistake.

        • It’s a mistake, she’s from London actually! Will fix it later.

  • Shelby

    Wait, what was the canon name of the other barber girl? I thought it was Elizabeth…

    • Maybe they don’t count her because she’s married? She does have a similar coloration though now that it’s mentioned..! Easy to miss the resemblance with how meek she is!

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Barbers barbers everywhere.

    And a not a lock to shear.

  • So… the rumors are true

    Also, what expression is that in panel deux? Does she have a cunning plan?

    • RK

      Personally, I’d say it was “fond remembrance, with some sadness”

      • I suppose so… although it didn’t look like that until you mentioned it, and honestly it still doesn’t really look very much like that

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I can’t recall (and am too lazy to dig), but wasn’t the number of Barber siblings established at some point? I seem to remember something about a bunch of girls and one boy. So far we’ve met Harriet, Florence, Nicola, and Nora. How many more are we due to meet?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Also, Nic and Nora Barber should totally have been a crime solving duo.

    • There are as many Barbers as the plot requires.

      • SoItBegins

        I expect there’ll be a lot. This plot has a good number of close shaves.

    • Feanen

      Nicola’s cast page says she’s the elder and has “three sisters and a brother,” so we’ve still got one left

      • Sanjay Merchant


        So, that means we’ve got Harriet, Florence, Nicola, Nora, and an as-of-yet unnamed male. Assuming future stories don’t bring in the Barber Sisters’ parents or children. :-P

        • I thiiiink his name is Edmund… there was something about Harry getting Gren from him and then undoing all his careful training I think..

      • KaReN

        In No Rest for the Wicked, we were given the siblings names.
        “In order: Nicola, Nora, Harriet, and then Florence and Edmund are twins.”

    • You’ve met all the ladies.

  • Timni16

    i knew it! i flipping knew it! Didn’t I say it! … Wait, DID i say it… well whatever I KNEW IT! Harry and Nora look crazy similar, they could totes be twins!

    • Nonesuch

      That makes me wonder even more how one of them ended up a maid, though. Wouldn’t Harry have tried to galvanize her a bit if they were twins?

      • Timni16

        Harry is kind of a lone wolf anyway. So if Nora is her twin, just a theory btw, is all shy and not really into to whole adventure thing, then Harry would like that situation better since she wouldn’t have to worry about a dead weight. In fact, the siblings could have all been thinking that this is most likely the safest job ever and NOTHING could happen. Ever.

        • KaReN

          Kate A mentioned that the twins are the 2 youngest, Florence and Edmund.

    • “Barber? No, my maiden name was Cunningham. My mother was scullery maid for a Mr Barber…”

  • Looking forward to lots of backstory around the Barber household. Two strong-willed successful career women, one married to a rich man able to buy tickets to Scotland on the new train, one married and so poor she has to take a cleaning job to make ends meet. Family gatherings must be somewhat robust. I expect poor Nora always comes off worst. No wonder she is always so nervous.

  • HUNRonin


  • rainycity1

    Aha! a clue!

  • TheWreck

    Honestly, I’d thought it was Harriet undercover all along.

    • Bobismeisbob

      They look similar but I would be impressed if Harriet could fake being scared that well.

  • SoItBegins

    Later Alexa finds out that Nora is her great-great-great- something or another.

  • Nonesuch

    Yay, she -IS- a Barber! The family resemblance is powerful, indeed.

    I thought the Barbers were comfortably well-off, though. (Or else how did one of the sisters manage to marry into money / nobility?) Why’s she working as a maid…?

  • My Hair is Glorious

    i knew the nose was familiar

  • Nick Godby

    Bunnies of Darkness UNITE!

  • Michael Brewer

    Which sister is she referring to? Harry, I presume, but you’d think a cop would be in for the adventures too.

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